NXT Battleground results: Moore’s live review of Trick Williams vs. Ethan Page for the NXT Championship, Roxanne Perez vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace for the NXT Women’s Championship

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT Battleground
Streamed live June 9, 2024 on Peacock
Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Apex

Pre-Show Notes

Megan Morant and Sam Roberts hosted the pre-show from the WWE studio set. They showed separate shots of NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace arriving at the airport at Las Vegas. Roberts and Morant then ran through the advertised Battleground card.

The show then cut to a hype package for the advertised women’s NXT Underground Match (which was the same package that aired on NXT TV). Separate shots of Baszler and Vice were shown as they arrived to the UFC Apex. The hosts then gave their thoughts and predictions for the Underground match…

A replay aired of The Good Brothers brawling with Frazer and Axiom in front of a NXT Merchandise truck from this past Tuesday’s NXT aired. The show cut to Sarah Schrieber interviewing the Good Brothers. Karl Anderson said their attack on Axiom and Nathan was “too sweet”. Gallows said they were gentlemen in approaching Axiom and Nathan. After more hype for the match, Gallows and Anderson did a too sweet. Anderson told Sarah that she wasn’t cool enough to join in. The studio hosts then gave their thoughts and predictions for the tag team title match…

Megan Morant sent the show to separate Instagram videos by Sol Ruca and Jaida Parker, where they recapped their day leading up to NXT Battleground (where they will be wrestling for the NXT Women’s North American Championship. Morant and Roberts then gave their thoughts. Morant then sent the show to Peacock ads…[c]

Sexyy Red was shown arriving to the UFC Apex with bricks of cash in her hands. Roberts sent the show to the Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace hype package. Morant and Roberts then gave their thoughts and predictions on the NXT Women’s Title Match. Next, Morant sent the show to Instagram videos by Lash Legend and Mia “Michin” Yim where they recapped their days leading up to Battleground…

Morant sent the show to an Oba Femi promo. Oba talked about getting beat up by Gallus. He said what Gallus did to him was impressive because most superstars only dream of beating down Oba, but they won’t do that again. Oba then said that Wes Lee is the greatest North American Champion in history, but he’s only best because Oba Femi wasn’t here. Oba said he’s in the city of gambling in a place built by great fighters. Oba said tonight everyone is in his house and the house always wins. Morant and Roberts then gave their thoughts on the North American Championship Triple Threat Match…[c]

The show cut to Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley Instagram videos where they recapped their days leading up to Battleground. Morant and Roberts gave their thoughts and predictions. Morant then interviewed NXT GM Ava about her thoughts on Battleground. Ava said historic is the perfect word. She said she can’t wait to see everything happening on the show from the crowning of an inaugural North American Champion, to Ethan Page’s debut.

Morant pointed out Ava calling the NXT Women’s Division the best division in pro wrestling and her thoughts on how the North American title picture panned out. Ava said it surprised her how great it turned out and she’s excited to see who comes out as North American champion. Morant asked Ava for her thought on Baszler and Vice at the UFC Apex. Ava noted that it looks like they are at home and ready to kick ass.

Roberts asked Ava for her thoughts on how fast the Trick vs. Page match came up. Ava said Page was a tough hire because of his crazy demands. Ava said ultimately Page is a great athlete and she’s looking forward to his debut. Ava said that combined with Trick being  a strong champion will lead to a great match.

Roberts asked Ava how she’ll feel with someone like Page being champion. Ava said she hasn’t given it much thought so “who knows”. Morant then sent the show to the Trick vs. Page hype package. A clip aired of Oro Mensah attacking Ethan Page this past Tuesday after the cameras went off on NXT. They then cut to a video of Oro Mensah jumping Ethan Page in front of the hotel he was staying at in Vegas yesterday. Megan and Sam then gave their thoughts on the NXT Title match. The hosts then ran through the Battleground card to close out the pre-show…

John’s Thoughts: Again, these pre-shows are a waste of time. It’s the same template to the point where I can just listen to the first five words from the hosts and predict what they’re going to talk about because all they do is rinse and repeat with their talking points and lead up to video packages (They sometimes sneak a generic, but unique promo here and there). People who don’t watch Weekly TV shouldn’t watch either because the videos will air on the main show right before each match anyway. The only reason they expanded to an hour is to add a ton of Peacock ad time (and even worse for non ad viewers because you get WWE centric ads and generic wrestler profiles.

