Roman Reigns and Charlotte on NBC’s “Today” recap – Charlotte touts the WWE Women’s Division, Reigns throws a jab at John Cena

Logo_WWE_dnThe following is a recap of new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, and new WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte’s appearance on Monday’s “Today” show on NBC.

The hosts sat inside a wrestling ring in the studio. Footage aired from WrestleMania 32 and then Roman Reigns and Charlotte were introduced in that order. They both brought their title belts with them. One of the hosts mentioned that Charlotte has bruises on her arm. Charlotte said it was. She was asked how she felt. Charlotte said it really hasn’t hit her yet.

The attendance number was mentioned and Reigns was asked about the vibe in the building. “To be honest, our fan base, the WWE Universe, is so great,” Reigns said. “It didn’t start last night. They were there Tuesday. Everywhere I went in Dallas I saw WWE Universe everywhere. People with shirts on, people supporting, everyone wants pictures, it was a good time. That’s what we do, we take over a town,” Reigns said.

The hosts mentioned the celebrities who attended WrestleMania. “That’s WrestleMania for you,” Reigns said. “This is the biggest entertainment live event in the world and we continue to do it bigger… Everybody’s showing up, A-Listers, everybody, that’s the great thing about this and we do this every single year. What are we going to do next year? That’s the question. What can we do next year?”

Charlotte spoke about her match and mentioned Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch and added, “and I hard my parent in crime with me.” She was asked about the term Diva. “Well, the Diva term is now retired,” she said. “The women are now considered superstars. We have matching titles by the way.” Reigns raved about the women. “I didn’t need anybody to tell me they were superstars. I’ve seen these women do everything we do and more on a daily basis, no days off, they’re throwing their bodies all over the ring.” Footage aired of the Triple Threat from WrestleMania and reacted to Charlotte’s moonsault onto Lynch and Banks.

Reigns was asked what was next and was asked who is next. “Anybody and everybody,” Reigns said. “Like we said earlier, WrestleMania is full of superstars, A-Listers. We had Rock and John Cena there. If they want some. Hey, John Cena, the champ is here.” The hosts spoke about how Cena is a guest host of the show and this is his house. “Not if I’m in it,” Reigns said. “I’m in your living room and I’m about to go in your fridge and eat your food.”

Charlotte said last night was an indicator of what the women can do and they are going to continue to steal the show. The hosts posed with the title belts to close the show.

Powell’s POV: Reigns is very polished and has his WWE corporate sound bytes down. Charlotte is less polished, more human, and more likable. It’s not that Roman is unlikable in this environment, but I have seen him have better talk show appearances. I’m guessing Vince McMahon would probably say the opposite since Reigns delivered his WWE slogans so well. He did a nice job with the trash talking of Cena at the end and I’m curious to see if they play it up on Raw tonight.

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