NXT TV results (7/9): Moore’s review of the NXT Heatwave fallout show, Tony D’Angelo vs. Lexis King for the NXT Heritage Cup, Sol Ruca vs. Fallon Henley, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. OTM

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live July 9, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] Highlights form the NXT Heatwave PLE aired. The video ended with the first two seconds of Joe Hendry’s entrance video…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

Mike Rome introduced All Ego Ethan Page as the new NXT Champion. NXT Champion Ethan Page made his entrance, flanked by security guards. Vic noted that Ethan Page broke Kevin Owen’s record by winning the title just 40 days after debuting. Ethan Page took a mic and milked saying “and new” to draw boos from the crowd. Page said it only took him 6 weeks to take over the brand. Page said that being a world class athlete with a giant freakin’ ego, he thought seeing the shocked faces in the crowd was fun. He said the fans hate Ethan Page, the cameraman hates Ethan Page, and the Locker Room hates Ethan Page; and that’s why he has personal security.

Oro Mensah tried to jump Ethan Page from behind, but security dragged him away. Ethan thanked the guards for taking out the trash. Ethan thanked Ava for banning Oro Mensah from Heatwave so he wouldn’t ruin a big opportunity. He talked about main eventing in his home town in one of the biggest main events in NXT. Page said as NXT Champion he’ll make sure no outsiders ruin what we have in NXT, because that’s special. Page mentioned the “We are NXT” catchphrase and said that instead it’s “I am NXT”. Ethan said the Whoop Dat era is done and it’s the Era of Ego.

Trick made his entrance and talked about how Page got the dub at Heatwave. He said best believe Trick will get even with his rematch. Trick said he wants to invoke his rematch tonight. Page said he understands how emotional Trick is. He said he wanted to thank Trick for that Trick shot because it helped him “fall” into the NXT title. Page said he knew Trick would come out to demand a title shot , but Trick is not the guy anymore, “I am”. Page said he is denying the title rematch. Shawn Spears made his entrance in a leather jacket.

Spears said that Page should be thanking Spears. Spears said the only reason he couldn’t break the pin was because his view was obstructed. Spears then called Trick a goofy ass for losing the title without getting pinned. Spears said he tried to offer Trick wisdom, but Trick didn’t listen. Spears said Trick needs to go to the back of the line. Je’von Evans made his entrance. Evans said Page and Spears need to shut the hell up. He talked about almost becoming NXT Champion. He said he isn’t going to wait. A brawl ensued.

Highlights from the Heatwave pre show tag team match aired as well as the backstage segment that set up a match on this week’s show. Vic Joseph hyped up Ariana Grace vs. Karmen Petrovic…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I think “The All Ego Era” sounds better than the “Era of Ego”, but that’s just me. Anyways, the usual WWE formula segment where the champion and challengers take their turns cutting promos to stake their claims to the title. Of course, back in the day, Teddy Long would come out and make a Tag Team match holla holla. Page was solid in drawing heat and I’m happy he’s finally getting a chance to shine as a main event heel after all these years. I wonder if his comments about “outsiders” are in regards to Joe Hendry. Props for WWE with their subliminal advertising doing a good job keeping Joe Hendry in the discussion of all aspects NXT.

The twitter videos aired from Heatwave where Tony D’Angelo and Lexis hyped up their upcoming Heritage Cup match…

Entrances for the next match took place…

1. Karmen Petrovic vs. Ariana Grace. Grace had the advantage early on, but Petrovic came back with shortarm kicks. Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx walked to ringside. Petrovic put Grace in a Muta Lock which Grace escaped. As expected, the faces will face off against the heels from the opening segment, which Vic announced. Petrovic hit Grace with a Rolling Sobat. Petrovic came back with a sweep kick and overhead Kiryu Kick for the victory.

Karmen Petrovic defeated Ariana Grace via pinfall in 2:36. 

