Kevin Owens comments on the WWE roster split, whether he expects to face Sami Zayn again

Logo_WWE_dnKevin Owens spoke with Graham Caygill of The National and was asked whether the WWE roster split is a good move. “Probably the fact now that some wrestlers won’t face each other for a while is the main thing, and that is good,” Owens said. “I wrestled Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler (both of who are now on Smackdown), just to name those two guys, 20 times over the past few months. I always enjoy getting in the ring with both those guys and we always put on really good matches but it is good to have new challenges, new opponents and fresh matches.

“I think as a fan, and that is one thing I would say I still am because I watch every Raw and everything else still, that makes me excited because I am going to see different guys on different shows and different matches that I haven’t seen before or haven’t necessarily seen in a long time. But then a year or two down the line some people from Raw are going to end up on Smackdown, some people from Smackdown are going to end up on Raw and some people from NXT are going to end up on Raw and Smackdown. Things are going to keep rotating. I might end up in the ring with Ambrose again. It might be two years down the line, but we have both grown as performers and grown as individuals and it is a different match.”

Owens also spoke about where his feud with Sami Zayn will go from here. “I’m sure that battle wasn’t our last match in the grand scheme of things but it may have been our last one for a little while but I am sure we will share the same ring at some point.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: I like that Owens is realistic about the likelihood of facing Zayn again. He also spoke about wrestlers who have helped him in WWE, being compared to Mick Foley, targeting the main event slot, his biggest influences, and more.

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