Main Show Review

The show cut to the UFC Apex ring. It was a darkened room that looked it was slightly wider than the Performance Center. Battleground host Sexyy Red welcomed the crowd to NXT Battleground. Sexyy Red then started to shake her ass up and down while also humping the center of the ring. The show then cut to the Battleground intro video. Part of the video focused on WWE retrofitting the UFC Apex to accommodate for a pro wrestling ring…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary. Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

The show opened up with the Women’s North American Championship Ladder Match. Vic Joseph noted that Adam Cole won the ladder match a few years ago to become the inaugural Men’s North American Champion…

John’s Thoughts: They managed to make the UFC Apex look more impressive than it did in the drone shots leading up to the show. Good to see NXT in a different setting. That said, I wouldn’t have done a PLE at this smaller venue. NXT has been selling well at larger basketball arenas with recent PLEs to the point that this looks like a television venue as opposed to the impressive PPV venues that NXT has been drawing throughout 2023 and 2024. If anything, WWE might want to consider using the UFC Apex as a west coast television venue to mix things up away from Florida. San Jose State University used to be their west coast TV taping venue back in the day before they went on the road.

1. Sol Ruca vs. Jaida Parker vs. Mia “Michin” Yim vs. Fallon Henley vs. Lash Legend vs. Kelani Jordan in a Ladder Match to become the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion. Jordan and Lash brawled in the ring while Yim hit Jaida with a ladder near the announce table. Jordan and Ruca teamed up to dump the dominant Lash to ringside. Jordan and Ruca did a baseball slide to a ladder right into Henley. Jordan hit Parker with a corkscrew plancha. Sol hit Lash with an impressive wall run Triangle Moonsault on Lash. Lash recovered and caught Henley with a pump kick.

Lash brought a smaller ladder in the ring and used it to battering ram people. Jordan did a splits dodge to the ladder and hit Lash with a dropkick. Parker and Yim used a ladder to trap Parker and Lash in the corner. Ruca hit Mia with a German Suplex. Henley came in and threw right hands at several women. Joseph noted that Henley is the only former champion (Tag team) in the match. Parker climbed up the small ladder and hit Jordan with a Banzai Drop while she was lying on a bridged ladder. Yim cleared the field to make her way up the ladder.

Lash recovered and gave Yim a Irish Whip into the ladder. Lash made her way up the ladder, but was dragged down by Yim. Joseph noted that Lash has an advantage to reach the title due to her height advantage. Lash put Yim in a sleeper, while Henley put Lash in a sleeper, while Jordan put Lash in a sleeper. Ruca tried to climb up the ladder. Lash climbed up with her stack of women with Jordan on top. Parker dragged all the women down.

Lash and Jordan stretched Jordan’s lower back across the top rung of the ladder. Jordan dumped Lash to ringside with a huracanrana. Yim dropped the ladder, but got hit by kicks from Sol and Jaida. Sol hit Parker with a X Factor on the side of a ladder. Henley hit Sol with a blockbuster on the ladder. Henley then took down Jordan and Lash. Parker and Henley climbed up the ladder to go after the title. Sol and Jordan climbed up their own ladder. Lash dragged down all four women.

Lash got a hand on the title, but Sol met Lash at the top. Both women blocked Superplexes. Lash held on to block a Sunset Bomb. Lash punched Sol away. All 5 women press slammed Lash on a bridged ladder at ringside for an impressive shot that sparked a “Holy Shit” chant (uncensored since it’s on Peacock). The 5 women then all brawled. Michin managed to get the upper hand early on. Four of the remaining women dropped the ladder that Yim was climbing up. A “This is awesome” chant ensued.

Parker made her way up, but was pulled down by Yim. Sol surprised Parker with a Sol Snatcher outta nowhere. She then hit Henley with a Sol Snatcher off the ladder. Parker and Sol dropped each other from the ladder. Yim dumped Sol to ringside. Parker hit Yim with a Pele Kick. Jordan hit Yim with a Split Legged Moonsault (leading Vic to throw in a “one of a kind” line as an ode to RVD). Jordan climbed to the top and quickly pulled down the belt for the win.