Fallon Henley ran in the ring and beat down Petrovic with forearms. Henley told Jayne and Nyx that she’s sick of rookies…

The show cut to Brooks Jensen sitting in the GM’s office in front of Ava. Jensen said he wants to apologize to Ava and HBK. He said he wanted to get in his own head, and things just got out of control. He said he wants to take back everything he did and said, but it’s out there. Ava said it’s not about championships and wins, but also ups and downs. Jensen said he understands, especially being a 2nd generation wrestler, like Ava. Ava said she and HBK were about to release Jensen, but people vouched for Jensen.

Ava said because of that, Jensen is getting a 2nd chance. Ava said that Jensen has to represent himself well as a WWE star 24/7. Jensen said he will and will make an impact. Jensen and Ava shook hands…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Welp? That was a bit basic given all the build and effort put into this Brooks Jensen angle. If it was going to be basic, I think it would have been better to have Shawn Michaels deliver the line rather than fellow Jensen’s NXT rookie Ava. One thing I noticed about the match before the segment was that while the crowd was cheering for the heel Grace dead silent for the babyface Petrovic. All that means is there’s work to be done to acclimate Petrovic to the fans.

Mike Rome was in the ring where he handled the formal in ring introductions for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship match. Oh no, Eddy Thorpe was in the crow’s nest operating a DJ mixing board…

2. Tony D’Angelo (w/Adriana Rizzo, Channing Lorenzo, Luca Crucifino) vs. Lexis King in a Rounds Match for the NXT Heritage Cup. King mockingly put Tony D on the mat and walked over him. Tony D got up and took down King with a series of armdrags. Tony D hit King with a backdrop and put King in an armbar. King used boots to block a Boston Crab. Tony D hit King with an amateur wrestling double leg takedown. D’Angelo put King in a Boston Crab. King survived the clock. [End of Round 1]

Lexis King got distracted by Eddy Thorpe playing sounds from his mixing board. The distraction allowed D’Angelo to hit King with a Fisherman Buster for the pinfall. [End of Round 2]

Tony D’Angelo pinned Lexis King 0:16 into Round 2 to go up 1-0. 

Round 3 started during the picture-in-picure. back from break, King dodged a Stinger Splash. King hit Tony D with his spinning neckbreaker finisher to pick up the pinfall. [End of Round 3]

Lexis King pinned Tony D’Angelo 2:53 into Round 3 to tie the match 1-1. 

King took down clothesline. While King was gloating, D’Angelo came back with a desperation lariat. D’Angelo rallied with right hands and a few belly-to-belly suplexes. King rolled up Tony D for a nearfall. King caught Tony D with a top rope DDT for a nearfall. King reversed a Fisherman Buster with a Inside Cradle for a nearfall. Tony D reversed King’s finisher into a Uranage for the victory. [End of Round 4]

Tony D’Angelo defeated Lexis King via pinfall 2:21 into Round 4 to retain the NXT Heritage Cup (2-1). 

An EDM version of Tony D’s theme played (either that or they just sped up his theme 25%)…

The show quickly cut to backstage where Brooks Jensen was beating down Je’von Evans. Josh Briggs and referees ran to pull Jensen away. Briggs berated Jensen for making him look bad after he vouched for him. Jensen said he was just trying to make an impact. Jensen walked off…[c]

John’s Thoughts: The match was actually a good match to give Tony D an easy win. I like that he’s actually been the most sports-like champion in NXT US since the cup was brought over. I couldn’t help but be distracted by cringy EDM Eddy Thorpe. I like EDM. I’ve been a fan of Eddy Thorpe since he was wrestling in Daly City on the indies. I don’t think this DJ thing is going to work. In fact, he didn’t add anything to the match. He didn’t add EDM. He added what sounded like fart noises via the scratch wheel. Not to mention, I got bad memories of DJ Zema Ion’s ba ba ba ba ass from TNA (who played better tracks from his mix board when he used it).

