01/02 Pruett’s PWG Live Review: Coverage of Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero for the PWG Championship, Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Akira Tozawa, and more!

By Will Pruett

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Returns Live – January 2, 2016
Reseda, California at The American Legion Hall

Doors are open and cold people are filing into warm building.

Ring announcer Angelo welcomed folks to the show, which is called Lëmmy. Excalibur was introduced. He mentioned that we are on track for 183 shows this year. Excalibur turned it over to Legion Larry. Larry told folks to shut up in a profane way about their parking wants. Larry let people know that someone here won a raffle. This isn’t a joke. Chants were had for the raffle winner.

1. Brian Cage defeated Chris Dickinson. Cage won a surprisingly competitive and enjoyable match after being dropped on his head multiple times. He hit a Falcon Arrow for the win. Dickinson refers to himself as “Dirty Daddy” and I’m not entirely comfortable with it.

2. Timothy Thatcher defeated Drew Gulak. This was a very enjoyable straight wrestling match with few frills. They weren’t necessary. Thatcher remains a hero in Reseda with a headbutt followed by an Armbar to win.

3. Sami Callihan defeated Trevor Lee. This was a very fun and intense match. Sami won with a Stretch Muffler. Side note: Trevor Lee has great hair.

4. Drew Galloway defeated Jack Evans. Evans began the match by challenging Galloway to a dance off. Mid-dance, Drew almost murdered Evans. Drew did a lot of almost murdering. Jack did a lot of flipping. It was delightful. Drew won with a Cradle DDT.

5. Adam Cole defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Another very enjoyable effort. “Speedball” was the sentimental favorite who almost got a pinfall on Cole, but Cole was able to block the referee’s hand from counting three. Cole eventually won with a Knee Brainbuster.

6. Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Akira Tozawa. This match was as fun as I believed it would be. Expectations were high after some extensive chanting. They were fulfilled as both men displayed some fun mat wrestling skill. Sabre Jr. won a good match with the penalty kick.

7. Roderick Strong defeated Chris Hero to retain the PWG Title. Roddy began the match by asking for the other referee, Justin, to ref the match. Lame. Knox is the greatest. Hero and Strong put together a fun match with plentiful ref bumps, big elbows, and plenty of crowd drama. Strong eventually won with a series of knees and Sick Kicks.

After the match, Adam Cole congratulated Strong in the ring. Sabre Jr eventually came out to challenge Strong for the title. Cole and Strong seemed to argue.

Pruett’s Pause: It’d be hard not to recommend this show. Despite it containing a deluge of singles matches, each one stood out fantastically. PWG delivered even with their standard roster of talent depleted by the Tokyo Dome.

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