Kelani Jordan defeated Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, Michin, Jaida Parker, and Sol Ruca in 12:24 to become the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion. 

John’s Thoughts: I tempered my expectations for this match given that a majority of the wrestlers in the match are developmental types. Henley and Michin being the veterans of the group to keep things together. Given those tempered expectations, I was blown away (again, not the “Greatest” ladder match in the world, but a pretty entertaining one). The crowd was also won over throughout the match with most of these wrestlers being developmental wrestlers. Lots of hard work and innovative spots here. Sol Ruca continues to look good with her athleticism and it’s been a joy to see the evolution of her finisher where she doesn’t just have to do it in the corner anymore. All six women got a chance to shine here. Interesting choice to see Jordan get the title as she hasn’t been pushed hard recently, but hopefully we can get some good storylines from the young and impressive upstart.

Vic sent the show to footage of Oro Mensah attacking Ethan Page in front of his hotel yesterday. Page was also attacked by Oro after the NXT went off air this past Tuesday…

Separate shots of Ethan Page and Trick Williams were shown as they were arriving to the UFC Apex. Lola Vice was shown getting her wrists taped up. Shayna Baszler was shown sparring with MMA fighter Jamahal Hill….

Entrances for the next match took place…

2. Nathan Frazer and Axiom vs. “The Good Brothers” Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Frazer got an early one count after Axiom held Anderson in place for a dropkick. After selling a bit, Anderson turned the tide and put the boots to Frazer in the corner. Frazer flipped out of the corner and and hit Anderson with a Flatliner into the 2nd buckle. Axiom tagged in and caught Anderson with a crossbody. Anderson kicked the ropes to prevent a springboard from Axiom. Anderson tagged in and put the boots to Axiom.

Vic Joseph noted that this was the first WWE PLE that Gallows and Anderson have wrestled in since WWE Crown Jewel 2022. Gallows worked on Axiom with overhead elbows and an armbar. Axiom tried to fight out with right hands, but was floored by a right hand by Gallows. Gallows and Anderson then used tags and methodical offense to cut the ring in half on Axiom. Axiom got a window of opportunity after reversing a bomb into a DDT.

Anderson tagged in and cut Axiom off  at the pass. Axiom gave Gallows a Gamengiri and jumped over Anderson for the tag to Frazer. Frazer hit Anderson with a Moonsault into a Scorpion Death Drop. Frazer got a two count on Anderson after a standing Shooting Star Press. Anderson dodged a Phoenix Splash and gave Frazer a TKO. Gallows tagged in and hit Frazer with a double team Neckbreaker. Frazer kicked out Gallows’ pin at two. Gallows hit Frazer with a sitout bomb. Axiom kicked Gallows to break the pin.

Anderson tagged back in. Frazer hit Anderson with a enzuigiri and tagged in Axiom. Anderson hit Axiom with a signature spinebuster. Axiom reversed a Magic Killer by putting Gallows in a Sleeper. Frazer dragged Anderson to ringside. Gallows teased passing out, but he managed to tag back in Anderson. Frazer broke up the pin after Anderson hit Axiom with an assisted carry into a dropkick. Axiom got a two count off an inside cradle on Gallows. Axiom hit Gallows with a suicide dive.

Gallows caught Frazer and chokeslammed him on the apron. Axiom and Anderson got to the top rope. Anderson hit Frazer with a Super TKO for a two count. Anderson and Axiom went to the top rope. again. Axiom fought out and hit Anderson with a Gamengiri. Frazer dumped Gallows to ringside and hit him with a Suicide Dive. Axiom hit Gallows with a Super Spanish Fly. Frazer hit Anderson with a Phoenix Splash for the clean win.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows via pinfall in 11:38.

