10/11 WWE Smackdown Live Pre-Show coverage

sdpreshow1By Jason Powell

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-Scott Stanford, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T hosted the show from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Lita was once again backstage at the show.

-Randy Orton and Kane vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper was advertised for Smackdown.

-Curt Hawkins will make his in-ring return on Smackdown.

-The Usos will appear on the pre-show.

-AJ Styles will appear on Smackdown. Lawler said Styles will tell viewers who his next challenger will be. Stanford questioned why Styles gets to make this decision.

-Lita interviewed Alexa Bliss backstage. She said she’s tired of hearing about the Four Horsewomen of NXT. She said they worked hard and she respects that, but she beat Becky Lynch in her debut. Lita asked about the possibility of Naomi being added to her title match against Lynch. Bliss said they could bring it on, but she signed a contract for a singles match.

-Lawler brought up the Cleveland Indians sweeping in the MLB playoffs, yet claimed that the city was in mourning because The Miz dropped the Intercontinental Title. Stanford pointed out that Ziggler is also from Cleveland. Lawler said Miz is the favorite son.

-The Usos was interviewed from backstage at Smackdown. They said their game plan hasn’t changed despite losing at No Mercy. Booker said he and his brother lost to the Road Warriors and The Steiners and other great tag teams, then asked how they slipped on a banana peel against Heath Slater and Rhyno. They said that’s what happened and it happened twice. They said it won’t happen a third time.

-Jimmy Uso vs. Chad Gable was announced for Smackdown.

-The hosts discussed the return of Luke Harper and the Smackdown main event. They wrapped up the show shortly thereafter.

Join Jake Barnett for live coverage of Smackdown Live on the main page and check back on Wednesday for John Moore’s detailed report on Talking Smack.


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