TNA Hard To Kill results: Vetter’s review of Alex Shelley vs. Moose for the TNA Title, Trinity vs. Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Title, Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

TNA Hard To Kill
Aired live January 13, 2024 on Triller TV and TNA+
Las Vegas, Nevada at Palms Casino Resort

TNA Hard To Kill Pre-Show

1. Steve Maclin defeated Rich Swann at 10:23. Swann hit a flip dive to the floor. In the ring, Maclin hit a backbreaker over his knee. Swann hit a Buzzsaw Kick to the head at 6:00. He hit a 450 Splash for a nearfall. Maclin hit a top-rope kneedrop for a nearfall. He applied a Boston Crab but Swann reached the ropes. Swann hit a Lethal Injection and an enzuigiri. Maclin nailed a double-arm DDT for the pin.

AJ Francis was introduced (formerly known as Top Dolla). “Pipe down, pipe down, this isn’t about you, it’s about me,” Francis said, and he got booed. He said like lions, tigers, bears and roaches, he’s hard to kill. He demanded fans stand up. shut their mouths, and watch his new music video. However, it was cut off by Joe Hendry’s music! Hendry introduced a music video that made fun of Francis falling while trying a dive to the floor. Francis and his rapper buddy beat up Hendry.

2. Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards defeated Frankie Kazarian and Eric Young at 8:06. Edwards and Kazarian opened but Eddie tagged out before locking up. Young hit a plancha to the floor at 2:30. Kazarian and Edwards traded offense, with Kazarian hitting a Lungblower at 5:30. Edwards hit a backpack stunner, and Myers immediately hit a top-rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Kazarian hit an Unpretter faceplant, and Young hit a top-rope elbow drop for a nearfall at 7:30. Edwards hit a Shining Wizard on Kazarian, and Myers made the cover for the pin. Good match.

3. Crazy Steve defeated Tommy Dreamer to win the Digital Media Title at 11:10. Hannifan said Dreamer has lost 40 pounds since November, and it is visible and noticeable. Steve hit a drop-toe-hold that sent Tommy crashing down onto an open chair. Steve hit him across the back with a chair, and he tried to stab Tommy in the forehead with a fork. Dreamer avoided a blow from a kendo stick, and he hit a stunner. He grabbed the kendo stick and he hit Steve with it. Dreamer grabbed some garbage from a dumped over garbage can and wiped it in Steve’s face.

Steve got tape and wrapped Tommy’s wrists. He shoved a pile of forks under Tommy’s shirt, then he stomped on them. Steve hit a rolling cannonball onto the forks. He pinned Dreamer to win the title!

TNA Hard To Kill Pay-Per-View

1. Gisele Shaw defeated Tasha Steelz, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Jody Threat, and Alisha Edwards in an Ultimate X match at 12:04. Former NXT wrestler Xia moved to the U.S. a few months ago and has been a regular on the US indy scene but this is her TNA debut. Fast-paced opening sequence with no one getting an advantage. Luna hit a fallaway slam on Jody at 3:00, and she hit several suplexes to show off her power. Jody hit a top-rope flip dive to the floor onto several opponents. Jody climbed the scaffolding with Alisha on her back, but then she shrugged Alisha off, and she fell onto wrestlers below. Tasha hit a stunner on Jody, with them falling onto everyone on the floor at 5:30. Nice spot.

Dani was on the bottom of a tower spot in the corner. Luna hit a powerbomb on Gisele. Xia got onto the cable overhead, but Luna pulled her down and hit a powerbomb at 7:00. Alisha tried to climb across the cable, but she was pulled down by Dani. Xia hit a Lungblower to the chest. Alisha hit a Flatliner faceplant. Jody put two women on her shoulders and hit an F5! Jody tried to climb the cable but Gisele launched off a back and hit a spear at 10:30! Nice! This match is well laid out. Three women climbed to the center; Gisele was able to pull it down and drop to the mat to win. She is now No. 1 contender for the women’s title.

* Highlights aired of AJ Francis’ debut on the pre-show.

