WWE Raw results (7/8): Powell’s live review of the MITB fallout show with Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio vs. Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega, Jey Uso vs. Chad Gable

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,624)
Ottawa, Ontario at Canadian Tire Centre
Aired live July 8, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with a recap of the Money in the Bank premium live event… World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest was shown walking backstage… Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were on commentary, and Samantha Irvin was the ring announcer…

CM Punk made his entrance. McAfee stated that it was an honor to be back on commentary and said he’s missed everyone (he missed the last two Raw shows due to the death of his father-in-law). Punk said it’s been so long since he’s been in Ottawa.

Punk said he had a lot to get off his chest, but he said he wanted to start by acknowledging someone he’s shared the ring with. Punk recalled referring to John Cena as the New York Yankees and then congratulated him on his retirement. Punk said he doesn’t know what the future holds, but he would like to lace ’em up with Cena one more time before he goes.

Punk noted that Cena was not at the show and then turned his focus to Drew McIntyre. Punk said he was tempted to look under the ring for McIntyre, but he got himself suspended. Punk pointed to the big screen while footage aired of McIntyre snapping on the MITB post show and hitting Raw General Manager Adam Pearce with an elbow to the head.

Punk said unfortunately the ratings took a dip because McIntyre was on television. Punk said he’s been trying to teach McIntyre the lesson that there are consequences for his actions. Punk said McIntyre should not be surprised that he picked a fight with him and he fought back.

Punk recalled saying that McIntyre will never be champion again as long as he has air in his lungs. “Promise fulfilled,” Punk said. Punk noted that he wants to get his hands on McIntyre and he can’t do that if McIntyre is suspended.

Punk said he was fined $25,000 for his actions at MITB and called it money well spent. Punk said “keyboard warrior” McIntyre was fined $50,000. Punk asked “Jack Tunney or Adam Pearce” to lift the suspension of McIntyre and then called for Pearce to come out.

Seth Rollins made his entrance. Punk left the ring. Punk sat on the broadcast table and put on McAfee’s headsets for a brief chat with Cole. Rollins entered the ring and leaned against the ropes while looking down at Punk, who was still seated on the broadcast table.

“So let me get this straight, now you want to sit on the sidelines,” Rollins said. Rollins said he knows Punk loves the spotlight and encouraged him to get in the ring before questioning whether Punk was afraid he would kick his ass.

Punk recalled warning Rollins that the last time they spoke he warned Rollins that it was the only time he would let him speak disrespectfully to him. Punk warned Rollins to watch what he said. Rollins mockingly said he wouldn’t dare speak disrespectfully to the Best in the World.

Rollins asked Punk why the saying actions have consequences applies to everyone in Punk’s life but Punk. Rollins questioned why Punk stuck his nose in his business after he warned him not to. “Your business?” Punk asked. Punk said he was handling his own business.

Punk assumed that Rollins would be more understanding given that he has a wife and daughter. Punk brought up McIntyre wearing the bracelet with Punk’s wife and dog’s name on it. Punk said that if he somehow screwed up Rollins being world champion “or whatever your little pipe dream is.” Rollins took offense.

Punk said he was trying to apologize legitimately. “I’m sorry, I apologize,” Punk said. “I didn’t mean to screw anything up for you. I’m a little snow blind with rage right now. I have a singular focus and I understand you do too and I’m sorry.”

Punk added that because it was Rollins, he couldn’t be that sorry. Punk said he always has an answer. Rollins called it gaslighting. Rollins called Punk the king of propaganda and said he’s the dumbest smart guy he’s ever met in his life.

Rollins said Punk hasn’t figured out that the world does not revolve around him. Rollins said Punk can be a selfish bastard and burn bridges anywhere else. Rollins said he’s let it slide because he’s above Punk. Rollins said he was willing to let Punk’s selfishness slide until he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins said becoming champion isn’t a pipe dream. He said Punk took it from him and now he will take from Punk. Rollins said he could take a cheap shot at Punk, but he knows his fragile little body isn’t 100 percent.

