WWE Main Event taping spoilers

Dot Net reader Troy from Sacramento attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Sacramento, California and sent the following report.

1. Drew Gulak defeated Lince Dorado. Gulak came out with a bull horn which he used to demand a “Better Cruiserweight Division” and picket sign which read “No Fly Zone.” Gulak countered a moonsault by Dorado with two boots to the face and then applied a Dragon Sleeper with body scissors for the submission victory.

2. Curtis Axel defeated Curt Hawkins. Hawkins delivered his usual pre-recorded intro in which he spoke badly about Sacramento. There were some actual “AxelMania” chants. At the end of the match, Hawkins did the Edge-style, pre-spear set up in the corner only to have his clothesline attempt reversed by Axel into the Perfect Plex for the pinfall victory.

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