Reby Hardy responds to Impact Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm releasing his log of communications with Matt Hardy

Reby Hardy responded to Impact Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm releasing his log of communications with Matt Hardy to the pro wrestling media on Tuesday. “Inaccurate,” Reby started. “Our attorney bills say otherwise & can act as a cute little “log” too. What are they trying to prove & to whom? YALL ARE A JOKE & in that aspect alone, YOU ALREADY LOST. But we can – and will – make the L official, my dude. Long story short: TNA tried a literal sales pitch on WWE re: #BROKEN gimmick (which isn’t legally theirs) & they said ‘LOLZ yeah no, thanks.’

“Anthem mad because WWE didn’t fall for their offensive money grab. That type of ‘business’ is right on par with @RealJeffJarrett gold scam. I just think it’s cute that TNA feels the need to ‘prove’ themselves to randoms on the internet. Know why we don’t bother? Because it’s ALLLLLL coming out in court, honey. From the attorneys we hired back in MARCH. Where are those ‘logs’?

“Oh. And you might want to try spamming dirtsheets with the ACTUAL final version of that contract if you’re going to break confidentiality, But hey, that’s cool. Something else we’ll add to the list of offenses. Thanks! Should we release the phonecalls? I kinda wanna release the phonecalls now… since we playin petty, apparently.” Follow Reby online at

Powell’s POV: I kinda want her to release the phone calls too. Anyway, I was surprised to see Nordholm release his communications log and Matt’s contract, which Reby states is not the final version of the contract. The timing of Nordholm taking his case public is interesting. While it’s nice to see him get himself out there in general, it’s odd that he waited until this week to finally break his silence on an issue that has made the company look bad in the eyes of many for several months.


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