Rollins said Punk wouldn’t even be able to say McIntyre’s name once he’s cleared before Rollins snaps his arm and puts him back on the shelf. “Actions have consequences,” Rollins said before dropping the mic and leaving the ring…

Powell’s POV: This was a strong verbal exchange. There was no babyface or heel, it was two guys who are seeing things from their own perspective. It was perfect that Punk couldn’t simply apologize and move on, he had say what was on his mind.

Cole said he hoped that McAfee’s wife was doing well. McAfee said she was and gave a shout out to his wife and her family. They shifted the focus to the previously advertised matches…

Backstage, Adam Pearce spoke with Dominik Mysterio and asked him what his problem was. Dom said he didn’t want to team up with Liv Morgan. Pearce recalled Dom sticking his nose in the last few Women’s World Championship matches and told him the tag match was on.

Liv Morgan showed up after Pearce made his exit. Morgan said she felt so bad about what happened last week that she wanted to make it up to him by helping him show who the real daddy of the Mysterio family is. Dom said fine, but she better make sure they win. Morgan said they should go talk strategy and get ready for their match…

Jey Uso made his entrance while Cole boasted that he figured out how to use the flashlight on his phone while McAfee was away. Cole hyped Jey vs. Chad Gable for after the first commercial break… The ad for Tuesday’s NXT included the same shot of TNA’s Joe Hendry that closed NXT Heatwave… [C]

Chad Gable made his entrance. Gable had his ribs wrapped and sold an injury…

1. Jey Uso vs. Chad Gable. Jey sent Gable to ringside and tried to hit him with a suicide dive. Gable stuffed it and performed a suplex on the floor. [C] Gable performed a top rope headbutt, which Cole acknowledged just hit the arm of Uso. Gable was in control when the Wyatt Sicks lights wind down started. Jey speared a distracted Gable and pinned him.

Jey Uso defeated Chad Gable in 7:00.

After the match, Cole yelled that Jey should leave. Jey looked into the hard camera, said yeet, and then left the ring and ran to the back. The single note piano theme played as fog filled the ring and ringside area. The crowd’s holy shit chant was censored.

Nikki Cross, who has not been acknowledged by name since the Wyatt Sicks started, appeared at ringside in front of the broadcast table. Gable exited the ring and backed his way up the entrance aisle. Nikki turned to the broadcast team and left them with another box…

Backstage, Sheamus told Jackie Redmond that what they watched was weird. Redmond said they hoped to get clarification on what was in the box. Redmond congratulated Sheamus on 15 years in WWE. Sheamus said it took almost that long to understand the business.

Bronson Reed showed up and said they shouldn’t be celebrating Sheamus’s anniversary when he lost. Reed said he was the one with a match and called himself the future. Sheamus said that if Reed has been watching his career for the last 15 years, then he should know what happens when you interrupt him. Reed said he would fight Sheamus but not tonight. Reed said Sheamus could watch what he does to his mate Pete Dunne… [C]

Cole had McAfee open the box that Nikki Cross left. In a shocker, the box contained a VHS tape. Cole passed it off to a production crew member so the person could take it to the production truck…

Bronson Reed made his entrance followed by his opponent Pete Dunne. Cole said Dunne’s tag team partner Tyler Bate suffered an injury in last week’s tag team match on NXT television and would be out for a bit…

2. Bronson Reed vs. Pete Dunne. Reed clubbed the back of Dunne’s neck and then hoisted him up on his shoulders. Dunne applied a submission hold. Moments later, Dunne sent Reed to ringside and hit him with a forearm dive and a pair of moonsaults. The second moonsault knocked Reed off his feet. [C]

Dunne hit Reed with a running knee strike, which led to a two count. Dunne did joint manipulation and stomped on the left arm of Reed, who came right back with a Buckle Bomb and a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Reed went to the ropes, but Dunne hit him with a step-up enzuigiri. Reed dumped Reed off the top rope and then hit him with a Tsunami before pinning him.

Bronson Reed defeated Pete Dunne in 7:20.

