Triple H on the meaning of NXT Takeover: The End, teases Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, hints at incoming female talent

hunter1Triple H was interviewed on his Facebook page following NXT Takeover: The End on Wednesday. The following are the highlights of the segment.

Cathy Kelley conducted the interview and asked what “The End” in NXT Takeover: The End means. Hunter said joked that NXT is no longer, then laughed. Hunter said it has multiple meanings. He mentioned Samoa Joe and Finn Balor’s rivalry.

Triple H said the biggest meaning for him is that NXT has been “this amazing transition from where it started.” He noted the opening video package that showed Seth Rollins and Paige as the first champions. “We’ve transitioned now from being this developmental brand.” Hunter said NXT is its own brand. He said NXT is now a full blown brand.

-Hunter spoke about Adrade Almas’s debut. Hunter called him unbelievable and questioned why anyone would put a mask on him. He said the reaction at Full Sail says he’s a pretty good looking guy. He said he’s not so sure about the hat with the feather, “but whatever, that’s his vision.” Hunter called Tye Dillinger an amazing talent and said that you’ll see something special once he finally flips the switch.

-The tag title match was addressed. Hunter said they are revolutionizing tag team wrestling and he said he doesn’t think the Revival vs. American Alpha feud is finished. He said he could watch them work over and over again. Hunter noted that The Revival are the first team to win the NXT Tag Titles twice.

-The appearance of Paul Ellering and his team was brought up. Hunter played it up like he didn’t know what it was about. He said you’d have to ask William Regal about it and claimed it was a surprise to him. He said “the two monsters” made an impact. He referred to them as the Authors of Pain and said the involvement of Ellering makes him automatically interested.

-Hunter described Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries as a dream match. He said Nakamura is a force of nature in the ring, then said Aries is no slouch. He said that match and their involvement shows that NXT is the place to be.

-Bobby Roode’s two appearances were mentioned. Hunter once again said NXT is the place to be. He said everyone is clamoring to be in NXT.

-Kelley asked about the Asuka and Nia Jax match and whether it was a setback for Jax. Hunter said no and that he hasn’t seen anyone pushed Asuka that far. He said it’s the first time Asuka has been in the defensive position for that long in an NXT match. He said Asuka has been in the ring for 10-11 years, whereas Jax has been in the ring for one year. Hunter said Asuka is “arguably the best in the world.”

-Hunter said the women’s division is about to get interesting very fast while speaking about incoming talent without mentioning any names.

-The main event was analyzed with Triple H saying that it took Samoa Joe some time, but he believes he is just hitting his stride. Hunter said he doesn’t see Balor walking away. He said Joe has a lot of people breathing down his neck, and he said most prominently is probably Shinsuke Nakamura. “That battle is coming,” Hunter said.

-Hunter spoke about NXT being part of the Download Festival and touring the UK. He hyped the return to Brooklyn for SummerSlam weekend and they closed the interview shortly thereafter.

Powell’s POV: Most of the answers were delivered in storyline mode, yet there were some interesting tidbits such as Hunter teasing that Joe vs. Nakamura is coming up next.

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