Ridge Holland cheered up Chase U and said they stole the show at Heatwave. Ridge then said he got Thea Hail a match against Izzi Dame to prove herself to Ava. Ridge then said he got Duke a championship match. Duke wondered if it was against Ethan Page? Holland said it was against Oba Femi. Riley Osbourne said Oba is going to kill Duke. Duke gave Ridge a sarcastic thank you…

Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont jumped Gallus during their entrance…

3. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (w/Joe Coffey) vs. Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe. Igwe worked on Mark, who still had his pre-match jacket on. Igwe floored mark with a Yakuza Kick. Mark came back with a Yakuza Kick. Wolfgang tagged in so Gallus could gain control and work on Igwe with a numbers advantage. Tyson tagged in and cleaned house. Tyson hit Mark with a standing Splash for a two count. Igwe tagged in. Joe pulled down the top rope to dump Dupont to ringside. Gallus hit Igwe  with their double team held dropkick finisher for the win.

Gallus defeated Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont via pinfall in 3:17. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Trick Williams about his tag team partner getting taken out by Jensen. Trick said Jensen did Je’von dirty. He said he doesn’t care if he has to take down Page and Spears two on one. Trick said that may not be the best idea, so he’ll find a partner. Kelly wished Trick luck…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I chuckled and actually liked that Trick subverted expectations by coming to his senses and not doing the dumb babyface thing of going forward with the two on one match. I mean, through the power of teleportation, I think the decision is easy and all Trick needs to do is “say his name”, but maybe Trick has a better tag partner in mind. My only thought on the Gallus tag match is I still am baffled that NXT Creative puts a lot of effort into protecting Mark and Wolfgang, while using the more talented and impressive looking Joe as the fall guy.

[Hour Two] Wes Lee made his entrance in street clothes. Vic noted that he doesn’t want to believe in internet rumors, but the last time he saw Wes look like this, Wes decided to step away for a bit. Vic talked in his somber tone. Wes took a mic and soaked in cheers from the crowd. He said he had a rough couple of days. He said he went into Heatwave thinking he could beat Oba Femi and get back his North American Championship, but you saw what happened.

Wes said Oba was the better man. No doubt. He said when he got out of surgery he knew his goal, to beat the unbeatable. He said that goal pushed him through rehab. He said he could visualize it and feel the title in his hand, making him the king of the Wes Side; but unfortunately that didn’t come to fruition. He said he’s going to be straight with ya’ll, he doesn’t know where to go from here. He said he was beat before, but this is different. Wes said he had one hell of a run in NXT, but he has to be honest to everyone and himself.

Wes soaked in “please don’t go” chants. Wes said he thinks it was time for him to… The crowd cut Wes up with “no” chants. Before he could say he wants to step away, the MSK Entrance theme played. Former NXT Tag Team Champion Zachary Wentz and Former TNA X Division Champion Trey Miguel made their entrance. A TNA Chant ensued. Wes was overjoyed wondering what Wentz and Miguel were doing here?

Wentz took the mic and said nobody wants to see Wes go. Wentz said he and Trey miss Wes so much. Trey said he doesn’t believe all Three Rascalz are here either. A “welcome back” chant ensued. Wes said like the crowd, he misses Zach and Trey so much. Trey and Zach said “we know”. Wentz said that it’s not about them, it’s about Wes, the greatest North American Champion ever. Trey said that Wentz and Lee are the best tag team in NXT history. Wentz said they need to bring back not only MSK, but maybe the Rascalz should do things in NXT. All Three Rascalz did their signature hand wiggle and a group hug to end the segment…

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Ethan Page and Shawn Spears about their upcoming tag match. Page said she meant handicap match. Spears said Trick is a loser for not having friends. Spears and Page said they were on the same page. Spears said he had to leave to check on a lost soul. Page told Sarah to get out of his space so he can warm up…

Chase U made their entrance…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Awesome and wholesome reunion segment for the Rascalz of PWG and TNA fame. The whole “I’m leaving” bit felt a bit forced and fabricated, but it’s fine in favor of where they were going. I’m happy that Wentz got to have a wholesome NXT return himself after all the ugly stuff that went down between him and his ex wife. I think most people are in agreement that he was kinda done dirty with the situation, on top of people saying he’s a pretty upstanding dude. Curious to see where this leads because the segment made it look like we’ll be getting Trey Miguel and Zach Wentz in NXT for more than just a cup of Coffee. I also assume that Wes Lee will cross over to TNA given that Trey and Wentz are feuding with Charlie Dempsey on that show.

