WWE Raw onsite report: Notes on debuting wrestler’s family in attendance, comparing this year’s night after WrestleMania show to last year

Logo_WWE_dnDot Net reader Matthew Hiett attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Dallas, Texas and sent the following report.

My friend and I scored fourth row floor seats hard camera side for face value at the last minute and it paid off. Ryder’s dad was in front of us and my seat was directly behind Dana Warrior. Lots of action on the floor in front of and behind us.

Before and a couple times during the show, the U.K. fans had dueling chants of which hotels they were in. Then the “Travel Package” group started their own in section 109.

Fandango was first out for WWE Superstars for his one big night of the year. The crowd was happy to dance along.

Literally everyone yelled along with Big E for his New Day promo. I’m glad we got to give King Barrett a proper send off.

The crowd popped when Apollo Crews’s debut was teased before the commercial break, which made his entrance feel a bit flat. Still good cheers nonetheless.

I loved how they had Roman Reigns gloat and take the crowd head on. It drew major heat that only helped the other four that entered.

Baron Corbin wasn’t quite over. This was the beach ball segment. His attack outside the ring was directly behind us, which was really cool.

Zack Ryder was over and the execution of bringing back Maryse and the Intercontinental Title change were well done. Miz got good heat instead of the indifferent heat he’s been receiving.

The crowd hated Charlotte and even when she cut the babyface portion of her promo about the women, fans didn’t want to cheer. Eventually the “Women’s Wrestling” chant started and there were genuine smiles on all the ladies’ faces.

Nobody cared about The Usos vs. The Dudleys. We were all waiting for Enzo Amore and Big Cass, whose family was also in front row all night. When WWE cut to commercial, they were really confused.

The pop of the night went to Enzo and Cass for their debut and again, everyone joined in the promo.

The match of the night was the main event. A lot of people expected Samoa Joe or John Cena for the fourth spot, so Cesaro was a great surprise. Many expected him to win, but AJ got a great pop for his win, as well. AJ celebrated and there was no dark match.

This year’s Raw after Mania was top notch and definitely beat last year. That’s saying a lot since we had no Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, John Cena, or even Dean Ambrose.

Here’s to hoping the annual April/May slump isn’t as bad this year. Dr. Phil will make sure of it.



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