Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Daniel Bryan says Raw relies too heavily on Attitude Era stars, Natalya shows more pictures of her cat on Instagram, Renee Young shamed for hosting Raw Talk

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired November 1, 2016 on WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan checked in from the Talking Smack set. They talked about how they were happy to see that James Ellsworth was happy. Young brought up how Bryan did make it so that Ellsworth wouldn’t interfere in the World Title Opportunity match. Bryan said that before they talked about Ellsworth being in the doghouse they had to talk about Young doing “Raw Talk”.

-Renee said she got the call and told Bryan that it was her boss Michael Cole. Bryan said the Raw announcer is not her boss because he (Bryan) was. Bryan said he didn’t know that Cole asked her. Bryan said if Vince McMahon calls Young to do a rip-off of Talking Smack, to tell Vince “No! I’m Smackdown Live and I’m proud of it!” Renee tried to say that people on Raw tried to throw her under the bus for being a Smackdown person. Bryan yelled for Renee to yell to Vince “Screw you, Vince! I’m Smackdown Live!” Young said she will just forward the call to Bryan. Bryan said he would tell Vince, “Screw you, Vince! I’m Smackdown Live!”

-Bryan said Ellsworth will be reprimanded since Bryan ordered him to not be at ringside. Natalya interrupted. She said something but it was off mic. Nattie gave Bryan a gift with a picture of her cat, 2Paws. The hat said “Thug Life” and had a picture of the cat. Natalya said she brings leadership and bravery to the team (is she WWE’s version of Maria Kanellis-Bennett?). Bryan said she brings lots of cat pictures too. Nattie said she also brings skill. She said she wants to see someone else with such skill since she survived in the Hart Family Dungeon. Natalya said that was the key to victory.

-Renee wanted Natalya’s thoughts on her team which consisted of Becky, Nikki, Carmella, “Trin” (a.k.a. Trinity/Naomi), and Alexa. Renee wanted Natalya’s thoughts on who was strongest. Natalya said that Becky was a sweetheart who was a bit unstable. She said she thinks Becky has a screw loose but has a good heart. Natalya said Carmella needs to up her protein intake which caused Bryan to interrupt “What does that mean?” Natalya says that when she enters the gym she throws around some weight. Natalya says to throw bodies around you have to be built in the front and stacked in the back. Natalya said she is going to do whatever it takes and she knows that a lot of the girls don’t have the intestinal fortitude that she does.

-Bryan wanted Natalya’s thoughts on the Raw team and mentioned how Nia Jax might be the example of strong that Natalya looks for. Natalya said Raw was not a well-oiled machine. She said when she’s done with the Smackdown women they will be a well-oiled machine. She said she takes kittens and turns them into lionesses. Natalya said Raw’s problem is that Charlotte, Nia, and Bayley all have their own agenda. Natalya said that’s what she loves about Shane and Bryan that they believe in her and their ability to serve on a team. Natalya said Raw needs Dr. Phil.

-Natalya talked about being brought up in the Hart Family Dungeon again while saying she brings knowledge to the table and having a good relationship in all the girls. She said she believes in Becky even though the hair color is a bit cheap. She said Alexa was cute but she could bring Alexa up. Natalya said she would help Smackdown be the best damn show there is. Shane McMahon interrupted and tried to pimp off the Instagram account of 2Paws. Daniel Bryan face-palmed and said his head hurts.

-Shane McMahon teased Renee about being kicked off the show before and asked Bryan if it was time to drop the bombshell announcement. Bryan did a drumroll and they announced that AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose was going to be a TLC Match at the TLC pay-per-view on December 4 in Dallas. Renee wondered what inspired Bryan and McMahon. Shane said that he and Bryan thought of it a few minutes ago. Bryan said you want your best two in the TLC match.

