Mickey Gall on whether CM Punk should fight in UFC again, calls Punk a phenomenal actor, says he “beat a fighter, not a great fighter,” recalls the “positive message” shared with him afterward

ufclogoThe following are the highlights of Mickey Gall’s appearance at the UFC 203 press conference following his win over CM Punk on September 10, 2016.

-Mickey Gall said he felt great coming out of the fight. He said the last three weeks dragged. He said he’s happy to be thought it and now he wants “wars with the best guys in the world.”

-Gall was asked whether he had any doubts about the great unknown when it came to Punk. Gall said it was possible. Gall said Punk is a phenomenal actor. “I knew my kill stuff was going to be more than his kill stuff,” Gall said. He added that he wanted to work on his standup, but Punk “came in hot” so he put him on his back.

-Gall said he wants to fight Sage Northcutt and feels the fight makes sense because they both have questions about them.

-Gall was asked about Punk not shaking his hand at the weigh-ins. Gall recalled telling Punk that he’s an actor and he’s acting. He said he told Punk that they were fighting the next day and he was going to hurt him. He said it shows that Punk isn’t a fighter to the degree that others are. He said that guys who have been through it will give one another respect because it’s like a brotherhood. Gall said Punk will get that. “It’s a maturing process, he’ll learn,” Gall added.

-Gall was asked whether Punk should fight again in UFC. Gall said he should take his time. He said there’s still money to be made on him because he’s a superstar, and he thinks he will have another fight. He said privilege doesn’t sit well with others, but he feels Punk has earned that.

-Gall said that every decision he has made in life since age 16 was to put him in UFC. Gall said he wants to climb and be a UFC Champion. Gall went on to say that he wants to fight Northcutt at Madison Square Garden.

-Gall once again said he wanted to stand with Punk, but he came in too aggressive so he let his training take over.

-Gall was asked if he has a strong sense of accomplishment following the win over Punk. “That’s a good question,” Gall said. “Yes and no. This fight was different. I don’t want to be disparaging, but I was fighting an amateur. I one hundred percent need to prove myself still. That’s why I’m excited to get going now, now the real work, now the real fights.” Gall said he does feel a sense of accomplishment, but he doesn’t feel like he beat a great fighter. “I beat a fighter, not a great fighter,” he said.

-Gall was asked if people may forget about him now that the fight with Punk is over. “No, people know who I am because of this Punk fight now,” he said. “Right? I’m fighting on the main card at UFC 203, everyone wants to see him, I’m the guy who kicked his ass.”

-Gall was asked what Punk said to him after the fight. Gall said Punk told him to always feel like he belongs. Gall said he respects the veterans in the game and they are more deserving of the spot. He said he and Punk had a combined two fights coming into this fight. He said Punk gave him a positive message. “It was nice of him,” Gall said.

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