2A. PCO defeated Dirty Dango (w/Oleg Prudius, John E. Bravo) via DQ at 1;26. Dango got on the mic and said, “Man, do I hate TNA Wrestling.” (I believe I read he just signed a contract extension so he can’t hate it too much!)  We have a fairly elaborate entrance for PCO, who was being sparked alive by a mad doctor. PCO easily tossed Dango to the floor, then he hit a flip dive onto him. Hannifan said this is the highest attendance for TNA in eight years. Bravo jumped in the ring and dragged PCO off the ropes, and the ref called for the bell! Rhino hit the ring! He seemed to be challenging Oleg, but Dango dragged him away.

* Santino Marella appeared on the stage. He said he won’t let it end like this, and he ordered this be restarting as a tag match. But it will be a six-man tag, and he introduced Jake Something.

2B. Jake Something, PCO, and Rhino defeated Dirty Dango, John E. Bravo, Oleg Prudius at 7:26. PCO hit a top-rope moonsault to the floor on the heels. PCO hit a top-rope summersault onto Dango, who was lying on the ring apron. The babyfaces began working over Dango. Bravo choked Rhino in the ropes and the heels began working over Rhino. Jake got in and speared Dango at 5:00. Rhino and Oleg squared off and traded punches. Rhino hit a spear on Bravo. Jake powerbombed Dango onto Bravo. PCO then hit a top-rope moonsault onto Bravo for the pin. Satisfying brawl.

* We saw a blonde-haired woman exit a limo. We can’t see her face, but Rehwoldt is confident he knows who she is. We head back to the arena for a bonus match.

3. “Decay” Rosemary and Havok defeated “MK Ultra” Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich to win the Women’s Tag Titles at 6:17. Yes, it’s Rosemary, not Courtney Rush. Finally! Much better personas for both of them. Decay attacked Masha at the bell. Masha hit a doublestomp on Rosemary’s chest for a nearfall at 1:30. Kelly bodyslammed partner Masha onto Rosemary. Rosemary did her creepy sitting up and punched Kelly. Hannifan again asked Rehwoldt who is the mystery woman we saw earlier, but Rehwoldt didn’t want to divulge it. Havok hit a double suplex at 5:00. Masha hit a Snowplow Driver but Havok kicked out at the one-count, and Masha was shocked! Havok hit a double chokekslam. Both Decay members seem really motivated tonight. Havok hit a sit-out powerbomb to pin Kelly! New champions! For the time given, that was really good.

* Highlights aired of Maclin’s pre-show victory. He was interviewed backstage and vowed to keep tagging and bagging opponents. Back in the arena, Scott D’Amore talked about the new partnership with AAA wrestling, leading to our next match.

4. Chris Sabin defeated El Hijo Del Vikingo and Kushida in a three-way to retain the X Division Title at 13:00. This crowd was HOT before they locked up. They all hit some deep armdrags. Kushida hit a summersault off the ring apron onto Sabin on the floor at 2:00. In the ring, Vikingo hit a springboard huracanrana. Hannifan said Sabin is a “little salty” at being the final man pinned to end the Impact era last month. Sabin tied Kushida in an Octopus Stretch. Kushida hit a Hammerlock Suplex on Sabin at 6:00 while also having Vikingo tied up on the mat. Vikingo hit a huracanrana on Sabin, then one on Kushida. Vikingo hit a top-rope moonsault to the floor on both opponents.

In the ring, Vikingo hit a top-rope missile dropkick and suddenly everyone was down, and the fans chanted “all these guys!” Sabin hit a Michinoku Driver on Vikingo, but Kushida made the save. Vikingo hit a modified Go To Sleep kneestrike on Sabin, then a springboard 450 splash on Sabin, who was lying on the ramp, at 9:30. Kushida applied a Hoverboard Lock on Vikingo but Sabin made the save. Vikingo hit a top-rope doublestomp on Kushida’s chest. Sabin nailed a Canadian Destroyer onto the ramp at 12:00 on Vikingo, earning a “holy shit!” chant. Sabin hit a top-rope German Suplex on Kushida. Sabin then hit the Cradle Shock slam on Kushida for the pin. An excellent match.

