11/16 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s live review of Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin for the Raw Tag Titles, Team Raw vs. Retribution, the final push for Survivor Series

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,434)
Live from Orlando, Florida at Amway Center
Aired November 16, 2020 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening aired… The broadcast team of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe checked in and hyped the title matches…

Drew McIntyre made his entrance dressed in regular attire. A highlight video recapped McIntyre’s appearance on Friday’s Smackdown. Phillips hyped that the winner of the WWE Championship match will face Roman Reigns at Survivor Series.

McIntyre stood in the ring and welcomed viewers to Raw. He said Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition. He said he’s lived in the United States for a third of his life and he loves Thanksgiving. McIntyre said he is thankful for family and friends he can lean on, his fans, and the WWE ThunderDome bringing everyone closer together.

McIntyre said he is mostly thankful for the doubters. He said that when you set a goal, they don’t believe in you and even talk trash. McIntyre said you have to word harder to prove them wrong. He held up three fingers and said you have to tell those doubters to read between the lines.

McIntyre looked back on his appearance on Smackdown and said he was doing Reigns a favor by telling him that he doesn’t have to worry about facing Orton. He said Reigns has put himself on a pedestal and doesn’t care about anyone, and has shoved his head up his own ass. “I am going to humble that man,” McIntyre said.

Randy Orton interviewed interrupted McIntyre via the big screen. Orton stood backstage and said he heard McIntyre talk about what he’s thankful for. Orton said he is thankful for being a 14-time WWE world champion. Orton said he is also thankful that the fine that WWE gave him for putting his hands on Adam Pearce didn’t phase him.

Orton said he’s been fined and suspended more than any WWE wrestler who has ever been under contract. Orton said he’s been at home serving suspensions longer than 80 percent of the locker room has spent in the ring. Orton said he is still in WWE and is still the best because he is the greatest wrestler ever.

Orton said he would prove it again in their WWE Championship match just as he did at Hell in a Cell. McIntyre said Orton forgot to mention the three most dangerous letters are RKO. McIntyre said he wouldn’t fall off a Hell in a Cell structure, he would hit Orton with a boot to the head and become WWE Champion.

The Miz’s music played just as McIntyre was about to leave the ring. Miz and John Morrison walked out together and worked in a plug for Miz & Mrs. airing after Raw. The duo entered the ring while noting that Miz holds the Money in the Bank contract. Miz spoke about sitting front row for the WWE Championship match.

McIntyre told Miz to imagine what he would do to him if he got involved in the match. Miz said the title could change hands tonight and if it does his hands will be on the belt. Miz asked Morrison why Bray Wyatt hides in the Firefly Funhouse. Morrison said it’s because Wyatt is afraid them.

Miz told McIntyre that change is coming whether he likes it or not. McIntyre said Orton can actually be a patient man, whereas he’s not. McIntyre walked toward Miz and Morrison, who backed out of the ring. Miz said McIntyre’s lack of patience cost him the championship. He recalled McIntyre giving out title matches, including three to Orton alone. Miz delivered another line about walking out with the title…

Powell’s POV: A good opening segment that effectively set up the WWE Championship match along with the threat of The Miz cashing in. Miz and Morrison working in the Bray Wyatt insults is worth paying attention to.

The broadcast team spoke about the WWE Championship match. Phillips said it is a WrestleMania caliber match. They shifted their focus to the Team Raw women’s team and set up highlights of COVID-19 vaccine truther Nia Jax putting Lana through their table. They also hyped Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke vs. Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Lana…

Backstage, Lana was stretching for the six-woman tag match when Baszler and Jax approached her. Lana said she earned her spot and the only way to prove it was to team with them. Baszler said Lana thinks the match is about her, but it’s actually about Baszler and Jax proving that that they run the division. Jax told Lana not to tag herself into the match. Baszler and Jax made their entrances for the six-woman tag match… [C]

1. Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke vs. Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Lana. The remainder of the entrances were televised. Lana wanted to start the match, but Baszler stepped in while Jax barked at Lana to get out. Baszler dumped Brooke to ringside. Jax hoisted her up, but dropped her to clothesline a charging Rose. Jax put the taped up arm of Rose on the ring steps, then Baszler stomped on Rose’s arm. [C]

Phillips noted that Rose had been taken to the back with a shoulder injury. Saxton said it was terrible news for Team Raw at Survivor Series. Baszler ended up applying her finisher to Asuka when Lana tagged herself into the match. Lana covered Asuka for a two count. Jax yelled at Lana to get out of the ring. Asuka quickly put Lana in the Asuka Lock for the win.

Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Lana in 7:00.

After the match, Jax cleared the broadcast table. Baszler tossed Lana to ringside. Jax told Lana that she showed a lot of courage, then helped her up. Jax then hoisted up Lana and put her through the broadcast table again…

Powell’s POV: Another week, another Lana table spot. I guess the Rose “injury” means there’s an open spot on Team Raw. Is Charlotte Flair returning?

Highlights aired from last week of Keith Lee and Riddle beating Braun Strowman and Sheamus…

Backstage, AJ Styles had the Team Raw t-shirts and stood by his giant associate while telling Lee, Riddle, Strowman, and Sheamus that they have a big advantage over Smackdown on paper. Styles spoke about being the captain. Sheamus told him that he’s not the captain. Styles said they would lose if they continue to fight each other.

Styles said none of them like to lose and they need to come together. He called for a tuneup match to get on the same page against Retribution. Styles passed out the t-shirts and told the group that he would make them a winning team if they follow his lead. Riddle told Styles that he had an idea for a nickname for his associate. Styles cut him off. Styles assumed the big man didn’t speak. “Of course I do,” the big man told him. Styles asked why he didn’t tell him. “Because you didn’t ask,” he replied…

Ramblin’ Rabbit and Abby were shown while Saxton hyped the Firefly Funhouse… An ad touted Undertaker’s appearance at Survivor Series… [C]

Dana Brooke was interviewed by Charly Caruso outside the trainer’s room where Mandy Rose was being treated. Brooke spoke about how out of line the attack by Jax and Baszler was when she was attacked and left lying by Reckoning (Mia Yim) of Retribution…

Powell’s POV: Well, at least Brooke doesn’t have a long crawl to the trainer’s room. I guess they are making multiple changes to Team Raw for Survivor Series.

The Firefly Funhouse with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss aired. Wyatt spoke about how Miz isn’t so nice. Wyatt said he wanted to help Miz with his issues. He offered him a lesson in manners. Bliss mentioned Miz vs. Wyatt tonight. Wyatt told Miz he didn’t want him to repeat himself because then he’d see his bad side (Fiend footage flashed).

Wyatt said he had all his friends there to help him prepare for the match. They cut to Wyatt wearing a blindfold. When the puppets came near him, he hit them. They made another cut to Bliss asking Wyatt to spell jackass. Wyatt spelled it “M-I-Z”. Wyatt told Miz that he never misses, then threw a dart that hit the rabbit puppet, which led to him and Bliss laughing and signing off…

The Hurt Business made their entrances while the broadcast team hyped the Raw Tag Title match… [C] An ad for Smackdown hyped Seth Rollins vs. Murphy…

Powell’s POV: For those keeping score at home, I’ve seen two AEW Dynamite commercials during the first hour of Raw tonight on DirecTV.

MVP stood in the ring with Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin. MVP said Survivor Series will feature the best of the best and there is no one better than the Hurt Business. MVP said Lashley will squeeze the life out of Sami Zayn. Benjamin said that he and Alexander would take out New Day and win the Raw Tag Titles, then go to Survivor Series to face The Street Profits. MVP said they would control most of the gold on Raw.

New Day’s entrance music interrupted the promo. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods spoke as they walked to the ring. Kingston said Hurt Business told a bunch of lies, but they were truthful when they said it will be the best of the best at Survivor Series. Kingston said they sound like a bunch of jerks.

MVP said something, but Kingston told him to let him get his punchline in. Kingston said the Hurt Business should call themselves the Jerk Business. “That was your punchline?” MVP asked. Phillips hyped the tag title match as coming up after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: The Jerk Business? An army of writers, countless edits, and somehow that lame ass line made the cut?

Wyatt vs. Miz was officially announced for later in the show…

Powell’s POV: Miz went from being terrified by The Fiend invading his home on Smackdown to now mocking Wyatt during promos and apparently accepting a singles match with him. Sigh.

