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WWE Divas Champion Charlotte on how the Figure Eight was born, whether it’s tougher for women to win over crowds

Logo_WWE_dnCharlotte (a/k/a Ashley Fliehr) spoke with The Tennessean’s Mike Theil and was asked who came up with her Figure Eight finisher. “I was in the ring and my coach, Sara Del Rey, showed me how to put on the Figure Four and she was laughing about it like, ‘I can’t believe I’m showing Flair’s daughter how to put on the Figure Four,'” Charlotte recalled. “Then I just wanted to see if I could bridge and I could, so (WWE superstar) Simon Gotch, one of the Vaudevillians, actually came up with the name. He said, ‘It’s twice as good as your dad’s. Why don’t you call it the Figure Eight?'”

Charlotte was also asked whether it’s more difficult for women to win over crowds. “I do think a female can have just as much success when given the opportunity, but it is twice as hard,” she said. “I think we do have to work harder for our spot and slowly but surely, the more we produce, the more the fans want to see us. The more they react to us, the harder we work, the more they get invested in characters like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks… They can relate to us and once you relate, you get invested in the characters. I think the hardest part about being a woman is finding who you are and being able to let the fans in and feel a connection with you. And to do that you need storylines and you need time and that’s what we’re getting right now.” Read the full interview at TheTennessean.com.

Powell’s POV: Of course, being labeled with a wonky dated name like Divas isn’t helping matters, nor does the fact that the company pushed the women as a T&A sideshow for so long. Charlotte also spoke about the quality of the women’s matches improving, her relationship with her father Ric Flair, and whether she feels like she is living in his shadow. By the way, how did every wrestling fan her age know how to apply her father’s finishing hold yet she never did?

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