NBA teams boycotting playoff games on a night AEW was bumped by TNT

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

It turns out that AEW Dynamite could have aired tonight in its usual time slot on TNT. NBA players are boycotting today’s scheduled playoff games in protest of a police officer shooting Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Bucks opted against playing their scheduled game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday afternoon, and the league has announced that the two additional NBA playoff games that were scheduled for tonight will also be postponed.

Powell’s POV: AEW is scheduled to air live from Jacksonville, Florida’s Daily Place on Thursday night. There’s no word yet as to how the NBA will handle the rescheduling of the postponed games or whether it will lead to additional changes with AEW’s scheduled airings. Far more importantly, seven times?



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  1. 7 times with his 3 sons in the car. It’s murder, even under any standard that any police force I’m aware of uses, and the fact that they still haven’t brought those cops in to press charges is infuriating.

    • How can it be murder when no one died? You offer a moronic opinion on every subject you touch.

      • Ah yes, I accidentally left attempted out of the sentence.

        So, it’s attempted murder and they should be brought in on charges.

    • He was harrasing an ex, cops arrive to arrest for warrant for raping a 14 year old, he resists, gets tased, tells cops he has a knife in the car and fights police to get to the car. He reaches into the car to get the knife so police open fire. Oh, and his children are in the car.

        • If I cop were killed, your silence would have been deafening. I understand the need to talk about the correlation between the NBA’s schedule and AEW’s. I just think the social commentary needs to be left out.

          • Not going to happen. It doesn’t happen often, but it will happen when I feel compelled. End of story. And there’s a reason I kept it simple. It’s a complex case. But regardless of what happened, the question I asked remains. Seven times?

            And as for the cop side, I live in Minnesota and have watched the George Floyd situation closely. As much as I condemn Derek Chauvin and his veteran partner, I voiced my opinion in my Q&A audio show on the members’ side that I personally don’t feel good about the two newcomer cops being fired and standing trial.

            The other commenter used the liberal label along with a not so witty right wing slogan. He let us know where he stands and that’s his right. But I’m really tired of everything being framed as political. You can have independent thoughts on what’s right or wrong regardless of how you vote. I find it truly dangerous when people turn politics into a team sport and blindly follow one side or the other and don’t think for themselves. Neither side is entirely right or wrong. So, hey, there’s the social commentary that you weren’t looking for.

      • Firing 7 times in that situation, knowing that children are in the car, violates the most basic protocol of any properly trained police force.

        No threat of a gun and no actual threatening move with the knife he claimed to have, means a close quarters engagement with children present was completely out of line. Nothing in the video suggests they tried even basic de-escalation techniques and just went with brute force from minute one. They made the situation worse and then shot the guy in the back 7 times. That’s attempted 2nd degree murder in that context.

        Before one of the little douchebags here pretends to try and counter argue any of what I said, I spent 7 years as part of the training team for the US Capitol Police and DC Metro Police, as well as participated in training exercises with the Secret Service and Joint Counter Intelligence Training Academy.

        • And of course the shooting victim has no control over his own fate by, for example, peacefully submitting to arrest and letting the courts resolve the legal issues in his case (sex with a 14 year old, which I imagine is illegal even in your house). And you claim to have been involved with law enforcement in your career? Tell me another lie. No cop thinks citizens are free to refuse arrest. BTW Mr., real guts there in ignoring comments that refute your Only Black Lives.atter thesis. But then you can’t spell Liberal without Liar, can you? Phony.

          • I don’t waste time debating. The points the person wanted to make were made, but it still failed to address one thing – seven times?

          • The answer to your rhetorical “seven times” is, as was noted in my original response, that is for the courts to sort out. I work in the criminal injustice system as a defense attorney. On the one hand, police have the authority I
            to overcome resistance to arrest, and the law also allows them to use a level of force that exceeds what would be considered legitimate self defense by a civilian in the same situation. On the other hand, there is a proportionality requirement for use of force that even applies to police officers in taking arrestees into custody. Seven shots may well constitute excessive police use of force under Wisconsin law.

