8/15 WWE Raw Pre-Show notes: Live coverage of the WWE Network broadcast

rawpreshow1By Jason Powell

The following is live notes of the WWE Raw pre-show that is being broadcast on the WWE Network and various social media platforms. Refresh the page for the latest updates. If you are reading this on the Prowrestling.net app, our mobile website will refresh more frequently than the latest updates than the app will. CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates to this article throughout the show.

-The Raw Pre-Show opened with Rusev and Lana venting in the parking area about how he intends to crush Roman Reigns.

-Scott Stanford, Jerry Lawler, Lita, and Booker T hosted the show from the studio at WWE Headquarters.

-The hosts hyped Brock Lesnar appearing on Raw and his SummerSlam match against Randy Orton.

-Big Cass vs. Kevin Owens has been announced for Raw.

-The hosts also hyped Seth Rollins calling out the Demon King.

-A brief clip aired of Ric Flair delivering a promo at Atlanta Falcons training camp. The players wooo’ed along with him.

-Footage aired from the Holy Foley reality show. It included footage of Mick and Noelle Foley clowning around, Mick’s reaction to his daughter announcing that she wants to wrestle, and Noelle crying after Mick watched her in the ring and said it doesn’t look like she was taking it seriously.

-Stanford and Lita questioned why Sasha Banks asked Mick Foley if she could face Charlotte and Dana Brooke in a handicap match. Lita said it wasn’t the best move and Foley protected her. Stanford asked Booker if Sasha has a Plan B. Booker said she may, but then he changed the topic and praised Charlotte’s ability and compared her to her father while saying she’s more than capable of getting the job done.

-Backstage at Raw, Darren Young and Bob Backlund were about to be interviewed by Andrea DeMarco, but Titus O’Neil showed up. Andrea left the picture. Titus said he was there to apologize and said his comments about Young never being great to start with were completely uncalled for. Titus said he was a little bit jealous. Young turned his back. Backlund said he respects what O’Neil had to say. Titus said he thinks they could reunite as a team. Backlund was interested, but Young said this is about making him great again. Backlund said he “has a track record for you and that’s what we go by.” Backlund said he believes the Primetime Players can be champions again, and he’s going to talk to Mick Foley about it. Titus was excited about it, and Young eventually got excited and said “Let’s do it, baby.”

-After the panel clowned around and told nut jokes, Stanford announced that Big E is still not medically cleared and won’t be able to wrestle tonight or at SummerSlam due to his “injury” suffered at the hands of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

-Footage aired of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel chastising Jinder Mahal for not reuniting with Heath Slater. Jinder said he’s finished with the irrelevance and Slater ruining his career. Jinder said he wasn’t taking career advice from Social Outcasts and told them to watch his upcoming match with Neville.

-Stanford announced that Rusev will open Raw.

-The hosts delivered final hype for Brock Lesnar and the rest of Raw to close the show.

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