John’s Thoughts: Speaking of lowered expectations like the last match, I have learned to not totally expect a “great” match from Gallows and Anderson, just seeing so many “ok” matches when they were goofing around with Kenny Omega or AJ Styles. I do know how great they can be and the last time they really showed that was when they had that impressive Impact run a few years ago (until they started to goof off with Omega and Callis again). This was the Good Brothers best match since that time in TNA and they really did a good job making the speedy Frazer and Axiom tag team look good. Good on them to eat the clean loss too. Axiom and Frazer are really looking good plucking out wins as underdogs. Their speed kinda reminds me a bit of Brian Kendrick and Paul London back in the day with Axiom adding a bit of a strong style twist.

Vic Joseph plugged Summerslam ticket sales, happening in Vic’s hometown of Cleveland, OH. Vic also noted that 2026’s Summerslam will be in Minneapolis, MN. Vic teased that we will eventually hear of an announcement for 2025’s Summerslam location…

Separate shots of Roxanne Perez and Jordynne Grace were shown as they were arriving to the UFC Apex…

The ring ropes were removed and the ring was surrounded by developmental wrestlers to set up for the NXT Underground match. The show then cut to the Lola Vice vs. Shayna Baszler hype package…

UFC Fighters Khalil Rountree and Brandon Moreno were shown watching the show from ringside. Shayna Baszler made her entrance in her Judo gi. Vic Joseph noted that Shayna Baszler is a former UFC Fighter and this was a full circle moment where she started her UFC Career in the UFC Apex as a part of Team Ronda Rousey. Lola Vice made her entrance in her WT Taekwondo gi. Mike Rome handled the formal in-ring introductions. The referee was wearing all black for the MMA-like match…

3. Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice in a NXT Underground Match. Vice tried to keep her distance with footsie strikes. Baszler got the takedown and mounted strikes. Baszler tossed Lola into the Plexiglass next to the ramp. Back in the ring, Baszler hit Vice with a Suplex into an ankle lock. Vice leg whipped Baszler’s face into the exposed ringpost. Vice quickly put Baszler in a Rear Naked Choke. Baszler broke the hold by getting to her feet and slinging her body into a few developmental wrestlers at ringside.

Baszler and Lola traded hands a bit. Baszler quickly tackled Lola into the announce table. Baszler cleared the announce table. Both women traded hands on top of the table. Baszler got a double leg takedown and hammer fists. Vice quickly tossed Baszler off the table. Vice dodged a PK, causing Baszler to hurt herself by kicking the announce table. Vice then sent Baszler’s injured leg into the ringpost. Back in the ring. Vice put in a heel hook on the injured leg of Baszler.

Vice switched over to a perpendicular leg extension on Baszler. Vice then oved over to a reverse heel hook. Baszler got out. Lola took down Baszler with a three hit combo. Vice hit Baszler with a low and high strike to get Baszler back on the mat. Baszler got to her feet and hit Vice with a high kick. Baszler took down Lola with a side Judo toss. Baszler got in mounted punches into a Rear Naked Choke. Baszler hit Vice with a running knee. The referee made sure to check if Vice still wanted to fight.

Baszler pulled down the kneepads. Vice dumped Baszler to ringside with a spinning backfist. Vice claimed the match was over. Baszler got to her feet to continue the match. After taking out Vice, Baszler punched at random developmental wrestlers. Baszler hit one wrestler with a Side Suplex. Vice caught Baszler with a high kick.

Vice kept moving to block a Triangle. Baszler kicked Vice into the announce table to recover a bit. Vice sent Baszler into the steel steps. Vice caught Baszler in the ring with a spinning backfist. Vice quickly followed up with mounted strikes. The referee called for the bell because Baszler couldn’t defend herself.

Lola Vice defeated Shayna Baszler via Technical Knockout in 10:17. 

John’s Thoughts: A fun NXT Underground match and probably the best NXT since Matt Riddle was wrestling in them. A part of me wanted this to be a bit of a safe version of the WWE Brawl for All, but at the same time keeping wrestling moves in keeps the excitement up because MMA can be a bit boring to pro-wrestling-only fans. I personally liked both women introducing their respective martial arts styles in this match. I’m a bit biased with Lola in particular because she shares a martial arts skillset with me (I use Taekwondo and grappling hybrid). A bit bittersweet though with Vice going over. There’s just a part of me that remember how dominant and strong Baszler was during her NXT run to the point where I want to see her back at those heights. That said, she should be commended for putting over a future star in Lola.