Reed sold his left arm afterward. Reed set up to hit his finisher again, but Sheamus ran out and fought him. Sheamus and Dunne worked over Reed. Sheamus drilled Reed with a Brogue Kick that cleared him from the ring.

Sheamus tried to celebrate with Dunne, who shoved him away and left the ring. Cole said the story was that Sheamus walked out on the Brawling Brutes and Dunne hasn’t forgotten…

Powell’s POV: Reed winning felt pretty obvious after they set up a future match with Sheamus. The post match angle was a bit of a surprise with Dunne shoving Sheamus. Here’s hoping that the creative team shows Dunne a little love while he’s working singles matches with Tyler Bate sidelined.

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn was walking backstage when he met up with Braun Strowman, The Miz, and R-Truth… [C]

[Hour Two] An ad aired for WWE SummerSlam with a rock music theme for the event that will be held in Cleveland on Saturday, August 3. Cole hyped tickets for SummerSlam and the Smackdown go-home show that will be held the night before the event…

Damian Priest was talking with Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Carlito when Seth Rollins showed up and said he wanted to talk. Priest sent the other Judgment Day members on their way. Rollins said it’s better to be lucky than good. Rollins said Priest was very lucky and he was very good at MITB.

Rollins said he appreciated that Priest kept his word by not having the other Judgment Day members interfere. Rollins said he would keep his word by not going after the title while Priest holds it. Rollins said that as good as Priest was on Saturday, he will need to be better at SummerSlam.

Priest stopped Rollins from leaving. He said he kept his word and he knows Rollins would keep his. Priest said he still has a lot to prove. He said that they could throw the gentlemen’s agreement out the window.

Priest said that once he’s finished with Gunther, he would go to war with Rollins and all Rollins had to do was name the place. Rollins offered Priest a handshake, which Priest accepted. Rollins left and then Priest took a call and asked the person on the other end where they were…

Powell’s POV: Blowing off the stipulation two days after the match is kinda weak, but it does make Priest look like more of a fighting champion. Plus, I still assume the stipulation wouldn’t be in play long, as I suspect that Gunther will win the title at SummerSlam.

Musician Zac Brown was shown in the front row…

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn made his entrance dressed in non-wrestling attire. Zayn said he’s no longer the underdog, he is a champion. Zayn said he has earned a certain level of respect that Bron Breakker didn’t bring to their match at MITB. Zayn said it’s one thing to knock him down, but it’s another thing to keep him down.

Bron Breakker made his entrance to his new theme that debuted at MITB. Breakker joined Zayn inside the ring and stared at him. Zayn asked Breakker why he was there and whether he was looking for a fight or a rematch. Zayn asked Breakker if he came out to say anything or if he would just keep staring at him all night.

Breakker said he came out to look Zayn in the eye while noting that he was the only man in the locker room who has beaten him. Breakker said there’s no reason for him to get a rematch. Suddenly, Breakker speared Zayn and then worked him over with punches. Referees and producers quickly intervened.

Breakker fought through the referees and producers to throw more punishment. Adam Pearce got Breakker to leave the ring. Pearce followed Breakker to ringside and asked what’s wrong with him. Breakker turned around and charged Zayn before spearing him at ringside.

Ilja Dragunov came out while Breakker was headed toward the back and had to be held back. Dragunov went to ringside and checked on Zayn… [C]

Powell’s POV: Breakker’s new theme isn’t nearly as generic as the last one, but it doesn’t do much for me. It’s good to see that there’s more to come from Zayn and Breakker (and perhaps Dragunov in a Triple Threat?).

An ad for Smackdown played up Solo Sikoa’s rise to power continuing, and Tiffany Stratton’s first appearance since winning the women’s MITB contract…

Sami Zayn was shown selling his ribs in the trainer’s room while Dragunov told Pearce that he wants a match with Breakker. Pearce made the match for later in the show…

Cole said MITB was a bittersweet event because they learned “that the greatest of all-time is going to hang up the boots.” A video package recapped John Cena’s retirement tour announcement while mainstream headlines were shown…

Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Carlito made their entrance. The Miz and R-Truth sang as they headed to the ring and once they were inside it. The heels finally ended the misery by attacking the duo. Braun Strowman ran out to help his partners…

3. Braun Strowman, R-Truth, and The Miz vs. Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Carlito. Truth hit Carlito with John Cena moves early in the match heading into a picture-in-picture break. [C] Strowman chokeslammed Balor and went for the pin, but McDonagh and Carlito broke it up. Strowman cleared the heels.

