MLW Fusion Alpha results: Powell’s review of Los Parks vs. 5150 in a Street Fight for the MLW Tag Titles, NZO vs. Matt Cross, Aramiz vs. Arez for Cesar Duran’s briefcase filled with cash


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Major League Wrestling Fusion: Alpha (Episode 11)
Taped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 2300 Arena
Streamed December 9, 2021 on the MLW’s YouTube Page and FITE.TV

The show opened with Cesar Duran and his masked henchman inside the ring. Duran had his henchman show off that his briefcase was filled with money. Arez made his entrance along with Holidead and Dr. Dax. Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski checked in on commentary and explained that Duran was going to unleash an opponent on MLW Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone. Aramiz made his entrance…

1. Aramiz vs. Arez (w/Holidead, Dr. Dax) for Cesar Duran’s briefcase filled with cash. The top ten rankings for the MLW Heavyweight Championship held by Alex Hammerstone scrolled across the screen and listed the following: 1. Davey Richards. 2. Jacob Fatu. 3. King Muertes. 4. Alex Kane. 5. Tajiri. 6. TJP. 7. Mads Krugger. 8. Calvin Tankman. 9. EJ Nduka. 10. Richard Holliday.

After a slow but competitive start, Arez hoisted Aramiz onto his shoulders at ringside and performed a crucifix bomb onto the entrance ramp. Back inside the ring, Arez double stomped Aramiz and covered him for a two count. Aramiz came back and went for a corkscrew dive and missed whatever he was trying to do out of it. Aramiz sent Arez to ringside and performed a modified GTS, then followed up with a suicide dive. [C]

Back in the ring, Aramiz caught Arez on the top rope and hoisted him onto his shoulders. Arez went for a move from there that missed. Arez connected with an enzuigiri. Aramiz came back with a series of kicks, but Arez returned the favor. Aramiz caught Arez on his shoulders and performed an airplane spin into a powerbomb for a near fall.

A short time later, Aramiz performed a moonsault off the top rope onto Arez at ringside. Holidead stopped Aramiz from returning to the ring briefly. Arez took advantage of the distraction and performed a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Aramiz rallied with a leg whip into a kneebar. Dr. Dax distracted the referee while Holidead climbed onto the apron. Aramiz went after Holidead, then Arez took advantage of the distraction and performed a modified powerbomb move and scored the pin.

Arez defeated Aramiz to win Cesar Duran’s briefcase filled with cash.

Powell’s POV: The match was a little slow to start and the fans were slow to get into it. I like the build into the high spots rather than just bell to bell high spots, so that worked for me, but they just never found their groove. This just wasn’t as good as what we’ve seen from these two in their previous MLW outings. I guess everyone has an off night.

Bocchini hyped Alicia Atout’s expose on Contra Unit… Footage aired from last week of Holidead and Willow Nightingale brawling at ringside and to the back…

Nightingale was interviewed by Alicia Atout in the backstage area. She said Holidead keeps picking on her. Nightingale said that if Holidead wants to fight, she’ll give her one. She said she would show Holidead her dark side…

Backstage, Emilio Sparks approached Myron Reed with his phone recording and said people want to know what’s next for him. Reed was annoyed by Sparks and made him say his name…

A video aired with Karlee Perez telling Myron Reed that he would hit rock bottom. Once he does, she told him that her hand would be there to pick him up…

Backstage, Sparks asked Alex Hammerstone about his foot and ankle when a masked man attacked Hammerstone… [C]

Powell’s POV: Sparks was channelling Judge Reinhold’s close-talker character from Seinfeld during that scene with Myron Reed.

Hammerstone and the masked man brawled in the back. The masked man was getting the better of it when the feed cut out…

A 5150 video aired with Konnan, Rivera, Slice Boogie, and Julius Smokes cutting promos about their tag title match against Los Parks…

Alicia Atout’s expose on Contra aired. After providing a brief recap of the group’s history, she addressed the issues the faction had during the War Chamber match. She noted that nothing is standing in the way of Cesar Duran and questioned where the Contra members are. She said Mads Krugger has been seen in the fighting pits of South Africa, Ikuro Kwon has teamed with Tajiri in Japan, Jacob Fatu is AWOL, and Josef Samael vanished before War Chamber and hasn’t been seen since…

Footage aired of the brawl between Hammerstone and the masked man wrapping up as they were pulled apart by security…

2. NZO vs. Matt Cross. A cheer fan was shown and then a fan held up a sign that read, “All these free agents and we get NZO?” Nice. The broadcast team explained that fans either love or hate NZO. Bocchini said he’s never had an issue with NZO, but there are people in the locker room who hate his guts. A “How You Doin’?” chant broke out. Bocchini said half the crowd seemed to be NZO fans. NZO was putting the boots to Cross in the corner heading into a break. [C]

Cross took offensive control and performed top rope double stomp to the back of NZO, which led to a two count. Cross went up top again, but this time NZO cut him off and performed a crucifix bomb. NZO put Cross on the ropes in a seated position and then pulled him into a Backstabber and covered him for a two count. NZO went up top and leapt toward Cross, who caught him with a kick and then covered him for a near fall.