[Hour Two] 2. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin (w/MVP) for the Raw Tag Titles. Woods was isolated early on by the challengers. Kingston took a tag and worked over Benjamin and picking up a two count off a cross body block.

Kingston went for a Boom Drop, but Benjamin shot up and caught him, then performed a buckle bomb. Alexander tagged in. Benjamin held up Kingston while Alexander dove from the ropes onto him and then covered him for a near fall. [C]

Kingston was isolated and then it was Woods’ turn to take a hot tag. Woods hit a missile dropkick on Alexander for a two count. Kingston checked back in and performed a double stomp to the chest of Alexander, which led to another two count. Benjamin took out Woods and then dumped Kingston to ringside. Alexander performed a few suicide dives.

Benjamin ran Kingston into the ring post, then slid him back inside the ring. Benjamin performed an Olympic Slam on Kingston for a near fall. Alexander tagged in and ended up going for the pin, but it was broken up by Woods. Kingston cleared Benjamin to ringside and tagged in Woods. Kingston and Woods teamed up for their Daybreak finisher on Alexander, which resulted in Alexander being pinned by Woods…

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in 16:50 to retain the Raw Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: I thought we might see a title change in this match. I like Hurt Business, but I’m happy that we’re going to see New Day vs. Street Profits on Sunday, as it’s the most appealing of the currently advertised champion vs. champion matches.

Backstage, Sheamus unveiled a trunk that he said he thought was lost forever and belongs with McIntyre. McIntyre opened the trunk and said he thought he’d never see the items again. He spoke about family history and his mother telling him stories. When he returned around, Sheamus presented him with a sword…

Powell’s POV: I am so thankful that my family didn’t have a sword that was passed down through the generations. I’d be struggling to type this report with three fingers and one thumb if someone had gifted my stupid ass a sword.

AJ Styles and his giant associate made their entrance… [C]

Mustafa Ali delivered a promo while the rest of Retribution stood by. Ali indicated that Team Raw underestimates them. Reckoning said they will alway stay a step ahead. Ali said they just need to stand back and watch Team Raw fall. Ali questioned if the captain would go down with his own ship…

3. Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, Riddle, and Sheamus vs. “Retribution” Ali, T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack. AJ Styles sat in on commentary while the big man stood behind him. Sheamus and Strowman reached out for an early tag from Riddle. Strowman knocked Sheamus to ringside. Sheamus and Strowman bickered. Styles intervened and tried to calm them down, but they both shoved him once he said he was the captain. Styles bumped into the big man, who glared at Strowman. [C]

Styles was back at the broadcast table with the big man behind him while the match continued coming out of the break. Riddle made a hot tag to Lee, which resulted in legal man Ali racing to his corner to tag out. Lee destroyed the other members of Retribution, and even used Slapjack as a weapon by swinging him into T-Bar and Mace.

Lee was pulled to ringside where he grabbed T-Bar and Mace by the throat, but Ali performed a suicide dive that drove Lee into the broadcast table. Back inside the ring, Ali covered Lee, who kicked out aggressively. Sheamus tagged himself in, then Strowman did the same. Strowman set up for a powerslam on Ali, but Sheamus pulled Ali down. Strowman shoved Sheamus over the top tope to the floor, then shoved Riddle to the mat. Ali shoved Riddle into Strwoman, then rolled up Riddle and pinned him.

“Retribution” Ali, T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack defeated Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, Riddle, and Sheamus in 12:10.

After the match, Styles entered the ring and threw a fit while the bickering continued…

Powell’s POV: Retribution wins! Retribution wins! Retribution wins! It’s still a terrible faction that needs to be put out of its misery so that the talented members can move on and have a chance to find success.

Nikki Cross was backstage searching for Alexa Bliss. Sarah Schreiber showed up and recalled Bliss choosing The Fiend over her, and then wondered why she was still looking for her. Cross said that was The Fiend talking and she needs to get Bliss away from him no matter what.

Schreiber stumbled upon Jeff Hardy, who showed off a wanted flier that Elias left regarding the hit and run. Hardy knew it was Elias, because the number read “555-AMEN”. Hardy said he would give Elias the big break he’s been looking for… [C]

Powell’s POV: If this is how Hardy responds to false accusations, let’s hope that he avoids a career in politics.

