Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Daniel Bryan talks about being censored last week, Baron Corbin goes into his motivations and sports background, Alexa Bliss on becoming number one contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired September 13, 2016 on WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan checked in on the Talking Smack. Bryan sarcastically joked about people wanting to see more and more talking. Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts about all the new champions and the Backlash PPV. Bryan said there was one new champ that he really wanted but didn’t get. Renee confirmed that it was Miz. Renee then talked about AJ Styles as WWE Champion. Daniel Bryan said that AJ Styles lives up to the word phenomenal. Bryan said he doesn’t agree with the method that AJ took to get the title and used this to go on a tangent about being censored last week for saying the word “balls”.

-Daniel Bryan goes on a mini rant about having the word “balls” edited out. Bryan said that John Cena and Randy Orton went out there and said “balls” and it doesn’t get edited, but when Daniel Bryan says “balls” he gets edited. Renee said “no balls for Bryan.” Bryan then moved back to talking about AJ Styles and brought up how he saw the Richmond, Virginia crowd turning on Dean Ambrose. Bryan talked about applauding Shane McMahon’s decision about adding John Cena to a Triple Threat at No Mercy because it keeps competition at the top fierce. Bryan said he also doesn’t like matches to end with people being hit in the “balls”.

-Renee Young used the ball talk to transition to Daniel Bryan doing hitting practice and throwing out the first pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies game. Bryan told Renee to “watch the heat” and that he would make a great pitcher. Renee asked for a video to be shown but then Bryan noted that MLB has the rights to the video so they can only show still shots. Bryan noted how his technique includes jumping off the pitcher’s mound to throw his pitch.

-Renee Young transitioned to apologizing to Shane McMahon for kicking him off last week’s show and that she appreciates Shane. Renee Young said the chair would be at Shane’s height when he gets there. Daniel Bryan no-sold everything and said Renee is only sucking up because she feels guilty from last week.

-Bryan and Renee clapped and welcomed Baron Corbin to the show. Daniel Bryan called Corbin his best friend sarcastically. Corbin said he came to Philly to see some friends but now he has to sit with these two. He said he’ll get this over with and do things he enjoys after. Renee asked Corbin about his decision not to team up with AJ in the tag team match. Baron Corbin said he competed in team sports for years and all other people do is drag you down. Corbin he came here to do things himself. He said he told AJ he would rather be AJ’s opponent as opposed to a teammate. Renee questioned Corbin’s decision not to want a main event spot. Baron Corbin said he has been and won in the main event when he beat Dean Ambrose on the Smackdown main event.

-Daniel Bryan said he was going to mention something that a lot of people didn’t know and that was Baron Corbin being a Golden Gloves boxer and winner of jujitsu tournaments and asked if that was a reason that Corbin wants to be alone. Corbin said that you get things done when someone else isn’t costing you a fight or a game. Corbin said he won three golden glove tournaments all over the country as in NAGA jujitsu competitions.

-Bryan talked about Baron Corbin attacking people before matches. Corbin said that today was his birthday and he wanted to give himself a present at Apollo’s expense. Renee wanted to know if the fans could be included in some of his birthday celebrations. Corbin said not a chance. He would hang out with a few friends in Philly.

-Renee asked if Jack Swagger being on Smackdown affects him in any way. Corbin said that people make stupid decisions. Renee wanted to know if it was Swagger or Bryan that made the stupid decision. Corbin said Bryan was on fire by playing with balls at a baseball stadium and not giving people opportunities on Smackdown. Bryan asked Corbin about what did he do to earn an opportunity. Baron Corbin said he puts people on their back where they belong. Bryan brought up him attacking people backstage and from behind again and said that when Swagger confronted Corbin face to face Corbin just ducked out. Corbin talked about Dolph Ziggler trying to punch him in his face before and where did he end up?

-Renee asked Corbin about PR work and media appearances are a part of the job and if Corbin was willing to do the same things as Bryan is. Corbin said he is willing to do what he needs to do to get the opportunities and what he gets paid to do. Corbin said if you write him a check and pay him the money he wants he’ll do it. Corbin said it’s simple because he’s here to make money and win championships.

-Renee asked Corbin for his biggest obstacle. Corbin said it’s the people who book the matches. Bryan said they gave him a chance to face the world champion on Smackdown a few weeks ago. Baron Corbin said he beat Dean Ambrose and Bryan retorted that Corbin didn’t pin him. Corbin said it’s not his fault that a 5’7 kid outside of the ring kicked him. Bryan asked if Corbin thinks that he could beat AJ Styles. Baron Corbin said he can beat anybody here. Bryan said “fair enough.” Young said does John Cena’s return make a difference. Corbin said it doesn’t matter who is in front of him, if you don’t want to be world champion, you don’t belong. Corbin said not everybody has the tools, size, and ability and he has all of that.

-Renee asked Corbin what he enjoys. Corbin said he likes to beat people up for a living. Corbin said he loves to go out and impose his will on another human being. Corbin said there is nothing better than looking down at someone in the eyes and seeing them quit. Bryan told Corbin to show him something by beating someone like Crews in an actual match. Bryan brought up beating Crews fair on Sunday and said he didn’t have to again. Bryan brought up how he had to face someone many times. Bryan wanted to know why Crews took the lesser approach today. Corbin said he was going to enjoy his birthday.