* A video package to introduce Alexander Hammerstone to TNA. (I hadn’t watched the past few weeks of TNA TV but I presume that was shown before.)

5. Josh Alexander defeated Alexander Hammerstone at 14:53. The crowd chanted “Walking weapon!/Hammerstone!” at the bell. An intense lockup and Hammerstone is much taller and thicker. Hammerstone hit a forearm that dropped Josh. Josh applied an anklelock. Hammerstone hit a plancha to the floor. In the ring, Josh hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip at 3:30, and he cranked on the left ankle. He backed Hammerstone into the corner and hit some loud chops. Hammerstone hit a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex. Hannifan said they fought once, two years ago, and it ended in a no contest. Josh slammed Hammerstone back-first on the ring apron at 6:00.

They brawled on the floor. In the ring, Josh hit a flying knee to the head for a nearfall. He hit a stiff kick to the face. Hammerstone hit a swinging uranage at 8:00 and he was fired up, shaking the top rope like the Ultimate Warrior. Hammerstone tweaked his knee, but he hit a powerslam for a nearfall. He got to his feet but was limping. Josh went back to the anklelock, but Hammerstone reached the ropes at 10:00. Hammemrstone tried to run across the leg but his leg gave out. However, Hammerstone still was able to hit the Nightmare Pendulum swinging sideslam, but Josh rolled to the ropes to avoid being pinned.

Hammerstone hit a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron at 12:30, then a top-rope missile dropkick in the ring, then a TKO Stunner for a believable nearfall, and we got a “this is awesome!” chant. Josh fired back with some rolling forearm strikes. Hammerstone hit a German Suplex and a sit-out powerbomb for a believable nearfall at 14:30. Josh got an inside cradle for a nearfall, then a German Suplex, then the C4 Spike Piledriver for the pin. That was incredible and easily the best Hammerstone match I’ve eveer seen.

6. “ABC” Chris Bey & Ace Austin defeated “The Rascalz” Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel and “Grizzled Young Veterans” James Drake & Zack Gibson and Alex Shelley & Laredo Kid in a four-way tag to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles at 14:14. Laredo Kid is replacing Trent Seven, who had travel issues. Ace and Trey opened but Zack Gibson tagged himself in. Bey and Austin worked together on Drake. Wentz hit a running Shooting Star Press. Laredo and Bailey hit a moonsault-and-legdrop combo on Trey at 3:00. All eight got in the ring and the ref was doing his best to separate them all. Bailey hit his Speedball kicks on Gibson. The GYV began working over Bailey. Bailey hit a missile dropkick on Wentz at 7:00.

Laredo Kid hit a second-rope scoop bodyslam on Wentz for a nearfall. Ace and Bey hit stereo dropkicks and they worked over Wentz. Ace slipped on a springboard move; the crowd was forgiving. Gibson nearly pinned Wentz at 10:00 and we got a “this is awesome!” chant. Gibson nailed a Doomsday Device on Wentz, but Bailey made the save. Bailey nailed his Triangle Moonsault to the floor. Bailey nailed a top-rope Poison Rana! He hit the Tornado Kick in the corner on Drake, then the Ultima Weapon. Wentz hit a doublestomp on Drake for a nearfall at 13:30. This has been non-stop action. ABC and the Rascalz were suddenly alone in the ring and they traded punches. Ace hit The Fold/flipping neckbreaker, and Bey made the cover to pin Miguel. That was a blast.

* At ringside is the former Dana Brooke, now called “Ash by Elegance.” She is dressed like a 1950s movie star (so essentially dressed like Toni Storm!) With her wavy hair, I truly did not recognize her, so it’s a good thing Hannifan said she’s formerly known as Dana. Definitely a good pickup to replace Deanna Purrazzo.

7. Jordynne Grace defeated Trinity to win the TNA Knockouts Title at 14:30. The full ring intros, including saying the female ref’s name, just makes this feel like a big deal. They avoided each other’s strikes in the opening minutes. (Hannifan referenced Purrazzo and I love that TNA doesn’t pretend someone never existed when they leave.) Trinity hit some Speedball Kicks at 2:30. Grace hit some hard overhand chops; I think I’m hearing some boos. Grace hit a Mark Henry slam for a nearfall. Trinity hit a top-rope crossbody block. Grace hit a standing powerbomb, then she flipped Trinity overhead into a faceplant, and got a nearfall at 5:30.

