Glory Pro Wrestling “Ascend” episode 12 results: Vetter’s review of Allie Katch vs. Blair Onyx vs. Laynie Luck vs. Maggie Lee in a four-way, Jake Something vs. ATM, Jabari King vs. Big Munch

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Glory Pro Wrestling “Ascend” (episode 12)
Premiered November 23, 2023 via
Taped October 25, 2023 in Collinsville, Illinois at The Gateway Center

Reed Duffy provided solo commentary.

1. ATM vs. Scott Stanley never starts. My first time seeing Stanley; with his crewcut and small mustache, he looks a bit like NJPW’s Alex Coughlin (but not nearly as muscular!) The referee was about to ring the bell when Jake Something hit the ring and beat up both men. He said he will show up to every show until he gets a Crown of Glory title shot. ATM got back in the ring, pushed Jake, and demanded a match!

2. Jake Something defeated ATM at 5:27. Jake immediately hit a Stinger Splash and he beat up ATM and grounded him. ATM (think Kofi Kingston!) hit a spin kick at 3:30 and a doublestomp. He got a jackknife cover for a nearfall. Jake hit his running body attack and knocked ATM down, then the sit-out powerbomb for the pin. Basic; the winner was never in doubt. Jake is a beast.

* A short video package of Calvin Tankman retaining his Crown of Glory title. Camaro Jackson hit the ring and brawled with Tankman. Backstage, Camaro had Tankman’s title belt and he challenged Calvin to face him. He said Calvin will have to kill him to take the title back.

3. Big Munch defeated Jabari King at 5:33. Both of these are BIG Black men. Munch wore a singlet and looks like Mark Henry, while Jabari is heavier and he has Keith Lee’s body size. They shook hands and had an intense lockup. They traded shoulder tackles with neither man going down. Munch hit a chop in the corner at 3:00. Jabari hit a clothesline, then he stomped on the wrist. Munch hit a chokeslam, then a Mark Henry Slam for the pin. Hey, I swear I wrote the Mark Henry comparison before he did that. Decent big-man matchup.

4. Laynie Luck defeated Blair Onyx, Allie Katch, and Maggie Lee in a four-way at 6:41. I am the least familiar with the tall redhead Maggie Lee but I saw her recently in Chicago’s Dreamwave Wrestling, and she’s a good heel. All four brawled at the bell. Katch and Lee traded punches. Laynie hit a top-rope flip dive to the floor on the other three at 2:00. In the ring, Katch hit her buttbump and rolling cannonball on Lee. Blair hit a sliding clothesline on Allie for a nearfall, but Laynie hit a senton to break it up. Onyx hit a double Flatliner at 4:30. Katch hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Laynie for a nearfall. Maggie hit a double Blockbuster, but as she stood up, Laynie caught Maggie with a stunner for the pin. Decent match with non-stop action.

Final Thoughts: After several episodes at roughly an hour in length, this clocked in at just over 30 minutes. Glory Pro did have a show last weekend so they should have more episodes in the can. Being as they’ve taped four episodes from each of the past three events, I presume this was the last of the matches from that event. A solid, short show that moved storylines forward.


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