-Corbin ran through some video footage where he beats up Crews. He talked about the barricade moving due to the force he threw Crews with. He then does the play by play to the End of Days finisher. Renee asked if it was about winning or hurting people. Corbin said Crews doesn’t have a championship so he’s there to hurt him. Bryan thanked Corbin for being on the show. Young told Corbin “happy birthday” as Corbin left.

-Renee said that there’s a lot of hostility directed at Bryan. They were about to talk about Heath Slater when suddenly Shane McMahon joined the set. Shane tried to walk out but Renee wanted to have Shane on. Bryan joked about Renee kicking out Shane last week. Shane then left.

-Bryan said he was proud of Heath Slater and Rhyno winning the tag team championships. Bryan said it was moving to hear Rhyno trying to get a tag team championship in the United States. Bryan said he was proud of Slater being a part of so many entertaining things and now he’s a champion. Renee talked about Slater probably not signing his contract because The Ascension interrupted. Renee Young also talked about Rhyno having ECW history in Philadelphia.

John’s Thoughts: I’m pretty sure Slater signed the contract as seen on Smackdown and the video footage they were playing.

-Bryan wanted to talk about James Ellsworth having such a great match against Braun Strowman and they wanted to debut him in the main event of Smackdown. Bryan said they have big plans for him. Bryan then brought up the Ellsworth WWE 2K17 meme where he’s on the cover. Bryan said Miz took this away from the fans. Renee liked Ellsworth’s tattoo and wanted to know if Ellsworth was signed. Bryan said it wasn’t finished yet.

-Alexa Bliss was the next guest. Renee wanted Bliss’s thoughts getting a chance after falling short at Backlash. Bliss said she thought she was ganged up on before. She mentioned how everyone saw her as the biggest threat. Young brought up how Bliss is small. Bryan said she is small like he is. Bliss said she is nothing like Bryan. Renee said if her center of gravity gives her advantage. Bliss saw it as a short joke.

-Bryan asked Bliss about her thoughts about not being included in the Four Horsewomen discussion. Bliss said she feels offended because she started before Becky Lynch and was called up before her. Bryan asked if she was overlooked for being teeny-tiny. Bliss called Bryan rude. Bryan then tried to divert attention away from himself by talking about Renee’s shirt. Bliss said Renee’s shirt was like a disco pirate or a Tina Turner hand me down.

-Bryan asked Bliss about her past championships. Bliss said she doesn’t have wrestling experience in her deep past but has won cheerleading or gymnastic competitions. Bliss said on her birthday she pinned the current Smackdown women’s champion and pinned the longest reigning Diva’s champion today. She said when she puts her mind to something she does it.

-Bliss talked about sacrificing her childhood. Bryan had a sudden epiphany that cut Bliss off when she was talking about her sacrifices. Bryan postulated that Bliss has a “pageant mom” who controls her life and signs her up for things. Bliss told Bryan that he doesn’t know her life.

-Renee asked Bliss about how it felt to pin the longest reigning Diva’s Champion, Nikki Bella. Bliss said she feels amazing and it just justifies what she knows that she is one of the strongest women in the division despite her height. She said she pinned Becky Lynch already and will again. Renee wanted to know if Bliss thinks of anyone as a threat. Bliss laughed it off.

-Bryan talked about Becky Lynch being a known quantity for winning championships in the “world of wrestling”. Bryan said Bliss shouldn’t be all scowls but more so excited for having a title match at No Mercy. Bliss said it will be one of the most amazing moments of her life when she wins the Smackdown Women’s title. Bliss brought up wrestling Becky Lynch in NXT for years and knows all of her moves.

-Renee wanted Bliss’s thoughts about Carmella. Bliss said she thought Carmella was insane. Bliss said Carmella never beat her in NXT. Bliss said that Carmella was delusional about being a princess because she wears a crowd picture on her hat. Young wanted to know if Naomi was more athletic than Bliss, who said no one is more athletic. Bryan wanted to know who can jump higher. Bliss said she herself is only five feet. Bryan wondered if that mattered in a vertical leap since Bliss bragged about being a cheerleader. Bliss said she honestly doesn’t know, she’ll find out. They then talked about Natalya and Bliss said she has some respect but there has to be a new era. Renee closed out Talking Smack.

John’s Thoughts: This was more of the Talking Smack that was wonderful the first few weeks of its inception. Bryan was less trolly here and more so trying to bring the best out of people and I thought he brought the best out of Baron Corbin and Alexa Bliss tonight. Young had her hand in bringing the best out of people so she deserves the credit as much as Bryan for flushing out some characterization for Corbin and Bliss. Things got a bit tame and rudimentary after the great Miz promo, but it’s good to see Talking Smack going back to being the “unscripted” show where wrestlers are able to test out. Random sidetrack, I’m honestly curious after seeing Bryan and Renee on fire tonight I wonder if they’d be able to get a non-generic promo out of Kalisto or would Kalisto continue to make a good lucha thing?

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