WrestleMania 37 stadium capacity details

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Seating capacity for WrestleMania will be capped at approximately 25,000 fans for each night on April 10-11, according to Tampa Times reporter Eduardo A. Encina. He adds that it’s roughly 36 percent of full capacity at host venue Raymond James Stadium.

Powell’s POV: There had been reports that WWE intended to go with 45,000 fans in attendance for each night. Instead, they are taking a safer approach with a smaller number of tickets being sold at the outdoor stadium.


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  1. There had been rumors making the rounds that WWE intended to put upwards of 45,000 in the Stadium but PWInsider has confirmed there was nothing to that story. WWE never sought more than 25,000, which is what they intend to put in the building.

    Hey Jason, I’m just waiting on that guy you had doing blogs for this site to announce he’s a fucking moron. Something like “I’m a gigantic assclown for hearing something and running to crucify WWE for it with no merit”.

    • Colin wrote his piece following a report from a respected reporter that they were looking at 45,000 fans each night, just as you’re citing a report from another respected reporter that they never considered having that many fans in attendance. WWE PR isn’t afraid to reach out if they have any issues with something on the site. They didn’t do so in this case.

      • I doubt that wwe even cares about the wrestling media. The wrestling media especially the wrestling observer is so biased against wwe. wwe gets crucified for every business decision if it goes against someone’s holy than thou “morals”.

        At the end of the day. wwe’s goal is to make as much money as possible from its huge event. It is up to the local government officials to set the parameters with regards to public health and public safety issues .

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