WWE Royal Rumble match betting odds – some unadvertised favorites

The Bovada website set the following odds for Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble match.

Odds to Win the Royal Rumble 2016
Triple H 6/5
Roman Reigns 9/5
Brock Lesnar 3/1
Bray Wyatt 15/1
The Rock 16/1
Daniel Bryan 18/1
Dean Ambrose 20/1
Kevin Owens 20/1
The Undertaker 25/1
Rusev 33/1
Sheamus 33/1
Braun Strowman 33/1
AJ Styles 33/1
Ryback 35/1
Finn Balor 40/1
Cesaro 40/1
Dolph Ziggler 40/1
Alberto Del Rio 50/1
Chris Jericho 50/1
Randy Orton 50/1
Vince or Shane McMahon 65/1
Kalisto 66/1
Neville 75/1
The Big Show 80/1
Mark Henry 95/1
Curtis Axel 100/1
Big E 100/1
El Torito 150/1
Fernando 150/1
Luke Harper 100/1
Kane 100/1
Kofi Kingston 100/1
Titus O’Neill 100/1
Erick Rowan 100/1
R-Truth 100/1
Stardust 100/1
Heath Slater 100/1
King Barrett 150/1
Bo Dallas 150/1
Fandango 150/1
Goldust 150/1
Tyson Kidd 150/1
The Miz 150/1
Shinsuke Nakamura 150/1
Alex Riley 150/1
Adam Rose 150/1
Zack Ryder 150/1
Damien Sandow 150/1
Darren Young 150/1
Stone Cold E.T. 200/1

Powell’s POV: I have had Triple H as my favorite to win the match for some time now as well, especially given that Vince McMahon told Roman Reigns that Hunter would exact his revenge when it was least expected. Read betting odds on all of the Royal Rumble matches at Bovada.lv.

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