Glory Pro Wrestling “Ascend” episode 39 results: Vetter’s review of “PME” Philly Collins and Marino Tenaglia vs. Kody Lane and Dan the Dad for the Glory Pro Tag Titles, Shazza McKenzie vs. Ethan Price

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Glory Pro Wrestling “Ascend” (Episode 39)
Premiered June 9, 2024 via
Taped May 25, 2024 in St. Louis, Missouri at South Broadway Athletic Club

Reed Duthie is back on solo commentary. Lighting is good and the crowd is perhaps 150-200.

1. Ethan Price defeated Shazza McKenzie in an intergender match at 10:17. He isn’t tall but “the big strong boy” has a clear muscle mass advantage. “The New Guys” tag team are in the crowd, and Duthie pointed out that Price is chatting with them. Shazza has been a heel here but she is playing it up as a babyface as we begin. Price did an Airplane Spin for a nearfall at 3:00. Shazza hit a forearm strike to the back of the left knee and began working the leg over. She applied a modified Sharpshooter, also grabbing him around the neck and cranking back on his head. Nice. She switched to an STF at 6:30, keeping him tied up and grounded on the mat.

Price nailed a powerslam and they were both down at 8:00. The New Guys in the crowd tried to lead a “big strong boy!” chant. He nailed a German Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. She applied a half-crab and slammed his knee onto the mat. Price hit a Death Valley Driver for the pin. Good match; this is more believable of an intergender match — she didn’t go into a blow-for-blow exchange with him because that just wouldn’t have been realistic.

* We saw a video package of Kody Lane and Dan the Dad working together in a prior tag match.

* Jay Marston got in the ring and spoke on the mic. He saw The New Guys in the crowd and he invited them to come into the ring. Thus, we have an impromptu match!

2. Scott Stanley defeated Jay Marston at 7:33. Marston wore black-and-gray pants, Stanley is in red-and-black trunks and they appear to be roughly the same size. Stanley hit a German Suplex at 1:30, then a dive through the ropes onto Marston. Back in the ring, Marston hit some chops and was in charge. Stanley hit another German Suplex at 5:00, then a Northern Lights Suplex. He hit a top-rope flying clothesline for a nearfall. Marston kicked him in the side of the face and hit a stunner for a nearfall at 7:00. Stanley applied a modified Triangle Choke, and Marston tapped out! Good action.

3. “PME” Philly Collins and Marino Tenaglia defeated Kody Lane and Dan the Dad to retain the Glory Pro Tag Team Titles at 13:37. Duthie stressed the unlikely pairing of Lane and Dan, as they have feuded in the past. Marino and Lane opened with friendly reversals, and Marino hit a dropkick for a nearfall at 1:30. Collins hit a slingshot senton and some jab punches. Dan tagged in and battled Collins. Dan did his comedy antics; Duthie howled with laughter as I rolled my eyes. Marino hit a guillotine legdrop on Dan for a nearfall at 5:00, and PME began working Dan over. Kody got a hot tag and beat up the champs. However, Dan and Kody pushed Marino into their corner and began working him over.

Kody went for a senton but Marino got his knees up to block it, and he made the hot tag to Collins at 8:30. Collins hit a running bodyslam. PME hit a doublestomp-and-DDT combo for a nearfall. Kody hit a top-rope senton for a nearfall on Philly at 10:00. Dan hit a DDT on Collins. PME hit a team side slam move on Dan for a nearfall. Dan hit a spinebuster on Marino. Marino hit a Poison Rana. PME hit Sunset Dreams/team Flatliner for a believable nearfall on Dan at 12:30, and Duthie exclaimed that he thought it was over. Marino hit a dive to the floor on Kody. In the ring, he hit a superkick on Dan. They traded rollups, and Marino pinned Dan! Even Duthie wasn’t sure who won; I thought we were having a double pin. Dan was shocked.

* The teams hugged afterward. Dan and Kody left the ring so PM could celebrate with the belts, as Duthie wondered who could stop them.

Final Thoughts: A very good tag title main event and well worth tuning in for. As Duthie pointed out, Philly Collins has trimmed down a bit and he looks good, and the PME team definitely slips under the radar. Dan had his one comedy spot, but by and large, he didn’t wrestle “a comedy match.” The other two matches were fine. I thought it was odd that Shazza wrestled pretty much as a babyface, as she’s been a heel here. The middle match was acceptable between two young up-and-comers. My same recommendation as always — find a way to get a few video packages or backstage interviews in with the rest of the roster. Let’s hear or see from the top stars like Camaro Jackson and “Warhorse” Jake Parnell on a weekly basis. Again, a video package recap is fine, but let’s not ignore the roster who don’t have matches on this show.


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