Dixie Carter discusses why she is in India, negativity regarding TNA’s financial situation, future live pay-per-view events

dixie1TNA president Dixie Carter spoke with The Fan Garage while in India and discussed a variety of topics. The following are the highlights of the interview, which can be read in full at TheFanGarage.com.

Carter on her trip to India: “We’re here meeting with Sony executives about some great future plans that we are going to be doing as partners. We are not here to talk about ownership but it is definitely about how we would like to grow our brands together and how we will invest more in India to grow TNA impact wrestling here.”

Carter on rumors and social media negativity regarding TNA’s financial situation: “You can’t react to the rumors about the financial situation. That’s the difficulty about being in my position. There’s so much incorrect information out there about the financial situation of TNA. We are putting out some of the best television our company has ever put out and if you watch it you can tell, great things are happening to our company… Seven or eight years ago, there wasn’t a social media platform for people to come on and just be negative about your product. But that is the best thing about wrestling. People are so passionate for and against it; they just love talking about it. I’m just excited that some announcements are coming out this week which might urge people to tune in and see how fantastic it is. I truly believe that it is the best wrestling show out there on television today.”

Carter on live pay-per-views: “We’ll have at least one or two live pay-per-views this year and for Slammiversary, we have some incredible matches that are planned. We have some big matches after months and months of buildup and it’s going to be our best Slammiversary that we had in a long time.”

Powell’s POV: Actually, Carter could speak publicly regarding the financial situation more often that she does. After all, the company confirmed they were seeking investors, so she or others in the company could just as easily address other reports if they feel they are inaccurate. She chooses to remain quiet about most of the issues and that’s absolutely her right to do so, but that approach naturally leads to speculation both from fans and from her wrestlers and remaining employees. The TNA television product is much improved, but this company has a serious public relations issue that starts with her.

Carter noted that the next TNA Hall of Famer will be announced next month, and she also spoke about the company’s relationship with Pop TV, her current roster and newly available talent, the Knockouts Division, and more on the perceived negativity regarding the company’s financial situation.



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