Moore’s Talking Smack Recap: Daniel Bryan makes several match announcements for next week, James Ellsworth talks about his huge win on Smackdown, The Wyatts take over the show

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired October 11, 2016 on WWE Network

-Renee Young talked about the Wyatt Family causing destruction on Smackdown as she was joined by Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan said that they were dangerous because they made Kane disappear. Bryan said tonight was wild while No Mercy was crazy. Bryan also said things are wild because he’s on day four of his juice cleanse and he rode 65 miles on his bike. Bryan said he feels wonderful. Bryan and Renee then went on to recap Luke Harper replacing Kane via teleportation.

-Renee Young brought up Bryan and Shane’s challenge to Raw for Survivor series. Bryan said if they have guts they would respond this week. Young then transitioned to talking about Goldberg. Bryan said the attitude era was good but he would like to see younger talent on Smackdown. Bryan then gave the raspberry to the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match. Bryan said he doesn’t like that Raw is getting that match. Renee then went over all of Bryan’s challenges.

-Young then used the survivor series talk to transition to Nikki Bella being the next guest. Nikki and Bryan had some fun over Bryan’s pink shirt. Renee wanted to know Nikki’s thoughts from No Mercy to tonight. Nikki said it felt like a WrestleMania moment since it was her first big match back from injury. Nikki called Carmella a black cloud that follows her. Bryan said he was bitter at Raw announcing the women’s Hell in a Cell and wanted to know if Nikki would be willing to do something similar after the No-DQ match on Sunday. Nikki said heck yeah.

-Nikki said she would like to be on the Smackdown Survivor Series team. Bryan threw out how she’ll probably be on the same team as Carmella. Nikki said she would do anything to represent the blue brand. Bryan wanted to know if Nikki thought that Smackdown had the better women in WWE. Nikki said Raw had some good women like Smackdown. She said Smackdown women don’t get as much of an opportunity as Raw to show that they are equally as good as she complemented a few of Smackdown’s women.

-Bryan shifted towards talking about Total Bellas. Bryan said everyone was going to see how Nikki hates him. Nikki and Renee said Bryan is hard to please. Nikki said she and Bryan had a huge fight caught by the cameras. Bryan said he hopes they edit the thing to make him look good. Nikki than worried about Carmella possibly attacking her again. Carmella didn’t attack and Nikki left with one last Total Bellas plug.

-Bryan talked about booking Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi where if Naomi won then Nikki should be put into women’s title consideration. He also talked about booking Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin. Bryan said the next guest would be involved in the big announcement. It was the man who beat AJ Styles, James Ellsworth.

John’s Thoughts: Woohoo! James Ellsworth is alive! But seriously (even though he barely has a chin)! Ellsworth tucked in his chin during the Styles Clash and it is cool to see that he’s fine!

-Ellsworth said this was the greatest night of his life aside from his kid being born. Ellsworth said Bryan was a big inspiration for him and it was an honor to have Bryan book his match tonight. Ellsworth said he was a bit nervous. Bryan asked for his experience. Ellsworth said he wrestled for 14 years in the Baltimore area.

-Ellsworth said beating the WWE Champion was a dream come true. He also said having Dean Ambrose as ref worked out for him. Bryan said that Styles was punished for booking his own matches. Bryan said the huge announcement was James Ellsworth getting a WWE World Championship match against AJ Styles next week on Smackdown. Ellsworth was overjoyed and speechless. He thanked Bryan. Bryan said Ellsworth “two fists” catchphrase as he took Ellsworth off set to talk to Shane McMahon.

-Renee Young tried to close out Talking Smack this week but suddenly the Wyatt Sounder played. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper joined Renee Young on a darkened Talking Smack set. Wyatt told her to “go.” Renee walked away immediately. Bray said he hears what people are saying about him. Bray said since his brother left him it felt like a piece of him was missing. He said Abagail knew. Wyatt said things are different now that his brother’s back. He said they’ve both come to the realization that Smackdown is here for the taking. He said people now understand that they are not safe like Dean Ambrose or AJ Styles. He said Orton and Kane know they are not safe because they are not safe.

-Wyatt passed it over to Luke Harper, who said he liked being on Talking Smack where they are talking about him. He said Renee and Bryan glossed over his return to talk about Bryan’s baby. Harper said he doesn’t care about that crap. Harper said they should be talked about and taken seriously which is what this rendition of the Wyatt Family is set to do. Harper said if you don’t talk about them they will make you talk about them. Wyatt said the world was right again and to follow the buzzards. Talking Smack ended.

John’s Thoughts: Aside from the James Ellsworth appearance which is always fun, this was a pretty average Talking Smack episode with nothing pushing the envelope like this show usually does. Nikki said the things she usually says with some Total Bellas plugs. Bryan made some expected announcements. Bray Wyatt cut a Bray Wyatt promo. Luke Harper got to speak which was a positive and he’s showing people that he’s well-spoken. This is supplementary material, so you shouldn’t expect groundbreaking material every week but this was enough to be a decent supplement to Smackdown.

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