10/19 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Prince Puma attempts to avenge Konnan’s “death” by facing Mil Muertes in a match, Killshot vs. Matanza Cueto for the Lucha Underground Championship, AR Fox debuts, Aztec Warfare 3 announced

luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Taped Early 2016 in Los Angeles, California

This week’s intro teaser video focused on Vampiro giving Prince Puma life advice which was to take out Mil Muertes to avenge Konnan’s “death”. Catrina sucked and spit the soul of his summoned jobber at Mil to power him up for his battle with Puma. Joey Ryan handed Killshot a burned note to Killshot which Killshot recognized. Johnny’s frustration over not getting any title shots was shown. The intro ended with highlights from Dario’s Dial of Doom. This week’s episode was titled “Payback Time”…

Prince Puma was taping up his wrists as Vampiro suddenly walked in to have casual conversation with Puma. Puma responded (by actually talking) by saying that he wants nothing/nada to do with Vampiro. Puma said he doesn’t care if Mil is beating him lifeless in front of the announce desk. Puma said he rather die by Mil’s hands than live by Vampiro’s. Vampiro said he had a prediction, which was that Mil Muertes will “die” by Puma’s hands. Prince Puma walked away and the intro credits rolled…

John’s Thoughts: Okay, I’m willing to jump back on the Lucha bandwagon of confidence again due to Lucha Underground having multiple interesting stories again (and I would subsequently jump back on the hate train if they go back to sucking like most of Season 2). That was a simple and effective story. It’s similar in scope but completely different from the Vampiro/Pentagon storyline from Season 1. I hope they reference the huge Vampiro vs. Konnan rivalry because that added to Vamp’s character back in Season 1. I also hope we get “Ringside with Vampiro” back but I’m pretty sure that’s not happening…

Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary. Slapbak were back as the house band for this week. Striker hyped the Ultima Lucha rematch for tonight with Mil Muertes facing Prince Puma. Vampiro said he saw a monster in the ring which meant there was a Lucha Underground World Title match up next. Dario did his introduction again for his game show, the Dial of Doom. He said he told the entire roster to be ready to fight tonight and to let’s go for a spin. Dario spun the wheel and it conveniently stopped on Killshot. Dario said it’s not every day that you give this gift to a bonafide American Hero and he hope’s he ready for “Warrrrrrrrrr”…

1. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs. Killshot for the Lucha Underground Championship. Killshot was actually selling the WMD match, good for him! He also put the dog tags in the corner. Matanza dominated early on in the match by manhandling Killshot. Matanza hit several shortarm clotheslines on Killshot. Matanza hit a hammerlock German Suplex on Killshot. Vampiro said Matanza was turning him on, and then caught himself in that last sentence and said it wasn’t what it sounded like. Killshot managed to get a little breathing room but was caught midair by Matanza. Matanza hit a few backbreakers on Killshot. Killshot had an impressive escape with a basic wristlock.

Killshot tried to headbutt the chest of Matanza a few times but was sent to the ground with one headbutt from the monster. Matanza hit a German Suplex and went for the pin. Killshot got his foot on the bottom rope for the rope break. Killshot caught Matanza with a boot as he was incoming and hit him with Trouble in Paradise. Killshot went to the top rope but ate a right arm from Matanza. Matanza went for a Super Tombstone but Killshot escaped, crotched Matanza on the 2nd rope, hit a superkick, and followed up with a pendulum DDT. Sweet!

Killshot took up the bandages on his rib area and went for the double footstomp. Matanza recovered causing Killshot to miss. Matanza ran and hit Killshot with a shoryuken! Matanza hit wrath of the gods for the victory.

Matanza Cueto defeated Killshot via pinfall in 3:59 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

John’s Thoughts: Another good Matanza opening title match and possibly Matanza’s best overall showing on offense. His formula has mostly been to sell, sell, and more sells since facing Mil Muertes. Matanza used to be boring on offense but this was one of the first times we’ve seen him really show aggression and look like a monster. Killshot on the other side of the ring continues to show vast improvement from the last two seasons and is starting to live up to the hype that the writers seem to want for him.

Killshot sold his ribs as Dario Cueto led Matanza out of the ring. The crowd chanted Killshot’s name. Suddenly a man entered from the bottom entrance. It was AR Fox! Killshot told him off mic, “Dante! You’re dead!”. He’s going by Dante Fox. Killshot touched Dante’s body to make sure he’s not in front of a ghost. Killshot then embraced Dante. Dante pushed him off and gave him a jump pump kick. Dante put the boots to Killshot against the ropes. Dante Fox then gave Killshot a brainbuster suplex to leave him lying in the middle of the ring. Dante took off his own set of dog tags and placed them on the knocked out body of Killshot. Dante gave Killshot the gunshot hand sign and walked out of the ring. The crowd showered Dante Fox with boos as Matt Striker took us to commercial with a sad voice… [C]

