TNA Knockout reveals domestic abuse she endured at the hands of another wrestler

Logo_TNA_dn_600TNA wrestler Jade (a/k/a Stephanie Bell) spoke about escaping an abusive relationship with another pro wrestler during an interview with the Huffington Post. “It got more and more regular that if I said something he didn’t like he would get violent,” she recalled. “One time I was in bed and we had a disagreement, so he left the room but came back in to head-butt me. Then he started to choke me.

“In fact, whenever he didn’t like something I said, he would choke me. Soon down the line, I realized that his mindset was because I’m not hitting you, it’s ok. Because I’m not leaving a mark on you, it’s ok.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: Jade never revealed the name of her former boyfriend in the piece, but did state that has an order for protection against the man, and TNA stopped booking him as a result. She also pointed out that she paints her left ring fingernail purple to signify that she’s a survivor of domestic abuse. It’s a very brave move for her to go public with her story. I don’t know here dating history, but I hope this doesn’t lead to the wrong person being singled out by fans as being responsible for the abuse.

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