MLW Fusion Alpha results: Powell’s review of TJP vs. Davey Richards in the Opera Cup tournament finals, The Sea Stars vs. The Top Dogs, and KC Navarro vs. Warhorse

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Major League Wrestling Fusion: Alpha (Episode 10)
Taped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 2300 Arena
Streamed December 1, 2021 on the MLW’s YouTube Page and FITE.TV

The show opened with a video package regarding the history of the Opera Cup tournament… The broadcast team of Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski checked in from ringside and set up the show…

1. KC Navarro vs. Warhorse. Dombrowski listed Jerry Cantrell’s “Degradation Trip” as his favorite metal album (and scored major points with this AIC fan). Meanwhile, Bocchini listed Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” (who knew Bocchini was so hardcore?). Late in the match, Warhorse went for a double stomp that Navarro avoided. Navarro performed a sunset bomb for a two count, then followed up with a variation of Sliced Bread and scored the clean pin.

KC Navarro defeated Warhorse.

Powell’s POV: Okay, so “Degradation Trip” isn’t my favorite hard rock album, but Cantrell is fantastic and I already have my ticket to the opening night of his 2022 tour. Wrestling? Oh, that’s right, wrestling. The match was solid and I continue to be impressed by Navarro. MLW should continue to book Warhorse just to get me an excuse to ramble about hard rock. If GNR ever comes up, this report may end up being a million words long.

Highlights aired of Emilo Sparks asking Myron Reed if he sent Calvin Tankman after Alex Kane to help him in last week’s five-way ladder match. Reed said he saw what Sparks was doing, essentially implying that he was trying to stir the pot…

Bocchini announced Los Parks vs. 5150 in a Street Fight for the MLW Tag Titles…

They cut to a “live stream” from Sparks that showed Cesar Duran exiting his office and counting a wad of cash…

2. “The Sea Stars” Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo vs. “The Top Dogs” Skylar and Davienne. Willow Nightingale sat in on commentary and spoke about an upcoming match against Holidead. Vox performed a discus clothesline on Skylar for a near fall. Davienne entered the ring and put Vox on her shoulders, then transferred her over to Skylar, who powerbombed her in a cool spot. The Sea Stars came back with their Tidal Wave finisher and scored the pin.

“The Sea Stars” Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo beat “The Top Dogs” Skylar and Davienne.

Afterward, Holidead walked to ringside and attacked Willow, who brawled with her to the back…

Powell’s POV: The tag match was brief, yet entertaining with a couple of cool spots late. The post match brawl looked like both women were tentative for some reason. I have no doubt that their actual match will be stronger than this brawl was.

The Sparks live stream continued and showed Duran meeting up with his masked henchman, who opened a case and showed him Matanza’s (Jeff Cobb) mask… [C]

New MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane delivered a backstage promo while sitting in front of the title belt and next to his unnamed sidekick. He once again spoke about the Bomaye Fight Club. He said he had to sign a contract for a fight club in Atlanta…

Bocchini hyped Alexander Hammerstone facing a mystery opponent. Bocchini asked “who or what” Cesar Duran would put in the ring with Hammerstone…

A 5150 video aired with Konnan, Slice Boogie, Rivera, and Julius Smokes. Boogie said MLW f’d up by giving them a title shot. Konnan said everyone knew things were changing when they arrived. Rivera swore to his grandmother that they would beat the asses of Los Parks… [C]

A teaser video aired of NZO debuting next week…

The Sparks live feed showed Duran and his henchmen arriving at a doorway. Duran removed the key from around his neck and opened the door, then put the key back around his neck and entered the room. The masked henchmen spotted Duran, who ended the live feed…

Dombrowski read through a tale of the tape for the main event. TJP made his entrance. A pre-taped promo aired with a cocky TJP did a spit take to something that a someone off-camera asked him. When it came to his prediction, TJP said he doesn’t ever lose twice in a row. Davey Richards made his entrance. A pre-tape aired with Richards saying that steel sharpens steel…

3. TJP vs. Davey Richards in the Opera Cup tournament finals. Dombrowski said TJP is the type of guy who goes to a funeral and gets upset when he’s not the center of attention. The first several minutes of the match were mat based with back and forth offense. TJP eventually sent Richard to ringside and then stood on his hand on the apron. TJP dropped down to the floor, hoisted up Richards, and dropped him face first on the apron. [C]

TJP targeted one of Richards’ knees and put him in a figure four. Richards eventually rolled it over, causing TJP to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. TJP went right back to work and wrapped up the arm of Richards before wrenching back on the bad knee. TJP performed a slingshot senton and then covered Richards, who kicked the camera while putting his foot on the bottom rope. Both men got to their feet and traded strikes. Richards got the better of it put putting TJP down with a clothesline.

Richards went after the knee of TJP by performing a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes. TJP avoided a top rope double stomp, but Richards rolled through and then put TJP in a leg lock submission hold. TJP reached the ropes to break it. Richards rallied with a detonation kick and got a near fall. They eventually fought onto the apron. TJP drove the head of Richards onto the apron. TJP rolled Richards back inside the ring and then hit him with the Mamba Splash for a good near fall.

Richards came back and performed a double stomp on the apron followed by a top rope double stomp for a near fall. Richards followed up with a brainbuster for another near fall. Richards immediately applied an ankle lock. TJP rolled out of it and dodged a kick. TJP went for a leg lock, but Richards countered into a leg lock of his own and threw kicks at TJP until he tapped out. The crowd cheered and chanted “Davey” afterward.

Davey Richards defeated TJP to win the 2021 Opera Cup tournament.

After the match, Cesar Duran walked to the ring with the Opera Cup. Duran presented the cup to Richards while the fans chanted “Davey” and “you deserve it.” Richards took the mic and told the Philly fans that he felt like he’s known them forever. He said he doesn’t see fans or paying customers, he sees the only family that he’s ever know. He said they were there when he was starting out, when his family died, when he became a world champion, and now when he won the Opera Cup.

Richards said it was suggested to him that he dedicate the match to someone close to him, but he doesn’t always follow the script. Richards dedicated the win to the Philly fans and said his heart never stops. Richards celebrated as the fans applauded…

Bocchini hyped Los Parks vs. 5150 in a Street Fight for the MLW Tag Titles, NZO vs. Matt Cross, and MLW Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in action against someone chosen by Cesaro Duran for next week’s show…

Powell’s POV: A heck of a main event that is definitely worth going out of your way to watch. I wasn’t always a fan of Davey’s post match promos during his ROH run, but he was terrific here. His words seemed like they came from the heart and they were very well received by the fans.

The show was carried by the main event, but it was a solid hour overall. MLW does as good of a job as any company when it comes to finding the right mix of in-ring action and out of ring storytelling. This episode was a little heavier on the in-ring action due to the longer main event, but there were still some interesting moments with the 5150 video, Kane’s promo, and the Duran drama. I saw a screener of this show, so my audio review of this episode is now available for Dot Net Members.



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