Truth begged to be tagged in. Strowman obliged and then they went to ringside and did a double freight train bit on Balor and Carlito. McDonagh was hiding in the timekeepers area. Strowman spotted him and chased him away from ringside. Truth played to the crowd and was hit by a shotgun dropkick from Balor, who then hit him with a Coup de Grace and pinned him…

Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Carlito beat Braun Strowman, R-Truth, and The Miz in 8:15.

Backstage, CM Punk was talking with Adam Pearce, who said Punk is half the problem and he’s not medically cleared. Pearce said he would call Drew McIntyre to set up a meeting for next week to see if he’s in a place mentally to do business.

Pearce said he needed Punk to stay home. Pearce said he knows McIntyre likes to pick fights and Punk isn’t one to back down. Pearce said if it happens again, the match with McIntyre and title aspirations are out the window. Pearce told Punk to go home, pet Larry, and get healthy. Punk agreed to comply…

Powell’s POV: The hearts of some fans in Dayton, Ohio were just broken now that the fans were told Punk won’t be at next week’s show.

Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega were shown talking in a locker room while Cole hyped their match against Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan… [C]

The broadcast team hyped Undertaker’s one-man show for SummerSlam Saturday…

Inside the Judgment Day clubhouse, Dom was playing the WWE 2K24 video game when Liv said that they should work on double team moves. Morgan said Dom wants this as badly as she does. Dom said the only thing he wants badly is to beat his deadbeat dad.

Morgan claimed that’s what she meant. She said Dom needed to loosen up. Morgan shoved him down on the couch and then hopped on top of him and stretched out his leg. Damian Priest entered the room while the other Judgment Day members poked their heads around the corner. Morgan left the room. Priest said he didn’t even want to know what that was.

Priest said Dom should have been done with this and added that it’s not that hard. “It looks pretty hard to me,” Carlito said while pointing at Dom’s groin. Dom said Priest sounded like his dad. Priest said he’s starting to understand Dom’s dad more every week. Dom said he thought he put and end to it and would do that now.

After Dom left the room, Balor said Priest mentioned that he wanted to tell them something. Priest said he would keep it to himself and Dom would find out on his own anyway…

The Wyatt VHS tape aired. Bo Dallas was shown while Uncle Howdy asked him to tell him more about his family. Dallas said he took those who no one wanted. He said he took the discarded and forgotten and gave them a purpose.

Dallas said they are so happy that you remembered them. He said being a gluten for punishment doesn’t make abandonment hurt any less. Images of the family members were shown in costume and out.

The faces of Joe Gacy and Erick Rowan flashed on the screen. Dallas said they must set the captives free so they need no master. Dallas asked if you think “we are sick.” Howdy’s voice responded, “Yes, I do.” Dallas added, “Then sick is what we will be”…

Powell’s POV: I’ll have to give that one another watch to see if they showed the faces of the other members. The video made it pretty clear that Howdy and Dallas are the same person for casual viewers who may not have picked up on that until now.

Backstage, Chad Gable told Adam Pearce that the Wyatts are clearly talking about him and he was upset that Pearce wasn’t doing anything about it. Gable said he would take care of it his way and then he expects a sincere apology from Pearce and everyone else. Gable said how about a vacation given the month he has had.

Pearce opened his office door and found Bo Dallas seated on a couch inside. Dallas smiled. Pearce entered the room and closed the door behind him…

Ilja Dragunov made his entrance… [C]

A Damage CTRL video package aired with the trio (Asuka is still sidelined) talking about their six-woman tag team match. Iyo Sky said that because they lost control, tonight they would take it back…

Bron Breakker made his entrance and laughed once he arrived at ringside…

4. Bron Breakker vs. Ilja Dragunov. Breakker performed an early gorilla press powerslam for a near fall. Breakker booted Dragunov to ringside. [C] Dragunov eventually came back and hit Breakker with a running knee strike.