Izzi Dame made her entrance to her theme which sounds like it was sung by the same person that sings Damage CTRL’s theme (I’m just waiting for the singer to say “we don’t take a day offfffffff”)…

4. Thea Hail (w/Duke Hudson, Andre Chase, Riley Osborne, Ridge Holland) vs. Izzi Dame. Hail got a two count off a Sunset Flip. Dame came back with a Wheelbarrow slam to Hail’s face on the top buckle. Dame hit Hail with a backbreaker for a two count. Tatum Paxley crawled to ringside. Dame tried to attack her, but Dame ran herself into the ringpost. Hail hit Dame with a dive. Hail hit Dame with a Elbowbreaker and Kimura for the submission win.

Thea Hail defeated Izzi Dame via submission in 3:33. 

Oba Femi appeared on the Crow’s Nest and called out Duke Hudson. Oba talked about Duke’s friend Ridge begged for a title match to Ava. Oba said he’s going to destroy Duke next week. Duke said we’ve heard this all before, but don’t underestimate the man you’re in the ring next week.

Duke talked about how he’s the man that has the attention of Trish Stratus, the man that stole the show at Heatwave, and the man that’s the MVP of Chase U. He said he’ll be happy to take the title from Oba Femi when he gives Oba the biggest ever Andre Chase University ass whooping…

Wentz, Trey, and Wes were hanging out backstage. Wes joked that he was just about to quit. Gallus showed up to trash talk. Wes introduced their tag team as MSK, and said they are the Rascalz with Trey Miguel. I couldn’t hear what Joe was talking about (forgive me, it’s his thick accent). This led to Mark saying to not “say his name” which drew a loud “oooooooooooh” from the crowd. Gallus walked off (This Joe Hendry subliminal stuff is actually working)…

OTM were shown heading to the ring from Gorilla Position. OTM made their entrance after some trash talk. Bronco Nima had a protective nose mask…[c]

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were in the GM’s office. Ava berated Jensen for attacking Evans. Ava said if Evans is cleared, Jensen will have to face Evans in a match next week. Briggs told Jensen that he has his back next week. Jensen said he’d rather do it on his own. Briggs said he wants to get his hands on Spears for taking a month away from him. Ava told him to just stay out of the main event. Briggs left. Stevie Turner said that Ava should make Briggs Trick’s tag partner. Robert Stone turned around and said to not “say his name”…

John’s Thoughts: They’re really laying it on thick with the Joe Hendry teases. NXT is pushing Joe Hendry as heavily as TNA is these days.

Gallows and Anderson made their entrance. Vic Joseph plugged the upcoming WWE Bad Blood PLE…

5. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. “Out Tha Mud” Bronco Nima and Lucien Price (w/Jaida Parker). Nima hit the large Gallows with a delayed vertical suplex. Nima then ate a few kicks from Gallows. Gallows stomped on Nima and then tagged in Anderson, who kicked Nima in the gut. Price tagged in and hit Anderson with a hanging Uranage. Price hit Anderson with a clothesline from a Three Point Stance. Anderson ducked a clothesline and tagged in Gallows who cleaned house.

Gallows hit Price with a back tackle and shoulder tackle. Gallows tagged in Anderson for a double team neckbreaker. Nima broke up Anderson’s pin. Mia Michin Yim appeared from the crowd. The referees pulled apart Michin and Parker. Back in the ring, Nima hit Anderson hit Anderson in the kidney with a knee. OTM hit Anderson with their double team Alabama Slam for the upset win.