-Renee talked about all of Smackdown’s teams except the tag were completed. She caught her previous mistake of calling Naomi by her real life nickname earlier, Trin. She said we had Usos, Hype Bros, Alpha, and Heath/Rhyno and wanted to know who Bryan and Shane want to see. Bryan said you don’t need their thoughts since we were getting a qualifying match next week. Renee then talked about AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton being on their team versus Braun Strowman, Roman, Jericho, and Kevin Owens. Bryan said the question mark on Raw because they’d just probably pick someone from the Attitude Era.

-Bryan proposed Gillberg or Road Dogg as he asked another Attitude Era relic in Shane, who said it didn’t concern him. Shane said he thinks the Smackdown team has better talent. Young brought up Nia Jax, Charlotte, and Bayley being strong. Bryan went into his Attitude Era joke again about the empty spots and said we might see Hosaka or Alundra Blaze. Bryan and Renee gave Alundra props for looking in great shape at the Hall of Fame. Shane said the key was that their team gets along. Shane said those who don’t get along will fail. Renee brought up Carmella and Nikki having the problem in that field. Bryan said it would be in their best interest to win that match and everyone will look good as a winner. McMahon said “Team Blue”.

-Renee wanted their thought on Natalya being the coach. Shane said he made Bryan a coach of the coach. Bryan said he didn’t want to do that and had some kale to grow. McMahon soon left the set. Bryan said that given that Raw steals Smackdown’s ideas that they might actually take Bryan up on his recommendation. Renee joked about Bryan trying to feed Raw bad information.

-Speaking of Attitude Era, Renee talked about the Headbangers. She wanted to know about if the Headbangers and Spirit Squad were going to stick around. Bryan said he honestly doesn’t know and they are always looking for talent. Bryan brought up Ellsworth not being under contract. He said Ellsworth keeps showing up and is connecting with the crowd.

-American Alpha were the next guests on the show. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan pointed out how everyone on the right side had a blue shirt but Renee wore red tonight. Renee said Velvet was in today and wanted a blue shirt to avoid the criticism. Renee asked Alpha if they felt like the they were the backbone of the team. Gable talked about wanting to lead the tag division into Survivor Series. Jordan said that they mentioned last time on Talking Smack they said they were the best tag team on Smackdown and the best tag team should carry the team. Renee brought up Heath and Rhyno. Jordan said if they win as a team they should be happy about that. Gable said they have to get along for one night.

-Renee talked about Bryan said that Heath and Rhyno only being on the team because of having the tag belts and if it were possible that things could change come Survivor Series. Bryan said he doesn’t know and Young should know how things work backstage in WWE. Bryan said things change on a minute to minute basis. Renee said that’s why she did Raw Talk. Jordan joked about Renee being a Raw spy. Bryan joked about saying that Renee is just trying to draw attention to herself and it was time to talk about Alpha.

-Bryan brought up how New Day trashed all of the Smackdown tag teams except American Alpha. Gable and Jordan agreed that New Day were good guys. Gable compared New Day to the funniest guys on his Amateur wrestling team who were good to hang out with but they weren’t good and dependable. Bryan made loud noises and said that’s what Talking Smack was all about. Jordan said New Day was good and were on top but there was a huge gap in talent on the Raw side. Renee talked about that being the only team on Raw’s team so far. Bryan joked again about Raw picking Attitude Era stars.

-Gable said their advantage was knowing their team in advance while Raw will just throw their together. Bryan wanted to know if Alpha teaming with the Usos was a concern given their history. Gable said they weren’t going to strategize due to that but he doesn’t mind the Usos being underhanded on their side. Jordan said if you’re not cheating you’re not trying and would rather have the cheaters cheat for his side. Jordan said they were here to win. Jordan wanted to know what other teams Raw had. Bryan mentioned Enzo and Cass which caused Jordan to interrupt that this was a “wrestling match”. Bryan sarcastically gave props to Enzo and Anderson having a cool Pumpkin Match last night. Alpha soon left and Renee apologized about wearing red on the show.