Dragunov went to the ropes and was cut off. Breakker set up for a superplex, but Dragunov slipped under and powerbombed him. Dragunov went up top and performed a senton splash for a two count. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

[Hour Three] Breakker came back with a lung blower for a near fall. Breakker drove Dragunov into the corner. Dragunov fought back and ended up seated on the top rope. Breakker tried to run up the ropes, but Dragunov pushed him down and then went for a missile dropkick that Breakker avoided.

Breakker clotheslined Dragunov to ringside and followed him to the floor. Breakker got a running start and was caught with a kick by Dragunov, who had a cut on his shin. Dragunov charged Breakker, who tossed an office chair at him for the DQ finish.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Bron Breakker by disqualification in 10:40.

After the match, Sami Zayn ran out and clotheslined Breakker over the top rope to the floor. Zayn had taped on his ribs and sold them before checking on Dragunov. Breakker pulled Zayn to ringside and ran him into the ring post before tossing him over the broadcast table.

Dragunov fought Breakker, who cut him off and tossed him over the broadcast table. Breakker stood on the broadcast table and yelled before barking while producers tried to talk him down. Cole said Breakker is a dangerous, unpredictable badass…

Powell’s POV: I thought we might see Breakker plow through someone tonight after taking the clean loss at MITB, but the approach they took with him getting the better of Zayn and Dragunov was effective.

A Damian Priest video package aired. He said he didn’t ask Drew McIntyre to cash in or for Punk to get involved. He said he’d wait for fans to tell him which champion in recent memory has not had controversy or interference surrounding their title reign. He said there isn’t any. He said he went to war with Seth Rollins and walked out with his title.

Priest said he looks forward to the challenge from Gunther. Priest said he looked forward to walking into and out of SummerSlam as champion. He told Gunther that he would be happy to say that to his face next week…

McAfee did his telestrator bit to a shot of Liv and Dom from earlier… Damage CTRL made their entrance for the six-woman tag team match… [C]

Highlights aired of Karrion Kross attacking Kofi Kingston’s arm last week. Cole said Kingston suffered an AC joint sprain in his shoulder and could be out of action for a number of weeks…

Karrion Kross delivered a backstage promo while Scarlett, Akam, Rezar, and Paul Ellering stood by. Kross said he regretted to inform everyone that Kingston would not be playing the accordion. Kross said the old guard will make way for the new, even John Cena. Kross said he always thought Xavier Woods was a hell of a talent. He said he could become his own man or he would hospitalize him like Kingston…

Highlights aired of Iyo Sky slamming Zoey Stark on a ladder bridge during the MITB match. Cole noted that Tiffany Stratton won the match…

Lyra Valkyria made her entrance followed by Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. Valkyria danced with Chance and Carter inside the ring…

5. “Damage CTRL” Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane, and Dakota Kai vs. Lyra Valkyria, Katana Chance, and Kayden Carter. A fan in the front row held up a “Marry Me Damage CTRL” sign (go big or go home!). Cole said Valkyria will be “a massive star in WWE.” The babyfaces hit the heels with kicks through the ropes heading into a PIP break. [C]

Valkyria hit Sky with a gut-wrench sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Sane tagged in and then she and Kai went for a double suplex, but everyone else ran in for a silly triple suplex spot. Valkyria put Kai down and then Chance and Cater teamed up for a move and went for the pin, but it was broken up.

Carter was running the ropes when Kai held the middle rope down, causing Carter to tumble to the floor. Kai ran Carter into the ring post. Sky launched Sane over the top rope and she overshot Valkyria and Chance. Sky hit Carter with the Over The Moonsault and got the three count…

“Damage CTRL” Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane, and Dakota Kai beat Lyra Valkyria, Katana Chance, and Kayden Carter in 9:40.

