Eric Bischoff on whether AEW Dynamite should change nights to compete with WWE Raw or Smackdown, whether he’s bothered that the NWO doesn’t get credit for WWE responding with the Attitude Era, comments on storytelling

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Moving the AEW Dynamite program to Monday or Friday night: When one says, ‘How do you turn WWE upside down? How do you compete with WWE?’ That’s a different conversation. Now, you’re assuming that that’s the goal of the network that AEW is on. You’re assuming that’s the growth strategy and the business plan for AEW and if it is, my advice would be, f—, just go for the throat. Quit dancing around. You want a war? Attack ‘em on their home front, which is Monday night or Friday night. Go after their A show. Don’t go after their C show. That doesn’t mean anything. Go after their A show and produce a better show than them and win the majority of the audience.

Whether it bothers him that the NWO storyline doesn’t get the proper credit for being the reason behind WWE’s Attitude Era: Not anymore. It used to bother me a lot more years ago because my ego was still very much involved and my pride and (you know) I’m a human. I have an ego, I have pride and there were times years ago when I’d get irritated when I’d hear people almost forget that the NWO is what kind of launched that anarchy type theme because that is really what it was. I do think that Vince McMahon turning heel (one year after I did by the way) and kind of going from the stuffed suit announcer that nobody really associated as being the owner of the company and then all of a sudden he’s showing up in a black jean jacket and is the evil boss a year after I did it? It used to irritate me…

On storylines and plots: There are basically seven basic story-line plots and it goes back hundreds and thousands of years across different civilizations and different cultures before there was any form of communication. The human experience and the human psychology tends to create stories that are very familiar in the human psyche. So again, when you look at the a movie like Jaws and you realize that’s the kind of a story that was told thousands of years ago, and you can Google just about any current film and you can find the roots of that story in something that was hot 15-20 years ago.

Other topics include his podcast with Conrad Thompson, WCW’s run of dominance over the WWF, his WWE Hall of Fame induction, Vince McMahon, and more.

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