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Trinity recalls a match turning into a shoot fight with Mickie James, being kicked out of the WWE locker room

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Trinity
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She believes Mickie James did not like her: “I was so new to this whole thing. If you didn’t pay your dues and sleep in your car for ten years before you got on TV, no one cared about you. No one thought you deserved to be there. I understand that. I got ahead of that. I went on those independents, and I saw all those people trying to make it. A lot of people were very resentful. When I had to wrestle some of those girls that were there before me, it wasn’t always a good match.

“Alexis Laree didn’t really like me. She was there way before me in the wrestling business, Mickie James. I got to TNA before her and she did not like me. When we were fighting, when we had that one big match, we were really fighting, literally really fighting. It didn’t come across as a good match. The match sucked because she was literally fighting me, like beating me up. I’m like, ‘I get to do it back to you, so I don’t care what you’re doing to me.’ She was really hitting me.”

On her time in WWE: “It was bittersweet because they let me do a lot. Leaving TNA where I got to do everything, and going there and you’re so excited to be there. It’s like, ‘Oh my God. I’m getting a shot. Here I am.’ In my mind, it’s always a mind ‘F’ for me because I’m like, did I do everything I was supposed to do? Should I have pushed more? It was such a hard thing to be in because no one tells you anything. You get there and they haze me. I’m thinking, I’m an adult, I’m a woman, and I got hired by this company. I come in with my bags to the locker room and the girls throw my shit out into another locker room. I’m like, what, really? I work here. I’m hired. I’m not just showing up. They were less professional than TNA.”

Other topics include her new NFT by OK Boomer, her WWE run, her time in the ECW brand, her run in TNA, the women’s revolution, her feud with Kid Kash, wrestling men, and more.

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