After the match, Sonya Deville, Shayna Baszler, and Zoey Stark hit the ring and attacked the Damage CTRL trio. Baszler and Deville held Sky while Stark said Sky cost her everything. Stark threw a kick at Sky. Stark tossed Sky in the air and then Baszler hit her with a knee strike. Deville hit her Advocate move on Sky and then stood tall with Baszler and Stark…

Powell’s POV: Heel on heel violence? I like the idea of putting Deville with Baszler and Stark. Deville is a strong talker who can carry the mic work for the trio. Of course, it remains to be seen whether they will be pushed consistently or end up trading wins and losses with the rest of the women’s undercard wrestlers.

Cathy Kelley interviewed Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega inside their locker room. Vega said she would be the Women’s World Champion if it wasn’t for Dom. She said that Dom and Liv Morgan are a hot mess. Rey said they needed to put an end to the story and shut up Dom and Liv… [C]

Jackie Redmond spoke with Deville, Baszler, and Stark while Chad Gable could be seen chatting with Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Ivy Nile in the background. Deville said they just sent a message to the locker room about who runs the division. Stark said the other women can’t lace their boots. Deville said she has been trying to make Baszler and Stark be the killers they can be. She said what happened was a warning shot to the entire division.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn showed up and mocked the trio. Fyre said that they run the division as long as they have the women’s title belts…

A Gunther video package aired. Gunther questioned how he became the man whose name strikes fear. Gunther said he was not a child watching for entertainment or a fanboy who was desperate to live out a fantasy. He said he learned at a young age that the only thing that matters is winning. He said the sport lacked a powerful figure and WWE had no choice but to call his name. He spoke about choosing NXT UK as his battleground. He said he learned that he enjoyed making people miserable. He said he restored honor and prestige to this great sport. He said that’s what’s on the line at SummerSlam…

Cole hyped Damian Priest vs. Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam…

The following matches and segments were announced for next week’s Raw in Dayton, Ohio: Damian Priest and Gunther meet face-to-face, Sheamus vs. Bronson Reed, Drew McIntyre returns to meet with Adam Pearce…

Powell’s POV: If McIntyre doesn’t appear on Friday’s Smackdown, his suspension will be longer than his retirement.

Liv Morgan made her entrance wearing a “Dirty Dom” t-shirt. Dominik Mysterio’s entrance followed… [C] Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega made their entrance…

6. Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega vs. Dominik Mysterio and Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan in a mixed tag match. Vega had Morgan seated in the corner when Dom entered the ring and stood in Vega’s path.

Rey tripped Dom so that his face fell in Morgan’s crotch. Morgan laughed as they both rolled to the floor. Morgan shoved Dom out of the way and took a meteora from Vega. Rey hit a seated senton on Dom heading into a PIP break. [C]

Dom ripped his father’s mask and then threw punches at him before covering him for a two count. McAfee said to think of everything the mask has done for “that piece of trash” and his family. Dom hit Rey with a Michinoku Driver for a two count.

A short time later, Vega did the Eddie Guerrero shimmy before performing a meteora from the middle rope on Morgan, which led to a two count. Morgan came back with Three Amigos and did her own Eddie shimmy for heat. Both women threw simultaneous clotheslines and then tagged out.

Rey took Dom down with a head-scissors and then hit a seated senton from the ropes. Rey performed a springboard moonsault for a two count. Dom came back with a superkick. Dom went for Three Amigos, but Rey cut it off after one and went for a 619 that Dom blocked. Vega performed the 619 under Rey.

Rey hit a top rope frog splash on Dom and had him beat, but Morgan broke up the pin. Vega tripped Morgan and hit her with a 619. Both women went to ringside where Morgan ran Vega into the ring post.

Rey placed Dom on the top turnbuckle and stood on the top rope behind him. Morgan slid a chair inside the ring and then took out Rey while the referee was clearing the chair from the ring. Dom hit Rey with a top rope frog splash and then pinned him. Cole said it was the first time Dom pinned his father.

Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio defeated Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega in 12:50.