Out Tha Mud defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson via pinfall in 4:56.

Fallon Henley cut a selfie promo about how she should have faced Kelani Jordan instead of Sol Ruca. The camera panned back to show Sol Ruca watching it on the monitor. Kelly Kincaid showed up to interview Sol. Sol said she knows in NXT you can either put in the work, or bitch. Sol said she puts in the work, and it’s obvious what Fallon does. Sol Ruca then made her entrance to the ring…[c]

John’s Thoughts: There was that knee, but that was a clean win for OTM all things considered. The win would have meant more if Gallows and Anderson don’t lose as much as they do; but at the same time I commend the veteran multi-time champions for putting over the young OTM tag team. Again, when you give young wrestlers a big moment, the key is to not parity book, but to use this to elevate that young tag team; especially since WWE as a whole is in need of developing tag teams that are credible.

No Quarter Catch Crew, Myles Borne, Tavion Heights, and Charlie Dempsey were at the trunk of a car presumably stuffing someone in it. Charlie Dempsey yelled that mistakes will not be tolerated. Dempsey said everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes aren’t tolerated in NQCC. Dempsey asked Myles if he heard. Myles said he did. They were about to enter the car, and saw Wren Sinclair, who claimed to have seen nothing. Wren left and NQCC entered the car to drive off…

John’s Thoughts:  It looks like Damon Kemp is the latest character to get “killed off” in NXT. Damon Kemp (real name Bobby Steveson) had his WWE contract expired without renewal over the weekend. Here’s hoping we see more of him in pro wrestling because ever since the guy did some work in NXT UK, I thought he showed a lot of good in-ring, character, and mic skills. He is definitely the more naturally talented Steveson brother in terms of pro wrestling. He would be great for TNA if he’s up for it.

Fallon Henley made her entrance. Vic Joseph plugged the NXT Great American Bash themed show for August 6th on SyFy instead of USA. Vic also noted that Booker T was undefeated in his Great American Bash history…

6. Sol Ruca vs. Fallon Henley. Ruca hit Henley with a X Factor. Sol tried to do a handstand dodge, but Henley hit Sol with a roundhouse to the gut. Henley hit Sol with a Tornado Flatliner for a two count. Sol tossed Henley into the buckle and rolled up Henley for a two count. Henley hit Sol with a House Call kick for a two count. Sol countered a stretch into a victory roll for a two count. Sol hit Henley with a few springboard crossbodies.

Sol tripped Sol off a springboard move. Henley hit Sol with another twisting Flatliner for a two count. Sol hit Henley with a dropkick and arm stretch combo. Sol caught Henley with a mid ring Sol Snatcher outta nowhere. Jasmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne ran out to attack Sol Ruca for the DQ.

Sol Ruca defeated Fallon Henley via apparent DQ in 5:04. 

Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx continued their attack. Nyx left Sol lying with a Pele Kick. Jayne, Nyx, and Henley left together up the ramp…

The show cut to he NXT Anonymous spy cam where Tatum Paxley talking to a doll like she was talking to Izzi Dame. Tatum told the doll that Izzi reminds her of people who take her dolls away. Izzi said the title will always be there but she has to take care of someone like Izzi. Tatum said Izzi can rot. Tatum left after she ripped off the doll and slammed it on the ground. Wendy Choo walked over and picked up the headless doll…

Brooks Jensen was shown speaking to someone off camera from behind a door (based off the “lost soul” talk earlier, my guess is that it’s Shawn Spears)…

Vic Joseph hyped up the main event tag team or handicap match…[c]

Ava and Stevie Turner left their office with Cedric Alexander. Ava welcomed Cedric to NXT. Cedric said he was excited to be here because NXT is Hot now. Robert Stone showed up and wondered what was up. Ava said Stevie introduced Cedric to her and he’ll be starting in NXT Next week. Cedric left. Robert Stone introduced Ava to Ashanti The Adonis. Ava welcomed Ashanti to her office to talk business. Stone and Turner continued their childlike bickering.

