Jose Estrada on breaking into the WWF, creating The Conquistadors, why he wasn’t pleased by Vince McMahon wrestling

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Breaking into the WWF: “I was security there at the Israel Lincoln 171. That’s in Brooklyn. And I was all by myself and I took care of that building. And that’s when a friend of mine walked in, Frank Williams, and he says, I have to try out to go to Philadelphia with the WWF. I said, Yeah, okay, good for you. He says, yeah, but I want you to come with me, man. I said, no, man. Frank, I’m working. Really. So he left. When I got home that afternoon, he was in my house and he already spoke to my wife. And my wife said, Listen, why don’t you go with him tomorrow? I said, Okay, all right, I’m not going to argue no more. I’ll go with you.

“So I went. I went out there to Philadelphia Arena and I went to walk around because I like to see when I go to a place, I like to see how it is and look at things. I came back around 5:30 and when I knock on the door, Gorilla Monsoon, James Marella, he opens the door for me and he says, Oh, you Jose? Yes. Do you wrestle? I said, no. He says, William told me you do. I said, No, I don’t wrestle. You got your outfit. I said, no. William told me you have the outfit in the car. He says, Listen, I need a guy for two matches. That’s exactly what he told me. I need one person for two matches because I’m supposed to be getting the guys from Detroit. And then I called him, I’ll pay you well. I said, Okay, two matches. That’s it. Okay? So my first match was the Angel of Death, (Kevin) Sullivan.

“In the second match, I was in Parmet (not sure what name he meant to say there) and myself a handicapped match against Andre the Giant. I said to myself, Wow, this guy is 7’4, 481 lbs. What am I going to do with this guy? I did wrestle. He took me, he slammed me and then he splashed me. So I told him, I said, this is it. I’m not coming anymore. And then he called me. Gino calls me and he says, Jose, I want you to know that Vince wants you tomorrow in the other place for TV.”

On Vince McMahon: “Well, you know, he’s a promoter. He said right now to me and his son, they’re not doing that good, but Vince has ambition to do things. You know what I mean? What we didn’t like about Vince was when he was wrestling. To us, it’s like taking a job from one of the boys. Why the boss wants to wrestle? Why somebody is out of a job because you want to wrestle? And that’s what they do. You don’t need it. You got the money. We wrestle to make money. Why do you want to wrestle and keep one of the boys sitting down? I don’t make the money. That I never understand.”

Creating the Conquistadors: “We like the Conquistador gimmick. We was good to make that everything. I can tag team with anybody. I can tag team, and we can wrestle, and we can do it. I tag team with my sons. Two sons. I tag teamed in Puerto Rico. You know what I mean? I tag team with some other guys. And when I lost two friends, they went back to the States because they [were] fired. They took a guy that didn’t even know how to wrestle. I told him, you stand here and don’t do nothing. I do everything, okay? I was five steps in front of everybody. Everything comes out wrong, I will fix it right away in the ring.”

Other topics include breaking into the business WWF, Vince McMahon, Survivor Series, Jose Luis Rivera, the Conquistadors, Powers of Pain, WWC, Puerto Rico, WWWF, and more.


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