After the match, Dom and Liv hugged until Dom pulled back. Morgan jumped on Dom, who fell on top of her. They were on the verge of kissing when they were interrupted by entrance music.

Rhea Ripley made her entrance to a big ovation. Morgan’s jaw dropped and she exited the ring and hopped the barricade before Ripley arrived at ringside. Morgan exited via the crowd.

Ripley entered the ring where Dom had his head hung low. Ripley used her finger to raise Dom’s head so that Dom was looking her in the eye. “Mami’s back,” Ripley said. Dom opened his arms for a hug and then the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: A fun main event with Morgan helping Dom beat his father for the first time. Priest hinted at Ripley’s return earlier in the show, which turned out to be a nice hook that they paid off with her unadvertised appearance. The cliffhanger at the end was well done, though I suppose we could get more if they choose to release additional footage via social media.

Overall, a solid show coming out of Money in the Bank. It wasn’t as strong as the shows heading into MITB, but they closed on a high note. Plus, one can only assume that the next few episodes will be loaded with just three Raw Raws to go before SummerSlam. I will return with my weekly same night audio review of Raw for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of the show by grading it below.

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  1. How many more vhs tapes are we gonna get before the Wyatts realize it’s 2024?

  2. Priest was on the phone with Rhea I bet.

    • The Fabulous One July 8, 2024 @ 8:51 pm

      probably telling her that judgement day decided to go with Liv Morgan instead…hmmm or perhaps letting her know how the womens division hit it out of the park this past weekend and that maybe her, Charlotte and Becky should get back quickly before they’re relegated to working dark matches before Smackdown and Raw…LOL…no on a serious note however I’m hearing rumors that WWE might be introducing a women’s U.S. Title and intercontinental Title belts….we’ll see.

      • You’re not the only one hearing that. It’s been reported on every site at least twice in the past week or so.

  3. Is Bron vs. Brock a possibility at SummerSlam? Or is Bron the new Brock?

    • TheGreatestOne July 8, 2024 @ 9:49 pm

      Maybe both? Brock comes back, they have an unhinged power move brawl, and Bron gets the torch passed to him before grabbing his first main roster title.

      • Would love to see it. Still not a fan of Bron at this point, but I’m giving him a chance. I think he needs a mouthpiece.

  4. I never thought I’d find myself in agreement with TGO but I am beyond done with Karrion Kross/Final Testament. I had hope when he showed up on Smackdown but he sure wore out his welcome. It’s just yawn, he has no chemistry; he’s a decent mid card wrestler but ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • TheGreatestOne July 8, 2024 @ 9:47 pm

      He’s a guy who would have thrived in the territories as a heel with a manager. Give him 2 minute promos, have him squash people with moves that look like he’s trying to hurt them (like Bron, the Road Warriors, etc.), and then move him along to another territory in 6 months once he’s jobbed for the top babyface in the area.

      He’s kind of like the creepy version of an Al Perez or someone similar to that.

  5. Main event still to come and I got a feeling Rhea returns and is pissed.

  6. I like the background stuff. Gable, Creed Bros, and Ivy Nile needs to happen asap.

  7. I will say Dom is finally growing on me. Nuggys and tendys 4Life!

  8. So we supposed to pretend Zelina didn’t have a flip flop in her hand???

  9. That was so obvious, but still awesome!!!

  10. “his suspension will be longer than his retirement.”

    Come on, Jason, it was a ruse! And yes we all fell for it including CM.

  11. >>Rollins said Punk hasn’t figured out that the world does not revolve around him. Rollins said Punk can be a selfish bastard and burn bridges anywhere else. <<

    Love when promo's state actual facts….

  12. Phil in the UK July 9, 2024 @ 2:02 pm

    So Cena wins the Royal Rumble, goes on to Wrestlemania and wins the title to become the champion and becomes the most decorated champion of all time. Retires after Wrestlemania to leave the title vacant and wwe can start afresh. Just a thought! LOL

  13. I was laughing so hard when Liv ran away from Rhea, Liv has been killing it as a heel. I can’t wait for next week as the Judgment Day stuff will be super interesting going forward.

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