Pete Gas on Shane McMahon’s return, growing up with the McMahon family, and whether the Mean Street Posse could appear at WrestleMania

shane1Pete Gas (a/k/a Pete Gasparino) of Mean Street Posse fame spoke with Rolling Stone about Shane McMahon’s return and his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania. “This is the biggest event of the year,” Gas said. “It’s even bigger for me as Shane’s friend, and as a Shane McMahon fan. I know this is special for him and his children. His sons have been wanting to see him perform live. They haven’t had that chance. Declan is the oldest, and he doesn’t remember his dad performing. This is something that’s pretty special for Shane and his family.”

Pete also spoke about growing up with the McMahon family. “The one thing about the whole family is that they’re the greatest people you could ever meet, and I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with Shane,” he said. “They really are great-hearted people. With all the money that they have, you would never know it. They’re so down-to-earth. Not snobs at all. Mrs. McMahon used to cook for us. Vince would hang out and watch football with us. Even Stephanie, she was a few years younger than us, she used to hang out with us. She was just one of the guys.”

Pete was also asked whether the Posse will appear at WrestleMania. “I’m honestly not sure. I haven’t heard anything yet, but Shane knows that all he has to do is call, and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.” Read the full interview at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Darius]

Powell’s POV: I will be surprised if we don’t see Pete and Rodney show up at WrestleMania. Pete noted in the interview that he is still friends with Shane, but he added that Shane didn’t give him a heads up about his return. He also spoke about what he’s doing now, why he stopped wrestling, and a lot more about his friendship with Shane and how Shane’s sons play a part in his return.

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