Damien Sandow discusses his departure from WWE and future plans

damien1Damien Sandow (a/k/a Aaron Steven Haddad) spoke with Rolling Stone’s Aaron Oster and had positive things to say about his run in WWE that ended one week ago. “When I was being called, I was thinking about the other guy – the guy who has to give a guy this news,” Sandow said. “I was just more like, ‘Oh, cool. Thank you for everything. It was awesome.’ It was somewhat mutual. I had expressed to them that maybe, if they didn’t have anything for me, then yeah, there are other guys who need a chance. I had already run that spectrum with the fans. A lot of times, in pro sports, you have egos involved. My ego was solely about getting the fans to react one way or another.

Sandow spoke about the possibility of acting and was asked about a full-time return to pro wrestling. “When you say full-time, full-time in the WWE is very different than full-time elsewhere,” he said. “I am not going to rule out anything. I don’t want to limit myself. It’s not like when I finish up my ‘Thank You Tour,’ I’m going to be burning my boots. It is an aspect of performance, and if I can use whatever avenue to perform. If the fans want it, and they’re digging it, if it coincides with whatever project I decide to take, then I’m open to anything. It’s a very exciting time, and I’m not opposed to performing in a wrestling ring. You never know.” Read the full interview at RollingStone.com.

Powell’s POV: Sandow could not have been classier about his departure from the company and the way he was used by WWE during his run. As for acting, he noted that he took classes on his days off and knows that his first move in that field will be crucial. The interview covers a lot of ground and is definitely worth checking out.

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