Scotty Riggs on the New Day clap and the American Males’ clap, the money he made in WCW, getting emotional over winning the WCW Tag Titles

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On the American Males clap and 25 years later seeing The New Day use a similar clap: “It kind of came off the cuff. We always did the forearm bump and we would say and I swear to God, ‘this is cheesy, but let’s go out there and get it over.’ We would look at each other when would do the forearm bump and say, ‘It’s not easy, being this cheesy.’ Somehow, I think he started doing the clap thing to get the crowd going, so I was right behind him and I started doing it and it was very organic. I look at it nowadays and God bless The New Day. They turned ‘New Day Sucks’ into an over character or an over part of their character. Either they found it or somebody created it and they ran with it. To me, I’m just happy to see it go from the nineties to twenty years later, they are working it and it is getting over.”

On winning the WCW Tag Team Titles: “In my mind I was saying this is pretty surreal, coming from Memphis wrestling six nights a week and twice on Saturday, driving everywhere putting 70,000 miles on my car, made less than seven grand in the eight months I was there, and here I am on the third Nitro ever winning the World Tag Team Championships. So to me it was pretty surreal. Twice during that afternoon, I knew Steve Regal wasn’t going to be there because he was on the tour of Japan because they announced that we were wrestling The Blue Bloods for a future title shot. During the day, Kevin Sullivan walked up and said, ‘Son, we are changing the finish.’ I remember after the match I sat down in a corner of the room and started to get a little teary because it was such a rush to come from where I was, to where I am having the World Tag Team belt in my hand.”

On the money he made in WCW: “For a few months in 96, I was making $600 a week as one half of the World Tag Team Champions, making every Nitro shot, making a bunch of house shows now because we were the World Tag Team Champions, and I’m making nothing. That actually went until March of 1996 before they finally gave me a raise, which went to $50,000 a year in ‘96. Me and Marcus were on every Nitro and every house show because we were the only babyface tag team they had until The Steiners came in, The Road Warriors came in, The Nasty Boys kind of worked heel and face with everybody, but we were the only good guys that they had. So they had us on every house show with Heat (Harlem Heat), Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck, and those guys. So, I wasn’t making any money for about the first year and a half I was with WCW, and then I finally got a nice six-figure deal for the last three years I was there.”

Other topics include WCW, Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Buff Bagwell, ECW, Rob Van Dam, Paul Heyman, The Clap, The American Males, the eye patch, and more.

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