Jim Ross one-man show recap: Late night show for the Raw crowd with a special guest

imagesDot Net reader Nathan Saegi attended Monday’s Jim Ross one-man show on Monday night after Raw in Dallas, Texas and sent the following report.

Jim Ross started by talking about his WWE debut with WrestleMania 9 and how Bobby Heenan was trying to get him to go commando under the toga. He moved on to WrestleMania 17 as his favorite and touched on how they let Triple H and Undertaker down with their booking.

Mania 19 order was changed due to Steve Austin’s dehydration issues from the night before as they were originally scheduled to go on last. He said Steve won’t have another match. He said that had cards fallen right, a match with CM Punk was likely.

Ross spoke about the Mick Foley interview and expressing yourself naturally. Wrestlers aren’t actors. He said even actors wouldn’t do live TV. He spoke about feeling guilty for not developing Shelton Benjamin and said he had it all down apart from personality and he is a good guy.

Ross said he loved NXT, particularly the women’s match.

Jim Cornette was his guest and Ross told a story told by Cornette about a cream pie fight in a bar with the punchline about cream pieing Sunshine.

They told Bill Watts stories about how he did not tolerate wrestlers losing fights in bars.

Cornette thinks Roman Reigns should be heel. Corny said people wouldn’t warm up to him if they were cremated with him. Funny. JR says it really doesn’t matter. It’s not that important in the scheme of things. The audience disagreed. Corny disagreed with JR.

They surprisingly on Donald Trump. JR and Corny were asking if we all thought Americans were buffoons with the inference being anti-Trump. Most of the crowd were Brits with some fellow Australians. We agreed. Easy crowd in fairness despite being in Texas.

Highlights from the Q&A session.

-Jr was asked about wrestlers wanting him to announce their big matches. He said it’s an honor.

-He touched on AJ Styles being used well on Raw and JR had his daily Twitter vent. He said all four men delivered on Raw in prime real estate.

-JR likes Kevin Owens. Corny doesn’t. He made reference to Kevin Steen and not calling him by his ‘slave’ name. Cornette told a story about Owens not listening to instructions from when they had worked together previously.

-JR on Shinsuke Nakamora – leave him in NXT until SummerSlam. Ross said Nakamura is a main event star and could main event WrestleMania next year. Cornette said there is more talent in NXT and says they should send some WWE talent back.

-Both men agreed Samoa Joe should be on the main roster. JR wants Joe vs. Brock Lesnar.

-JR said McMahon let him hire Mick Foley so he could have his heart broken by Foley failing.

-Cornette made a crack about you could be in federal protection and be safe appearing on TNA.

-JR says NXT isn’t developmental anymore so not everyone will be brought up.

-If Cornette could change one thing it would be everything being treated a bit more seriously. He used the analogy “I know Bruce Willis didn’t kill all those terrorists, but they don’t wink at the screen and shake hands and say, ‘hey, good bump.'” He wants it presented as something approaching legitimate. Too many people worried about the performance and not getting the issue over. JR spoke about the disconnect in commentary with eyes seeing one thing and ears hearing another.

-Cornette complained about Shane’s bump and that he was walking around on Raw. He said it’s bad for business because then no one gives a shit about a backdrop, and who has to top it? The guys turning up every week.

-Cornette called ECW horseshit and compared it to porn – how far can you take things. Funny.

-They were asked about Zack Ryder losing on Raw. JR called it Stan Stasiak theory. Interim champion to create a little buzz. JR isn’t sure if he deserves it, but says if he does it’ll come back around. JR said he likes Miz and at least we are talking about the title. They wrapped up there. I left as Jr. was thanking us to beat the rush.

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