Oba Femi vs. Duke Hudson for the North American Championship and Gallus vs. The Rascalz were advertised for next week…

Ethan Page got a televised entrance while Shawn Spears was already in the ring. Trick Williams made his entrance. Say his name, and he appears! I believe in Joe Hendry. Clap Clap. TNA Wrestler Joe Hendry made his entrance with the NXT Crowd singing along to his song. Vic asked Booker if he believes. No pre-match promo this time, but he did his signature side turn. Vic noted that Hendry has “crossed the line”. Censored “holy shit” chants ensued…

7. Shawn Spears and NXT Champion “All Ego” Ethan Page  vs. Trick Williams and Joe Hendry. Trick hit Page with a Stinger Splash. Hendry tagged in and cleaned house. Hendry hit Page with a delayed vertical suplex. Vic noted that Hendry was the longest reigning TNA Digital Media Champion in history at 266 days. Trick hit Spears and Page at ringside with a crossbody. Hendry and Trick dapped it up heading into break.[c]

[Overrun] Page caught Hendry with a high roundhouse and DDT. Spears tagged in and worked on Hendry with punches. Page and Spears cut the ring in half on Joe for a stretch of the match. Hendry reversed a resthold into a Deadlift Vertical Suplex. Trick tagged in for the hot tag. Page quickly ended that momentum with a Uranage on Trick. Page hit Trick with a shoulder tackle from the apron. Spears hit Trick with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Spears and Page used tags to cut the ring in half on Trick. Trick fought his way out of the corner and got a window of opportunity after a neckbreaker on Spears. Page dragged Spears to his corner, but he was attacked by Oro Mensah. Page decided to run away through the stands. Joe Hendry tagged in and rallied on Spears with clotheslines. Hendry caught Spears with a DDT. Page hit Spears with his signature Fallaway Slam.

Hendry did his signature head turn. Vic joked that it was better than a Spinaronie. Trick caught Spears with a Trick Shot Knee at ringside. Joe Hendry caught Spears with the Standing Ovation Uranage for the win.

Joe Hendry and Trick Williams defeated Shawn Spears and Ethan Page via pinfall in 10:13.

Highlights from the match aired. Trick posed on the apron while Trick led the crowd in the hand wave of his song. Vic closed the show wondering if Joe Hendry has emerged as a new challenger for the NXT Championship…

John’s Thoughts: Say his name and he appears! One thing I thought was a bit unnecessary, but that’s a hallmark of HBK booking, is the excessive foreshadowing. I think the crowd got it after one subliminal video flash, and definitely after one “Say his name”, but at the same time I don’t fault them for trying to make it work. WWE is doing Anthem a solid here by not only showcasing TNA talent, but helping them out a bit with promotion and character development.

While TNA did benefit a bit back in the day for getting Kenny Omega, Christian Cage, and Heel Tony Khan in their working relationship back in 2020; it’s definitely stronger for both companies between WWE and TNA with their crossover affecting storylines on both sides. The main event was a standard cookie cutter WWE tag team Teddy Long classic, but it was made big by the buildup and appearance of viral TNA star Joe Hendry (who put up WWE main roster main eventer social media numbers the last time he was on NXT for a cup of coffee cameo).

If you liked Hendry here, I’d say check out last week’s TNA Impact where he had a surprisingly stellar match against Jake Something (My Impact TV Report: July 4th TNA Impact Results ). This was a worthwhile episode of NXT. The developmental wrestlers continue to hold it down, improve, and put on good weekly TV. The crowd was a bit quiet for the developmental women matches, but all that takes is putting more effort to get these talented women over. What put this show over the top of course is the large amount of TNA crossover to boost the show. Joe Hendry was sprinkled throughout the show, but even more fun was the heartwarming reunion of Wentz, Trey, and Dez as The Rascalz.

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