Elias was shown playing the guitar in his locker room when Hardy barged in and asked him about the fliers. Hardy once again told Elias that he didn’t hit him with the car. Elias said Hardy is the only one who knows what happened that night because he is the one who did it. Hardy shoved Elias against the wall and said that if Elias continues to accuse him then he’ll be guilty of doing a lot worse…

The Miz and John Morrison headed to the ring. Miz actually brought up the past angle with Wyatt and his daughter, then said he also said some things he regretted and they should just consider it water under the bridge. Miz pitched the idea of the two of them working together during the WWE Championship match to make their dreams come true.

Alexa Bliss made her entrance and said, “He said no.” Nikki Cross came out and made her latest pitch to Bliss, who said she’s right. Bliss hit Cross and then they fought until Adam Pearce, Pat Buck, and a referee pulled them apart. Bray Wyatt’s entrance music played, which caused Bliss to go from angry to all smiles. Wyatt and Bliss walked arm and arm to the ring together… [C]

4. Bray Wyatt (w/Alexa Bliss) vs. The Miz (w/John Morrison). Wyatt told Miz that it didn’t have to be this way. He offered a handshake and said he would forgive him. Miz ended up hitting Wyatt, who smiled. Wyatt came right back with a headbutt. “Oopsy daisy,” Wyatt said to Bliss. Morrison hit Wyatt with a cheap shot from the floor. Bliss climbed through the ropes and smiled, causing Morrison to backtrack.

[Hour Three] Miz performed a series of offensive moves that concluded with a DDT. Miz covered Wyatt, who kicked out at one. Miz threw Daniel Bryan kicks at Wyatt, who ducked the finale kick. Miz avoided Wyatt’s finisher, then ran the ropes and ate a big clothesline.

Wyatt worked over Miz and then did his upside down pose in the corner. Morrison grabbed Wyatt’s foot, which led to Wyatt glaring at him. Bliss dove onto Morrison and they both tumbled over the barricade. Miz hit Wyatt from behind. Miz followed up with his running clothesline in the corner, but Wyatt grabbed him and put him away with Sister Abigail.

Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz in 4:50.

Afterward, Bliss stuck her head over the barricade and grinned. Bliss climbed onto the barricade and did a tightrope walk while Wyatt applauded her. Wyatt and Bliss headed up the ramp, then stopped when The Fiend image appeared on the big screen. The lights went out…

Powell’s POV: I’m still not sure what they want fans to feel when it comes to Wyatt and Bliss. Wyatt beating Miz can be labeled as a babyface move, but Bliss attacking the lovable Cross is definitely a heel move.

Phillips hyped the WWE Championship match as coming up later in the show. A video package on McIntyre and Orton aired with past and present footage of both men… [C]

The broadcast team touted AdWeek naming Stephanie McMahon one of the most powerful women in sports…

Backstage, Adam Pearce said that neither Rose nor Brooke would be able to compete at Survivor Series. Pearce said Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce would replace them on Team Raw. When Pearce exited, Asuka arrived and yelled in Japanese. Caruso smiled as Asuka walked away…

Powell’s POV: I guess they want the women’s Team Raw to be all heels and whatever Lana is supposed to be.

Phillips, Saxton, and Joe ran through the Survivor Series lineup and hyped Undertaker’s appearance…

Randy Orton was interviewed by Caruso backstage. He cut her off and said that he has a long list of distractions right now. “Trust me when I say that you don’t want to be on that long list of distractions,” Orton said… [C]

Sheamus, Kingston, Woods, and Asuka were announced as the guests on Raw Talk…

Angel Garza looked into the camera and spoke to the ladies again. He considers himself the thorn on the rose that protect their beauty. He told the women to look at the man on the couch next to them and question whether he will defend their beauty. He offered another rose…

Baszler and Jax spoke backstage and agreed that they don’t need partners at Survivor Series. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce showed up. Evans said she hoped they weren’t thinking about trying to push them around. Royce said they were happy to be on Raw and asked about strategizing, then backed down when Jax wasn’t pleased with the question. Jax said she hadn’t seen anything that bad since Quibi…

Powell’s POV: Quibi was such a bad idea that there’s probably a good chunk of the viewing audience that wasn’t even aware of the short-lived streaming platform.

