5/31 Powell’s Ring of Honor TV Review: Marty Scurll welcomed into Bullet Club, Cody Rhodes vs. Frankie Kazarian, Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser, David Starr vs. Josh Woods

By Jason Powell

Ring of Honor TV
Taped on May 14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 2300 Arena
Aired in syndication over the weekend, Mondays on the FITE TV app, and Wednesdays on Comet TV

A video package recapped Kenny Omega introducing Marty Scurll as the newest member of Bullet Club, and of the faction taking out Adam Cole at the War of the Worlds pay-per-view… The ROH television opening aired… Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana checked in on commentary from ringside (Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer). They hyped the main event…

The Young Bucks and Hangman Page headed to the ring while the fans chanted “too sweet” and mimicked the sounds of Scurll’s entrance music. Matt Jackson said they shocked the world. He said no one saw it coming, then looked into the camera and said, “Unless you watched our Youtube series Being The Elite.” Jackson introduced Scurll as the most evil person he’s ever met in his life.

Marty Scurll made his entrance wearing the ROH TV Title. The fans threw streamers and chanted “Marty” once he entered the ring. Scurll said he knows the Bucks like to throw superkick parties, but he wanted to do something different. Scurll said he was inviting everyone to a tea party with Marty. He called for the English tea and crumpets.

Adam Cole made his entrance and said why have a tea party with Marty when you can have “story time with Adam Cole Bay-Bay.” Cole said they were “complete and utter morons” for throwing him out of Bullet Club. He said he is the only three-time ROH Champion, the franchise player in ROH at age 27, and the best pro wrestler on the planet. Cole said they made the biggest mistake of their entire lives. Page said the Bucks may have run him out of Bullet Club, but he’s going to run Cole out of ROH. Cole asked if that meant he wanted a match with him. Cole told him to give him his best shot. Cole headed backstage…

Riccaboni said Cole vs. Page may happen down the line. He hyped the matches on this show… [C]

Powell’s POV: A strong show opening with a bit of a flat conclusion. Scurll appears to be a great fit in Bullet Club, and the fans were hot for him and the rest of the group, while also cheering Cole. The ending was just sort of anticlimactic with Cole walking off the stage while the Bullet Club members just sort of stood in the ring. Even so, a good segment.

A video package recapped David Starr attacking Josh Woods after the Top Prospect Tournament finals and then delivering a promo afterward…

1. David Starr vs. Josh Woods. Cruise introduced Starr as “your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestler.” Cabana spoke about Starr’s extensive international experience. Starr offered a handshake. Woods accepted, and Starr gave him a condescending pat on the cheer. Woods tossed him into the corner and worked him over. There were a group of fans who booed whenever Woods was on the offensive. The cheers for Starr’s offense grew quickly.

Woods performed a fallaway slam at ringside. Starr caught Woods through the ropes and DDT’d him onto the apron. Starr followed up with a clothesline, but he only got a one count. There was a loud “David Starr” chant. Starr scored a two count off a superkick, but then Woods countered right into a submission that Starr broke by reaching the ropes. Later, Woods connected with a high knee in the corner and then applied a submission hold for the win, which was greeted with a lot of boos… [C]

Josh Woods beat David Starr.

Powell’s POV: A good match, yet also a missed creative opportunity to tell a better story. Starr delivered a good promo after attacking Woods following the Top Prospect tournament finals. Why didn’t we hear from Woods being upset about Starr ruining his moment to help make this match feel like more of a showdown? Starr was the, well, star to this crowd. ROH may be better off playing into the way that Woods comes off as overly confident by positioning him as a heel with the right mouthpiece. Here’s hoping we will be seeing more of Starr in ROH, as he has stood out in both appearances.

A Punishment Martinez video package aired. He was shown laughing and then making faces while footage from his matches aired. “Prepare To Be Punished” read a graphic… Riccaboni announced Adam Cole vs. Hangman Page as next week’s main event…

Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser came to the ring. Young asked what makes Jay Lethal think he’s better than him. Young said he beat Lethal clean a month ago in Milwaukee. Young said Lethal is playing the victim by claiming he attacked him unprovoked. Young said Lethal ran his mouth and he shut it. Young said he has Lethal’s number.

