Broken Matt Hardy Q&A recap: Matt wants to delete a WWE wrestler, recalls Vince McMahon wrestling Kurt Angle on a plane, and more

brokenmatt1Dot Net reader Paul Broody attended the Broken Matt Hardy Q&A event in Manchester, England at the Manchester Comedy Store earlier this week and sent the following report including his personal highlights.

-Matt told a story about how “Vince MeekMahon” unsuccessfully trying to beat Kurt Angle in a wrestling match onboard a flight after drinking red wine all day. Matt also said when he gets to sink his teeth into MeekMahon’s flesh, it will be truly orgasmic!

-Matt spoke in the Broken accent about how obvious it is to anyone with a brain that Roman Reigns should be turned heel.

-Hardy called ROH “The Honorable Ring”.

-He mocked The Wyatt Compound and said he’d like to delete Bray Wyatt.

-Matt said Eddie Guerrero was the best at listening to a crowd that he’s ever worked with.

-Hardy was diplomatic about a WWE return, but I got the feeling that his heart’s in TNA these days.

It was a fun evening and there were lots of other funny moments. It was insane, comedic, and beneath the madness it was apparent that he has a good wrestling mind. He played off the audience really well. The venue was about 3/4 full with roughly 80 people in attendance.

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