-Miz’s ongoing issues with Bryan were brought up again. Bryan said he didn’t goad Miz, Miz goaded him. Bryan said being a GM is not his natural disposition. He said he was trying to be objective but just doesn’t like Miz. Bryan said Miz knows that Bryan doesn’t like him. Bryan said even with all that Miz has stepped up since that episode of Talking Smack before which cause them to highly consider them for their team. Bryan talked about regretting that Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler was not the main event of No Mercy. Bryan said that Miz wasn’t the person that he wanted on the Survivor Series team since he backed down from Dolph’s challenge.

-Dean Ambrose was the next guest who was sweaty with a towel. Bryan and Ambrose sung about Smackdown. Ambrose said he felt terrible because his body hurts. Ambrose said that’s how he lives his life. He said he’s tearing the house down tonight, he’ll go on a plane and tear it down in Saudi Arabia because that’s how Smackdown does it. Renee brought up Ambrose’s thoughts on the TLC Match. Ambrose wanted to know if this was ladder match rules where you grab the belt from the hook. Bryan said he wasn’t sure. Ambrose said to clarify the rules soon. Ambrose said the weapons sound good to him since he can get the belt back by beating AJ with chairs or ladders. Ambrose said if he never falls off another ladder in his life that would be too many times but he’s willing to do it as a part of what they do.

-Dean compared his rivalry with AJ Styles to Peter Griffin’s rivalry with the chicken guy in that he doesn’t remember why they are fighting anymore.

John’s Thoughts: I think that Peter hates the chicken for trying to push coupons on him but I honestly don’t remember either.

-Daniel Bryan said that now that Dean knows about the future, how that effects Survivor Series. Dean said he was a good teammate, Bryan should know that. Bryan said Dean was fantastic in the Shield. Dean said as long as you don’t piss him off he’s easy to get along with so as long as AJ doesn’t piss him off they would be okay. Dean said he was going to be a spiritual leader to kick Raw’s ass. He then asked Bryan if this was a friendly sporting event. Bryan said this was like a turf war. Dean said he was going to bring his boys over with blow torches and tire irons. Bryan said he doesn’t want one of his team guys DQ’d so he has an actual team.

-Renee transitioned to Dean’s thoughts on Ellsworth. Dean wondered where Ellsworth came from. Daniel Bryan brought up “the reptilians”. No one knew what Bryan was talking about and asked everyone to talk to Brian Kendrick about that. Dean said Ellsworth has come into our lives for some reason and it now a part of the Smackdown family. He said he accepted Ellsworth’s apology. Renee Young brought up what Bryan said last week when Dean beat up and bloodied Danielson that one time in Dragon Gate USA. Dean said Bryan deserved it because Dean was in a war state of mind.

-Ambrose then told everyone to visualize him ripping off the flailing arms of Ellsworth and beating Ellsworth with his flimsy arms. Dean and Renee then cracked up over this visualization of beating down Ellsworth with his flimsy arms. Bryan said he believed Mark Henry when he told him that he ripped a man’s arm off one time. Dean said that AJ was an incredible athlete and that he pushes Dean to the next level and he will push AJ Styles to a place where AJ doesn’t want to go. He said that AJ will probably not get as ugly as they should get. Dean and Bryan did their Smackdown song as Talking Smack ended.

John’s Thoughts: Your usual business from the Talking Smack show. Bryan is still great in his usual jabs at Raw and the theme tonight was Bryan joking about Raw being focused on Attitude Era stars. Overall, this was a funny half hour of Talking Smack. Everyone got to look better than they usually do on the main show on the microphone because Bryan is really good at getting improved promos out of everyone he works with, better than Booker T tried to do on Sunday. We didn’t get any extraordinary performances though with most of tonight’s talent not being too great. Jason Jordan came off a bit heelish, but that’s kinda how he is on the WWE Breaking Ground show anyway. Ambrose comes off as a stoner friend and I’m still waiting to see the old CZW, Dragon Gate, and even FCW Jon Moxley who cut those amazing insane promos.



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