Lethal limped on a taped left knee as he made his entrance. Lethal took the mic and said they don’t talk about their problems in ROH, they settle them in the ring. Lethal challenged Young to a match. Young said Lethal is the golden boy, but he only gets what he gives him, and tonight he gets the Bruiser…

2. Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser. Young joined the broadcast team and said he thinks Lethal is faking his knee injury. Cabana said people say the knee injury cost him his match at War of the Worlds, and that it’s because of Young. Silas said if that’s the case he’s happy about it. Lethal and Bruiser fought to ringside early. Lethal sat Bruiser on a chair and then dove into him heading into a break. [C]

Lethal worked to get up Bruiser for a suplex. He went up top, but Bruiser rolled to ringside. Lethal dove onto Bruiser, then stood up and punched Young. Lethal and Young traded punches as the referee called for the bell. Lethal and Young brawled into the ring. Bruiser rolled back inside and kicked the back of Lethal’s bad knee. Bobby Fish ran out with a chair to scare off the heels…

Jay Lethal fought Beer City Bruiser to an apparent no-contest.

Powell’s POV: A nice angle and television match. They are doing a good job of building up the intensity of the Lethal vs. Young feud, and it looks like they just set up a television tag match with the Fish run-in. By the way, the commercials include plugs for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s debut in the United States.

Cody Rhodes made his entrance. Footage aired of Hangman Page low-blowing Frankie Kazarian and pinning him at the pay-per-view. Cody said the fans were supposed to be gazing on him as the new ROH Champion. Cody said fans who tuned into War of the Worlds came to the sobering conclusion that Christopher Daniels was the smartest man in the room. He said Daniels used the animosity between Cody and Lethal to his advantage and snuck out with the championship.

Cody blamed “a certain broadcast company” and the ROH top brass who are frightened by the idea of a free agent would be its top champion. Cody called Cabana to the stand. Cody asked him to repeat what he said at War of the Worlds. Cabana said that Daniels is still the champion. Cody corrected him. Cabana recalled saying that Lethal was flat on his back. Cody said that was it. He said he had Lethal pinned in the figure four, implying that the pin was not counted. Kazarian made his entrance…

3. Cody Rhodes vs. Frankie Kazarian. Kevin Kelly joined the broadcast team for the main event. Cabana said it’s great that someone appreciates his commentary and he wouldn’t hate it if Cody was the next ROH Champion. Cody rolled to ringside. Kazarian turned his back. Cody tried to attack him, but Kazarian caught him and jumped out to the early advantage. Kaz performed a neckbreaker and said, “God, I love my job” heading into the break. [C]

Cody took a beer from a fan at ringside and threw it into the face of Kazarian, who sold vision issues. Cody went on the offensive and then stood on the ropes and made a title belt motion. Cody sent Kazarian to ringside with a Beautiful Disaster kick. Cody went for a springboard leap. Kazarian avoided the leap, but Cody landed on his feet. Kazarian also dodged a running kick and then dove onto Cody against the barricade. [C]

Kazarian pulled Cody in via the top rope and performed a cutter on the way down for a good near fall. Cool spot. Kazarian performed a cool submission hold that Cody broke by kicking him. Cody eventually hit CrossRhodes and pinned Kazarian clean…

Cody Rhodes defeated Frankie Kazarian.

After the match, Hangman Page came out to celebrate with Cody. Page picked up Kazarian and threw him at Cody, who kicked him and set up for a piledriver. Christopher Daniels entered the ring and the heel duo fled to ringside and then backstage. “One sign of trouble and they are gone,” Cabana said. Riccaboni hyped the return of War Machine, Los Ingobernables, and Adam Cole vs. Hangman Page for next week…

Powell’s POV: A good television main event. I enjoy Cody and Page in that they are the two Bullet Club members who seek heat while the rest of the guys play to the fans more. I don’t recall whether Cody’s argument that Lethal’s shoulders were down in the Triple Threat was valid. If so, it would be wise of ROH to show that footage. Either way, though, I really like the explanation in terms of getting to the Daniels vs. Cody match at the Best in the World pay-per-view. I wasn’t sure how they would get there given that Cody was pinned during the match, but they definitely pulled it off.

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