The show cut to an Eddy Thorpe return vignette where he’s talking about being reborn. This was the video they aired on the prior week’s NXT. The video ended by saying he returns the upcoming Tuesday…

Sexyy Red congratulated Kelani Jordan backstage for winning the North American Championship. Vic Joseph then plugged Sexyy Red’s upcoming concert tour. He then sent the show to an ad for NXT Heatwave in Toronto, Canada happening the Sunday of Money in the Bank weekend…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary where they plugged Heatwave ticket sales. They sent the show to a Wes Lee vs. Oba Femi vs. Joe Coffey hype package…

UFC Fighter Merab Dvalishvili was shown at ringside. UFC hall of famer Forrest Griffin was also shown watching the show at ringside (I will always remember his epic match against Stephan Bonnar from back in the day. RIP Stephan Bonnar)…

Entrances for the NXT North American Championship match aired…

4. Oba Femi vs. Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey for the NXT North American Championship. Wes and Joe double teamed Oba with punches. Wes and Joe hit Oba with a double dropkick to dump Oba to ringside. Wes it Joe with double boots and tossed Joe into the turnbuckle. Wes dumbed Oba back to ringside. Wes hit Joe with a kick and double stomp combo. Wes hit Oba with a Suicide Dive. Wes hit Joe with a Final Flash Spiral Tap. Oba broke up the pin. Wes hit Oba with Strikes, but Oba fought through with a clothesline.

Oba dragged over Wes and Joe. Oba hit Wes and Joe with a double Suplex. Oba gave Joe and Wes multiple  running European Uppercuts in opposite corners. Oba tossed Wes into Joe like a lawn dart. Oba no sold a few punches from Joe while he had Wes in vertical suplex position. Oba dropped Wes. Oba dumped Wes to ringside. Joe hit Oba with a Shotgun Dropkick into the buckle. Oba carried Wes to the top rope and hit him with a Super Press Slam onto Joe Coffey like a basketball shot.

Joe hit Wes with a Tornado DDT and German Suplex. Joe hit Wes with a backbreaker. The crowd wanted tables at this point. Joe sent Oba in the corner and gave him body shots. Joe hit Oba with a uppercut which sent him into Wes. Joe hit Oba with a Sidewalk Slam and Vader Bomb for a two count. Joe put Oba in a Fireman Carry. Wes hit Oba with a double stomp. Joe hit Oba with a Death Valley Driver. Wes punched Joe to knock him down onto Oba. Wes broke up the unintentional pin by Joe.

Joe recovered and hit Oba with a suicide dive at ringside. Oba swatted Joe away and gave Joe a spinebuster on the apron. Wes went for a Flip Dive, but was caught midair by Oba. Oba power bombed Wes on Joe. Joe and Oba traded right forearms. Oba caught Wes out of the air again. Wes reversed it into a huracanrana. Wes hit Oba with a Cardiac Kick. Joe broke up the pin. Joe gave Oba a pounce and hit Wes with a spinebuster. Wes kicked out at two. Oba clotheslined Joe to send Joe and himself to ringside.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang ran out to gang up on Oba. Gallus hit Oba with their Carry and Dropkick combo. Joe Coffey hit Wes Lee with a Mero Sault and Flying Knife Strike Edge Strike. Wes Lee kicked out at two. Oba recovered and slammed Mark and Wolfgang’s face on the apron. Oba then tossed Mark and Wolfgang into the steel steps. Wes caught Oba and Joe with kicks. Wes hit Joe with a standing Meteora . Wes hit Joe with a kick combo in the corner. Wes caught Joe with a Cardiac Kick.

Mark Coffey dragged the referee to ringside to break up the pin. Wes hit Mark and Wolfgang with a flip dive while they were arguing with the referee. Oba caught Joe with a Yakuza Kick and boulder toss. Oba reversed a meteora into a power bomb. Oba hit Joe with a pop-up Power Bomb for the win.

Oba Femi defeated Joe Coffey and Wes Lee via pinfall in 12:03 to retain the NXT North American Championship.