John’s Thoughts: AR Fox is a wrestler that wrestles in CZW and Evolve. In fact he was the first Evolve champion. He was off my radar until I saw him live which caused me to look up some info on him. After seeing him compete in a few matches, without giving any spoilers, I’ll say that Lucha Underground might have found a wrestler who’s ability for innovation rivals Prince Puma? Also, I know where this goes. Let’s just say, I have a strong feeling that this Killshot vs. Fox thing is going to be good…

Another “Follow the White Rabbit” vignette played still hyping the debut of the former WWE Tag Team champion that was featured in the Lucha Underground Season 3 trailer. The words “They’ll be here soon” flashed on the screen…

Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar walked to the ring with their Trios Championship belts. Aerostar had his signature flamethrower and shot it out (hopefully he didn’t set the ring on fire this time. That was a funny/scary live off-camera moment). Fenix had this strange sport shirt that said “#WinTeam” on it. Dario Cueto walked out and called the trio “boys”. Dario Cueto said he had some exciting news with a glimpse to the future. Dario Cueto announced that in four weeks Aztec Warfare was happening. Dario said that while he is trying to find competition for Matanza there has been no one who was close to beating him for the Lucha Underground title. He said he doesn’t think anyone on the roster could beat him based on the Dial of Doom. Dario said Matanza would be defending the title at Aztec Warfare and to prove how dominant Matanza is Matanza will be #1. Dario joked to Fenix that he must be excited that he’s not the first person in the match for once.

Dario Cueto said he wants Fenix to have the chance to compete at number 20. He said he was giving all three of the trios champions a “unique opportunity”. Dario Cueto said that they will now face each other in a three way match. Dario said per tradition with “unique opportunies” there was a twist. The winner gets number 20 while the other two are kicked out of the match in general… [C]

2. Fenix vs. Aerostar vs. Drago in an Aztec Warfare qualifying match. Fenix walked out of the ring to allow Drago and Aerostar to have a respectful one on one match. Drago and Aerostar had some chain wrestling as Fenix watched from the ring apron. Fenix jumped in as Aerostar took his turn waiting on the apron. They all eventually got in the ring and Fenix dropkicked Aerostar while Drago recovered outside of the ring. Fenix hit a roundhouse on the face of Aerostar and hit him with a top rope armdrag. Drago hit Fenix with a crossbody. Aerostar hit Drago with double knees. Aerostar hit Drago with a top rope tiger feint kick. Fenix hit Aerostar with a superkick.

Fenix was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Drago pulled Fenix outside. Aerostar hit a tope con hilo on Fenix on the outside. Drago ran in and hit Aerostar with a tope. Fenix ran at Drago with a running dropkick. Fenix hit Drago with a short arm forearm and a German Suplex. Aerostar broke up the bridged pin. Aerostar hit Fenix with several boots. Aerostar hit Fenix with a swinging tornado DDT. Drago broke up this next pin. Drago powerbombed Aerostar but ate a dropkick from Fenix when he tried to pin Aerostar. Fenix was slapped on the top rope.

Aerostar fought out of the pack. Drago recovered and armdraged Aerostar off the top rope. Fenix hit a double footstomp to the back of Drago’s head. Aerostar hit Fenix with the lungblower leading to a nearfall. Aerostar tripped off a springboard move and got kicked by Fenix. Fenix went for a submission but got caught by Aerostar into the octopus submission hold. After getting some separation. Fenix hit both Drago and Aerostar with various kicks. Fenix went for an Alabama slam but Drago countered with a huracanrana. Drago turned a blockbuster into a pin attempt and actually picked up the surprise win…

Drago defeated Fenix and AeroStar via pinfall in 8:33 to earn the 20th spot in Aztec Warfare 3.

Matt Striker recapped the match and sent us to commercial with some hype for Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma after the commercial… [C]

John’s Thoughts: While matches from these three usually suffer from the lack of even short term selling, it was still entertaining due to the talents involved. Aerostar, Fenix, and Drago are amazing as a trio, but it also seems like Lucha Underground is doing themselves a disservice by keeping all three great singles wrestlers bundled up in a trio. I hope this leads to bigger and better things for Drago since it’s been a long time since he was relevant. His last big feud was against Hernandez after his Batman transformation while his feud with Jack Evans didn’t truly have a payoff.