NZO and Cross fought on the ropes. Cross knocked NZO down with a headbutt. Cross went for a shooting star press that NZO avoided. NZO set up for his Sole Food finisher, but Cross avoided it. Cross put NZO down with a cutter for a good near fall. NZO bled from the forehead. Cross grabbed NZO’s legs and tried to pull him to the middle of the ring, but NZO held onto the ring apron skirting. As the referee was putting it back, NZO low-blowed Cross and then put him down with his Sole Food finisher and scored the pin. NZO flashed a sinister grin afterward.

NZO defeated Matt Cross.

KC Navarro came out to join the broadcast team. He shot NZO a look as they crossed paths in the entryway. NZO turned around and attacked Navarro. NZO crotched Navarro on the guardrail. NZO powerbombed Navarro against the ring post…

Powell’s POV: I like the way the broadcast team leaned into NZO being a polarizing figure rather than acting like he was adored by everyone in the crowd. That said, the live crowd’s reaction was underwhelming, as I thought there would have been more passion from fans on both sides of the fence. NZO and Cross kept the match fairly basic with Cross performing the bigger spots, which is understandable given that I don’t believe NZO has done much wrestling lately. All things considered, the match was decent, and I like NZO cheating to win and attacking Navarro to establish himself as a heel. For that matter, I like that Navarro is clearly defined as a babyface.

Dombrowski hyped Tajiri vs. Atsuki Aoyagi for the MLW Middleweight Championship taking place in Japan and airing on next week’s show…

Backstage, Richard Holliday told Alicia Atout that he knows they don’t celebrate Christmas in Canada, but he wanted her to have something nice. He mentioned something about the cheap jewelry that she wears and then showed her the gift of a Dynastic coffee mug. She was less than impressed.

Hammerstone and the masked man brawled into the area. Hammerstone took the mug and slammed it over the head of the masked man, then grabbed a chain, wrapped it around his fist, and beat the masked man down. Holliday tried to pick up the pieces of the shattered mug and barked at Hammerstone that it was the holidays and it was a gift…

Powell’s POV: The Hammerstone brawl with the masked man was forgettable, but it got the champion on the show. The dynamic between Hammerstone and Atout continues to be fun. Holliday’s ongoing gag about Canadians and holidays is hilarious. I don’t think Holliday is getting nearly enough attention as a guy who possesses major upside.

Backstage, Sparks asked Holidead about the relationship between her and Arez. 5150 entered the picture and eyed up Sparks’ shoes. Rivera was going to steal the shoes, but Konnan directed him to head to the ring for their match. 5150 made their entrance with Julius Smokes wheeling a shopping cart filled with weapons to the ring. The 5150 group took turns talking over the house mic and then Los Parks made their entrance…

3. “Los Parks” LA Park Jr. and Hijo de LA Park vs. “5150” Slice Boogie and Rivera (w/Konnan, Julius Smokes) in a Street Fight for the MLW Tag Titles. Bocchini reminded viewers that Freebird Rules were in play with the tag titles and that LA Park was also considered one of the tag team champions. The teams brawled to start with Los Parks getting the better of the challengers while using various weapons. Rivera came back with a dive onto LA Park Jr. at ringside, and Bocchini said it looked like Park Jr. hit his head on the concrete. [C]

Boogie performed a nice fallaway slam on Hijo coming out of the break. He followed up a short time later with a wicked German suplex on Park Jr. A graphic noted that Alex Kane was scheduled to appear after the tag title match. Rivera hit a Spanish Fly on Hijo. Meanwhile, Park Jr. rolled under the ring and then LA Park emerged from under the ring and speared Rivera right in front of the referee. Park and Park Jr. swapped places again.

Homicide headed to the ring and went underneath and pulled LA Park and then brawled with him to the back. In the ring, Hijo slammed a chair over the back of Boogie. Los Parks performed a powerbomb backstabber on Boogie. Rivera returned to the ring and kicked a chair at Park Jr. Hijo put Rivera down with a sunset bomb for a near fall.

A door board was set up in a corner of the ring. Hijo leaned Rivera against it and then swiveled his hips. Boogie ended up spearing Hijo through the table. Boogie hoisted up Park Jr. on his shoulders and then Rivera performed a top rope double stomp onto him. Rivera and Boogie both covered Park Jr. and scored the pin to win the tag titles.

“5150” Slice Boogie and Rivera defeated “Los Parks” LA Park Jr. and Hijo de LA Park in a Street Fight to win the MLW Tag Titles.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane and his unnamed sidekick were shown arriving at the building in a vehicle. Reporters were there to greet them. Calvin Tankman showed up and punched the sidekick when he got out of the passenger’s seat. Tankman went around the car to go after Kane, but the sidekick got back in the car and then Kane sped away to close the show…

Powell’s POV: The usual MLW tag team garbage match style brawl. The referee looked really bad for not noticing the difference between heavyweight LA Park and his son. The 5150 finisher leaves something to be desired, as it looked like Rivera just sort of tapped Park Jr. with his feet. All of that said, I’m all for the title change, as I dig 5150 and they should have a fun brawling feud with the Von Erichs. Overall, this was a good episode with the tag title change and the interesting debut for NZO. I never would have believed it if someone had told me that Arez vs. Aramis would be the most underwhelming part of this show. My weekly MLW Fusion Alpha audio review will be available for Dot Net Members later tonight or on Friday morning.


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