John’s Thoughts: Hard work from all three men to ultimately wake up the crowd by the end of the match. While the match was good, I felt like it was taken down a bit because the crowd seemed a bit worn down from how good the prior matches on the show were. This match probably could have used a buffer segment and 3 more minutes if it wanted to get up to this next gear with the audience being able to add more to the match. Oba Femi continues to show that he’s picking up pro wrestling quickly. Crowd are really responding well to the guy. He also comes off as very vulnerable and plucky with how much selling he does and how many visual pinfalls he takes.

The vignette aired of a darker Wendy Choo returning soon. The video said she’s returning this upcoming Tuesday…

Vic Joseph hyped up the upcoming WWE Fanatics Fest event…

Ashley Costello of the band New Years Day was shown watching the show. Vic sent the show over to the Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace hype package…

Jordynne Grace made her entrance wearing her TNA Knockouts Championship. Vic Joseph noted that this was unprecedented in WWE where a non-WWE contracted wrestler would walk out of a PLE with a WWE championship. Grace soaked in TNA chants. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez made her entrance. Vic also noted that this was the first time a WWE wrestler has wrestled a TNA wrestler in a WWE ring. Mike Rome handled the formal in-ring championship introductions…

John’s Thoughts: Given the previous 4 matches have been given a moderate amount of time, here’s hoping they give Perez and Grace 15 to 20 minutes to really show what they can do. I’ve seen both women wrestle 20+ minute classics and know they can take the house down. If you haven’t seen Grace wrestle, she’s one hell of a worker. I don’t work for TNA, but I would definitely recommend checking out TNA Plus for a month or two to look at old Grace matches (TNA also has had a lot of great matches from other wrestlers too, between 2016 to present if you want to avoid the bad LOL-TNA moments).

5. Roxanne Perez vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace for the NXT Women’s Championship. The crowd showered both women with “This is Awesome” chants. Grace caught Perez’s kick leading to a disrespectful slap from Perez. Perez shoulder checked Perez and slammed her to the mat. Perez gave Grace a thumb to the eye to prevent a hold. Grace blocked Perez and front hook Suplexed her. Perez dragged Grace by the arm off the top rope. Perez gave Grace’s arm a knee drop. Perez hit Grace with a sacrifice arm breaker.

Perez gave Grace kicks in the corner while focusing on the left arm of Grace. Perez hit Grace with a side Russian legsweep for a one count. Perez continued to work methodical offense on the left arm of Grace. Dueling NXT and TNA chants ensued. Perez chop blocked Grace to continue her attack on the left arm of Grace. Perez put Grace in a modified Octopus Hold. Before Grace could reverse, Perez went for a Sunset Flip. Perez sent Grace to the corner with kicks because she couldn’t get the flip.

Grace caught Perez out of the air and Slammed he to the mat. Perez avoided a Vader Bomb. Grace gave Perez forearms to the back of the neck on the top rope. Grace put Perez in an Argentine Hold and Super Release Slammed her on the mat. Perez reversed a Grace Driver with a forearm to the lower back. Grace no sold Perez’s strikes and responded with a few Body Slams. Grace hit Perez with a backfist and clothesline combo. Perez escaped a Vertebreaker attempt.

Grace got a two count after a spinebuster. Grace gave Perez a uppercut on the top rope. Perez escaped a Kinniku Buster attempt and followed up with a DDT on Grace. Perez hit Grace with a Frankendriver for a nearfall. Perez gave Grace a modified Juji Gatame. Grace got to her feet and stomped Perez’s face like a mudhole. Perez hyperextended Grace’s arm over the top rope to block being dumped to ringside. Perez made her way to the top rope and ate strikes from Grace.

Grace hit Perez with a Kinniku Buster for a good nearfall. Vic Joseph noted that Grace almost “crossed the line” by bringing a WWE title to TNA (I love Vic’s little quote references). I think the crowd was actually chanting “We Believe” for Joe Hendry at this point. Grace held on the ropes to prevent a Pop Rocks to ringside. Perez hit Grace with a Tope Dive into a DDT at ringside. Grace hit Grace with a Triangle Lionsault for a two count. Perez put Grace in a Crossface. Grace rolled over and Perez kicked out of the pin.