Grace nailed a clothesline and remained in charge. She nailed a dive through the ropes. On the floor, she hit a Jackhammer! The camera panned over to Ash watching the match. In the ring, they traded hard slaps to the face, and Trinity hit an enzuigiri at 8:00. She hit a Split-legged moonsault for a nearfall. Grace applied a Full Nelson. She nailed a Muscle Buster for a believable nearfall at 10:30 (and Rehwoldt name-checked Samoa Joe.) Trinity applied Starstruck but Grace escaped. A butt bump got her a nearfall. Trinity hit a headplant onto the ring apron and got a nearfall at 12:30, and we got a “this is awesome!” chant.

Grace hit some forearm strikes. Trinity nailed a jumping knee to the chin, then a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. She re-applied Starstruck submission hold but Grace powered up to her feet. “Are you kidding me?” Rehwoldt asked. Grace hit a German Suplex and a spinning back fist, then a pump-handle sit-out powerbomb for the pin. New champion! I would also say that is the best match I’ve seen from Trinity. The title change will feed rumors that Trinity is headed back to WWE. We again saw Ash in the crowd.

* A nice video package aired promoting the main event. Being as this feud has barely been seen on TV (due to no new episodes over the holidays), a nice video package like this was really needed. Chris Sabin and Kushida walked onto the stage with Shelley but they headed to the back and didn’t join him at ringside.

8. Moose defeated Alex Shelley to win the TNA World Title at 21:29. These introductions really matter to me, making it feel like it’s a big deal. Shelley sprayed water in Moose’s face and hit some body blows. He hit a flying knee onto Moose’s left arm. Moose hit a sharp dropkick at 3:00. They brawled at ringside with Moose in charge. He bodyslammed Shelley onto the thin mat at 5:00. In the ring, Shelley went for a crossarm breaker and focused on the damaged left arm. Moose hit a Snake-eyes on the top turnbuckle at 8:00 and they were both down. Moose began stomping on Shelley’s limbs.

Shelley hit some paintbrush slaps, but Moose hit a uranage for a nearfall at 10:00. Shelley hit a DDT. He hit a baseball slide dropkick to the floor. On the floor, he shoved Moose face-first into the ring apron, then nailed a Shellshock on the floor, but Moose beat the 10-count into the ring. Shelley hit the Flatliner faceplant into the middle turnbuckle and got a nearfall. He tried to lock in the Border City Stretch but Moose avoided it. Moose hit a standing powerbomb for a nearfall. Moose barreled shoulder-first into the middle turnbuckle and he sold the injury. Shelley hit a Sliced Bread out of the corner for a believable nearfall. Deangelo Williams walked to ringside.

Sabin and Kushida appeared and brawled with Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards, and they all vanished to the back again. Meanwhile, Moose and Shelley brawled on the ramp, with Shelley dragging him hard stomach-first onto the ramp. “Moose’s shoulder might be out of the socket,” Rehwoldt said. They traded chops. Moose hit a sickening headbutt. Shelley hit a hard clothesline that dropped Moose and the crowd chanted “TNA!” He hit a superkick, but he couldn’t hit Shellshock. Moose nailed a spear to score the surprise pin! New champion! I did NOT see that coming at all.

Nic Nemeth hopped in the ring and stood across from Moose! He hit a superkick and a Slingblade clothesline. “The most wanted man is here in Vegas!” Hannifan said. Nemeth walked into the crowd and peeled off the T-shirt he was wearing to reveal a TNA shirt underneath, and we faded to black.

Final Thoughts: A superb reboot show for TNA. Shelley had a great match with Moose, and I don’t mind switching gears to Moose. The four-way tag match was really strong. Hammerstone-Josh was really good. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Trinity but she has looked really good in her big matches in Impact/TNA. The debuts of Nic Nemeth and Ash by Elegance were well done. The women’s Ultimate X was really well planned to make them all look good.

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