Camp WWE voice discusses the auditioning process, Vince McMahon’s role, playing Mark Henry

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On auditioning for Mark Henry in Camp WWE: “He (Mark Henry) wasn’t the first one I auditioned for, they brought me in for R-Truth. So when I read for R-Truth they were like could you also read for Mark Henry. I didn’t have anything prepared for Mark Henry only R-Truth, I just had to make a quick decision and I guess they just loved that one the most.”

On being cast as Mark Henry in Camp WWE: “It was kind of a long journey. I had to auditioned three times. I auditioned the first time in front of casting directors and then they brought me in front of Seth (Green) and Aaron (Blitzstein) and they were really nice and really fun to work with and then they brought me in a week later for the third time in front of Seth and Aaron and then I got a phone call saying that I didn’t get it. So it was Awe, that’s disappointing because it would have been really fun to be a part of this and then as life goes on, I put the whole thing out of my head, then I got a phone call from my manager asking if I was available that weekend because they might want to use me for the show. I was thinking maybe for background vocals or whatever, but I got a call the next day saying they gave me the role of Mark Henry and I was just over the moon.”

Preparing for the role of Mark Henry: “I grew up watching wrestling and I remember him as Sexual Chocolate and with the Nation of Domination, so I was kind of familiar with him already. Outside of Olympic weight lifting I didn’t know much about his personal life so I youtubed him and looked him up on wikipedia to just kind of get a feel for him. I didn’t realize this when he was in the fourth grade he was five foot seven and two hundred and twenty five pounds. I thought that was absolutely amazing and I just sorta used the knowledge that I learned about him to my advantage, it was pretty easy to play a lovable big guy.”

What we can expect from Camp WWE: “The best way to describe it and Seth said it best himself, it’s South Park meet Archer. It’s like a combination of both of those shows. I think most of us are familiar with South Park and how crass it can be in terms of the language and subject matter and then sort of the wit of Archer in terms of the delivery.”

On Vince McMahon’s role in Camp WWE: “When I got the scripts for the show I was legitimately laughing out loud and hoping that everyone was finding it as funny as we do. I can definitely say that Vince McMahon will steal the show. He is so funny and all of his lines are comedy gold.”


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