Both women traded strikes. Grace blocked Pop Rocks and hit Perez with a reverse wheelbarrow slam. Tatum Pazley jumped the barricade and started to glare at the NXT Women’s Championship. Instead, Tatum Paxley then tried to steal the Knockouts Title. TNA Wrestler Ash by Elegance (f.k.a. Dana Brooke) cut off Tatum on the ramp. Vic Joseph actually had to correct himself after calling her Dana Brooke. Grace went to ringside to take out Ash and Tatum. Back in the ring, Grace hit Perez with a Death Valley Driver. Perez reversed a Grace Driver into Pop Rocks for the victory.

Roxanne Perez defeated Jordynne Grace via pinfall in 13:57 to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

John’s Thoughts: A good match with both women leaving some more room for an even more epic banger down the road. This was paced for a longer match, but they held back a bit with the Ash by Elegance and Tatum Paxley run-ins to cut the match short. A part of me wanted WWE to pull the trigger by putting a WWE belt on TNA’s flagship champion, but they decided to go the safe route by using the overbooked (but understandably overbooked) finish. Grace as Champion would have created a lot of fresh matchups. Looks like we might be getting Tatum Paxley as the first up to crossover to TNA television first, maybe as soon as TNA’s Against All Odds TNA Plus show this upcoming Friday.

Vic Joseph hyped the free to attend Clash at the Castle Event next week…

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Sexyy Red who hyped up her upcoming album and concert tour. Lola Vice showed up to say hi to Red. Sexyy Red and Lola Vice celebrated by shaking they asses up and down. Red insisted that Sarah join in on the booty cheek clappin’…

Wes Lee was about to be interviewed in the hallway, but he was jumped and beat down by all three Gallus Members. Steve Corino and other coaches ran out to drag Gallus to the back. A tweet was shown of Cody Rhodes praising NXT Battleground. He said he wanted to send gifts and hang out with good friends at NXT…

The upcoming matches were plugged for the upcoming NXT TV show: Shawn Spears vs. Je’Von Evans, Lexis King vs. Dante Chen in a Singapore Cane Match, and Mia “Michin” Yim vs. Jaida Parker…

UFC Fighter Jamahal Hill was shown watching the the show in the crowd. The show then cut to the Trick Williams vs. Ethan Page hype package…

Ethan Page made his entrance first. Trick Williams then made his entrance next. Mike Rome handled the formal in-ring Championship introductions. Vic noted that Trick was so insistent on Ava giving in to Ethan’s demands because Trick couldn’t lay hands on a non-WWE contracted wrestler in public…

6. Trick Williams vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page for the NXT Championship. Page quickly started the match with mounted punches out of the gate. Trick got to his feet and returned fire with right hands. Williams took down Page with a scoop slam and mounted forearms. Williams hit Page with a jumping neckbreaker. Page pulled down the top rope to dump Trick to ringside off a Crescent Kick attempt. Page tossed Williams into the steel steps. Page gave Williams mounted right hands in the ring.

Trick hit Ethan with a jawbreaker on the top rope. Page hit Trick with a hooked backbreaker for a one count. Page got another one count after a slam. Page hit Williams with a Twisting T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. Page used leverage to work on Trick’s core with a front bear hug. Page and Williams brawled on the top rope. Page used elbows to block a Bookend and counted with a crossarm slam. Page hit Williams with a body slam for a two count.

Williams went back to a grounded bear hug. Williams fired up and broke Page’s arms apart. Williams escaped with a Thunderclap. Williams got a moment of respite after hitting Page with a DDT. Williams rallied back with right hands. Williams hit Page with a front kick, crescent kick, and flapjack. Page rolled to ringside. Williams dumped Page over the barricade. Williams flew over the barricade into the crowd to hit Page with a crossbody. Williams hit Page with a spinning boot in the ring for a nearfall.

Page tripped Williams off the top rope and hit him with a running knee in the corner for a nearfall. Williams and Page traded Yay-Boo punches. Trick got momentum, but Page came back with a knee. Page and Trick eluded each others’ strikes. Williams surprised Page with a Book End for the nearfall. Williams cleared the announce table. Page countered Williams and Body Slammed him through the announce table.