In Drago’s Lair, the Lucha Underground bathroom. Drago was looking into a mirror. Kobra Moon crawled on the floor and creeped up behind Drago. Kobra Moon said scales have tipped in Drago’s favor and she expects him to win Aztec warfare to bring the title back to their tribe. Drago said he left the tribe one thousand years ago and he’ll never return. Drago roared and walked off. Kobra Moon turned around and saw local jobber Vinny Masarro who said he thought he was in the mens room. Moon hissed at Vinny. Vinny took a bite of pizza and farted…

Johnny Mundo walked in Dario Cueto office again to plead his weekly case for a Lucha Underground title shot. Mundo sounded a bit more humbled and said he was a desperate eye. Mundo had a briefcase and talked about his past with Dario. He showed Dario the case that contained the $100,000 dollars that he took from Dario in the opening episodes of Season 1 when he fought Big Ryck and Prince Puma for it. Puma said some of the money was gone because he had to pay someone off. Dario assumed it was due to internet photos. Mundo said he wants Sexy Star because he was taking destiny in his own hands. Dario Cueto accepted the money and booked Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods next week…

Mil Muertes was introduced next and he was already in the ring. Prince Puma walked out from the babyface entrance wearing his black themed attire… [C]

3. Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma. Prince Puma meets Mil with some right hands and kicked Mil. Puma went for a headscissors but took a knee to the gut from Mil. Mil worked on Puma inside of the ring with various power strikes. Puma turned the tide with a kick and springboard clothesline. Mil recovered and put Puma on the apron. Puma dodged a tope and sent Mil outside for a tope and corkscrew tope con hilo on Mil. Mil met some roundhouse kicks to the chest and a punch. Puma escaped by running on the wall. Puma couldn’t dodge a spear from Mil though. Mil took a wooden chair and jabbed Puma on the chest. Mil also hit Puma on the back with it. Mil dominated Puma around the ringside area. Mil dragged Puma up the bleachers and hit Puma with clubbing strikes. Mil was showered by boos.

Mil Muertes walked down from the bleachers to meet with Catrina. Prince Puma then jumped from the top of the bleachers and crossbodied Mil in a cool move to rival Angelico from Season 1. Prince Puma put Mil in the ring and hit him with a springboard double knee and standing shooting star. Mil kicked out of the pin at two. Mil ran into Puma’s boot. Puma missed and adjusted out of the 630. Puma hit a few strikes but ran into Mil Muertes’s power slam. Puma came right back with a high pump knee. Mil caught Puma in a spin kick with a right hand. Mil Muertes hit Puma with a swinging chokeslam to pick up the latest nearfall of the match. Prince Puma escaped the flatliner with elbows. Puma kicked Mil with a superkick.

Mil caught Puma and hit him with rapid clotheslines in the corner. Puma escaped through the second rope and kicked Mil’s head several times. Prince Puma hit the 630 and picked up the clean win on Mil Muertes.

Prince Puma defeated Mil Muertes via pinfall in 8:46.

Prince Puma walked to the side of the ring and gave Catrina some sort of throat slash gesture. Puma celebrated with on the ringpost. The camera showed Vampiro nodding his head in approval as the credits rolled. Lucha Underground ended…

But Wait? There’s more! Rey Mysterio was in some sort of dojo talking to a person about their son. Rey said he has nothing but respect for the family. He said he is fighting for more than just himself and Chavo makes things personal. Rey said if he does what he has to? Where does that put him with the Guerreros? Oh mah gawd! It’s Chavo Classic!!! Chavo Guerrero Sr walked to Rey and told him to mira/look. He said his family all had their time in the ring. He said it didn’t end with his father and won’t end with his son. Classic asked Rey if this was the only way? Rey said yes. Rey said it’s either that Chavo Jr. leaves or Rey has to go. This ended this week’s Lucha Underground…

John’s Thoughts: Oh my! I don’t know why but I Chavo Classic is one of the things that cracked me up in my early wrestling watching days on Smackdown. Mostly because his name is Chavo Classic. It’s like Coke classic, much better than the original, Chavo Jr. I hope that this somehow leads to Chavo coming back as the Jack Swagger Soaring Eagle since that’s what Matt Striker called him last week.

As for the Mil vs. Puma match? Very cool! The only downside of this match was the crowd didn’t seem as into it as they usually are. I wonder if it’s due to them not being as hot on Puma or if this was late in the taping because those things are exhausting by the end in Season 3. The surprise clean win for Puma was huge as it puts him back on top of the Lucha Underground main event scene which they never should have taken him away from. Prince Puma main events carried Season 1 and will hopefully do things in Season 3 now that he’s back to being the top dog along with Pentagon Jr. Hopefully they have more in mind for Mil Muertes since he’s been their most valuable workhorse for the longest time in being able to have great matches with everyone for the longest of time. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see Prince Puma vs. Mil. I am surprised Puma got the win here and not at Grave Consequence. Does this mean we aren’t getting that concept this season or do they have someone else in mind for Grave Consequences.

Season 3 is still looking good. Better than that s-stain of a last season. We got three good matches tonight. Matanza also didn’t only not suck, but he was actually pretty decent. Killshot is continuing to improve and win the hearts of the believers. Drago looks like he’s getting a push again which is always fun. Dante Fox will be good, trust me! We have Mundo vs. Star hyped for next week! Aztec Warfare 3 was announced. And Chavo Classic happened! This was good and hopefully they don’t fall off a cliff after Aztec Warfare. How can they do that? I hope this “lord” guy doesn’t debut and kill everyone like Matanza did last season. My LU Hit List for this week’s episode will be uploaded soon and my audio review to the show should be around either later today or tomorrow morning.

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