Drew McIntyre made his entrance wearing a kilt and carrying the sword from the trunk that Sheamus gave him earlier in the night. McIntyre stuck the sword in the stage and then headed to the ring… [C]

An ad hyped NXT and the “Undertaker: The Last Ride” documentary for Wednesday on USA Network… Mark Henry was shown as one of the faces on the ThunderDome screens… Randy Orton made his entrance…

5. Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. McIntyre got an early near fall off a spinebuster. Orton rolled to ringside, grabbed his title belt, and tried to leave. McIntyre ran after Orton and hit him from behind, then rolled him back inside the ring.

McIntyre set up for his finisher, but Orton ducked out of the way, causing McIntyre to crash and burn. Orton rolled to ringside again while McIntyre sold back pain. Adam Pearce walked out with a mic and told Orton that the match would continue as a no disqualification, no count-out match, and there would be a winner via pinfall or submission. McIntyre got back to his feet and smiled. [C]

Orton worked over McIntyre with a chair coming out of the break and covered him for a two count. McIntyre sold back pain and then rolled to ringside. Orton followed and performed a back suplex onto the barricade. Orton smirked while surveying the damage, then pulled off the top part of the ring steps while Phillips reminded viewers of the added stipulations. Orton rammed the steps onto the head of McIntyre, then rolled him back inside the ring and covered him for a two count.

Back at ringside, Orton dropped McIntyre onto the broadcast table. Orton mounted McIntyre on the table and worked him over with punches to the head. Orton picked up Orton and dropped him on the table again. McIntyre battled back with punches, then slammed Orton onto the table, which still didn’t break. McIntyre slammed Orton onto the table again and it actually remained intact. McIntyre went for a Claymore Kick, but Orton moved and McIntyre landed back first on the table and skidded to the floor behind it. They cut to a split-screen ad. [C]

Orton pulled a chair out from underneath the ring and set it up on the floor. When they returned to full screen, McIntyre fought back and rolled Orton inside the ring. McIntyre tried to follow, but Orton kicked the ropes into McIntyre’s groin, which led to a two count. Orton applied the chinlock of doom. McIntyre fought out of it and performed a pair of suplexes. McIntyre motioned for Orton to get up, then put him down with a neckbreaker. McIntyre kipped up.

McIntyre went for a Future Shock DDT, but Orton avoided it. McIntyre charged Orton in the corner and was pushed over the top rope. McIntyre went up top and Orton punched him. After some fighting on the ropes, Orton executed a superplex and led to a two count just before the 20:00 mark. A “this is awesome” chant was piped in. McIntyre caught Orton in a backslide for a two count and then followed up with a Future Shock DDT for another near fall.

McIntyre went for his finisher, but Orton caught him with a powerslam. Back at ringside, Orton performed a draping DDT from the broadcast table. Orton had blood trickling down his back as hie pulled McIntyre back through the ropes and hit another draping DDT. Orton struck the Viper’s Pose. McIntyre got up and Orton went for the RKO, but McIntyre shoved him into the ropes and then dropped him with a Claymore Kick and scored the three count.

Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton in 24:15 to win the WWE Championship.

Afterward, McIntyre looked into the camera and told Roman Reigns to save a place at the table because he’s coming over. Phillips hyped McIntyre vs. Reigns for Survivor Series. McIntyre left the ring and said next stop, Survivor Series…

Powell’s POV: A very good title match with good back and forth action. It’s a rare treat to see a world title change on free regular television. WWE did a nice job of building it up and teased all sorts of scenarios involving The Miz and Bray Wyatt, but they ultimately delivered a straight forward match that resulted in the crowning of a new champion. I just hope that they are not doing this with only Survivor Series in mind, as McIntyre vs. Reigns is a potential WrestleMania main event. That said, the title change definitely gives Survivor Series a stronger main event.

Overall, WWE managed to fill the time a little better than usual tonight and offered solid hype for the Survivor Series event. Let me know what you thought of the show by assigning it a letter grade in our post show poll available on the main page. I will return shortly with my audio review for Dot Net Members. Thanks for watching along with me tonight.

Join me for live coverage of WWE Survivor Series on Sunday. Dot Net Members will hear an audio review co-hosted by Jake Barnett and I on Sunday night. Join us on our ad-free website via PWMembership.net.


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