Page hit Williams with a Border Toss for a nearfall. Page yelled at the referee for the count. Page pummeled Williams in the corner with the referee having to pull Page away to avoid the DQ finish. Trick caught a distracted Page with a Trick Knee for the victory.

Trick Williams defeated Ethan Page via pinfall in 12:11 to retain the NXT Championship. 

Sexyy Red celebrated in the ring with Trick Williams. Trick Williams posed with the title with Ethan Page seething in the corner to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: A solid first title defense for Trick Williams with Ethan Page looking good in defeat, having the out with him being distracted jawing with the ref. It fits his heel persona to throw a fit in front of the referee. Here’s hoping that they use this match to keep Ethan Page in the main event picture because I believe he’s proven he has the skills to be a main-eventer in NXT (unless they have plans to use Page on the main roster, which I wouldn’t be opposed to either because Page is main roster ready and has been since his Impact days). Trick is back to having no real challengers in the wings so I wonder where they’ll go from here? (maybe they run it back with him and Noam Dar? But as great as that match may be, no one sees Noam as a credible threat to take the title of Trick due to Noam being a comedy wrestler)

NXT Battleground 2024 had way more “developmental” wrestlers than we usually get on PLEs, mostly because of the callups from the WWE draft. I believe the performance center wrestlers really did a great job here, and that’s including wrestlers like Trick, who came up in the WWE PC system. Keeping developmental projects off TV until they are TV ready is doing them wonders, and we’re not getting the massive amounts of understandable fumblin’ and bumblin’ that we got back in the 2.0 days were they would throw green wrestlers out there with no experience. I can’t name a bad match as they were all entertaining.

What was disappointing was the venue by the end. It looked different at first, but by the time my eyes adjusted, it felt like the WWE Performance Center circa NXT Black and Gold. Sexyy Red also didn’t contribute as much as I expected as she contributed more on the NXT TV show she appeared on two weeks ago. Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll have a same-night audio available to all of you soon, members and non-members, as this week’s PLE audio review will be a Boom podcast.

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  1. Looking forward to this one!

  2. I’d really like to see Jason Powell or another .net staffer who doesn’t fawn all over the weekly NXT show review these bigger shows. The author bragging of “sharing a moveset” with one of the wrestlers is embarrassing.

  3. TheGreatestOne June 10, 2024 @ 9:05 am

    The biggest hit of the show is nothing going even 15 minutes. None of these people have any business going 15, 20, or longer at this point in their careers and HBK/the agents correctly identified that and kept the wrestlers from doing the indy “get all your shit in” mentality.

  4. This was an awesome event, as I loved the UFC setting for this, as this is probably my favorite NXT PLE since either Vengeance or Stand & Deliver last year. The women’s matches were all great.

    I think that Ladder Match might be my favorite women’s match in the WWE this year, it’s right up there for me with AEW’s two hardcore matches with Skye Blue. Sol Ruca’s athleticism is unreal, so glad she’s back from injury because she’s so fun to watch. I love the decision to put it on Kelani Jordan which was not expected, but since they’re behind her this is a great first champion for that title. I think a Kelani Jordan vs. Sol Ruca would be great.

    The Underground match was fantastic, I loved the MMA elements to it, and it was perfect for this setting. I think this went off much better than the SummerSlam match did because Lola Vice is a better in-ring performer than Ronda Rousey. Lola Vice is going to be a powerhouse on the main roster.

    Speaking of powerhouses, that’s Roxanne Perez, if you’re not sold on her yet then you’re just a flat out hater. This girl is the total package, as I love how she’s portraying her heel character too. She’s so vicious and mean. I’m not going to lie, I would’ve loved to had seen Jordynne Grace win the title, though. It would’ve made some history and created some buzz today. I do like these crossovers with TNA, though, but in order to make it serious at some point, the WWE is going to have to allow TNA to get one of their titles one of these days to validate this war.

    I do believe Tatum Paxley will get a shot at Jordynne Grace on Friday at Against All Odds. I would honestly let Pax win it too, and have Pax defend it at TNA Slammiversary next month.

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