            But once more, that begs my question: why are black people now free to commit any and all crimes without consequences, or even having to answer for their behavior in a court of law, rather than on the street in a kill or be killed dual? Is that really a society you want to live in? I don’t. And I suspect a lot more people agree with me than with you that all people are responsible for their behavior towards their fellow citizens. And that includes police officers holding the awesome power of life or death in their hands.
            Finally, I am not right wing, if that is your go-to insult. I oppose anyone with power exercising it for private benefit instead of for public purpose. As a result, I oppose the current bipartisan Establishment that jointly works for the already successful to keep the rest of the society insecure and therefore powerless. So next time try engaging on the merits. You might learn something.

          • I suggest you stop using right wing rhetoric when making your arguments. “Why are black people now free to commit any and all crimes without consequences?” I think you are showing your true colors here. You really believe this is what’s happening? I don’t want to live in a society where any person can commit crimes without consequence. I want to live in a society where people are truly treated equally. Did George Floyd deserve to be killed for passing a counterfeit $20 bill? I’d be just as outraged if this happened to a person of any color. No one is protesting or voicing their displeasure over people of color being charged with crimes they deserve to be charged with. That’s not what this is about. And if you really don’t see that then there’s no point in even continuing this discussion.

          • Can’t engage in debate without name calling, I see. There is a reason the Greeks refute ad hominem attacks as a debating tactic.
            Facts are facts, sir. Prosecutors in urban metropolitan areas all over the country are systematically refusing to prosecute all manner of crimes, from traffic offenses to first degree murder, strictly due to the race of the offender, in the name of restorative justice. You may pretend not to be aware of this, or be supportive of the politics of revenge as long as someone you care about is not victimized, and your political party wins election based on this choice. But that reality exists, nonetheless.
            Your own city is feeling the effects of this powerplay right now. You may think yourself safe from the impact, but that illusion will be burst in due time.
            BTW, Mr. Floyd was not killed by the actions of any of the police officers involved in his attempted arrest. The medical examiner has twice reported he died from multiple drug overdoses, not the knee to his neck. The examiner may lie at the cops’ trials to try avoid more riots due to a legally-proper acquittal of those officers, but that will not change the medical reality.
            Floyd, like Blake, could have avoided death by immediately submitting to arrest, as in Floyd’s case he would then have received medical care for his self-induced condition. Once more,according to you, black people have no agency, so when bad things happen to them due to their own behavior precipitating a situation it is always someone else’s fault. They are not children. They are accountable for their actions like the rest of us.
            You may think a Biden Administration is worth the death and destruction to achieve that result. You will learn your error in making that assessment when the Harris Administration comes to power in 2021. They both work for the Oligarchs who enslave us all in materialistic wage chains, just like the Republicans. No difference.

          • What name did I call you?

          • Right wing rhetoric is meant as a slur and a signal not to take the substance of the speaker’s comments seriously as an opinion. You know what you were doing with that description of me.
            Funny thing is, I reject both left and right as having all wisdom. Both liberated people who want to give the unknown future a chance (liberals, or adventurers as my old political science professor Annoush Khoshkish called them) and conservatives (who trust a status quo that to them has stood the test of time) believe only their way of life is valid, because they themselves are most comfortable in those circumstances, but each fail to acknowledge that they want to conserve and preserve the new things created by their exercise of freedom (liberals) or sometimes liberate themselves from old ways of doing things (conservatives). In other words, while mouthing their favored platitudes they live life in both liberated and preservationist mode when they have something to preserve/conserve or a new way of living to try out, despite the old ways being generally best.
            The world is both liberal and conservative because humans are both in temperament and action, and as a result the reality on the ground will reflect both liberalism and conservatism in human society. Therefore, people of each persuasion must accept the other mode of thought and action,and together work out a modus Vivendi between citizens so each philosophy can live and breath in harmony.
            I would pursue this goal by way of a sovereign wealth fund based universal basic income derived from a 50-50 split of all for-profit organizations between owners and employees, with the national government owning that 50% share (acquired by the Federal Reserve using its quantitative easing power to fund that purchase). If this plan makes me a right wing fanatic, we have an inconsistent definition of your terminology.
            In any event, take this explanation for my broad view on life for whatever it is worth to you in understanding me. I just don’t follow trends or public “truths” that are unreal in fact. Sorry if that offends you as a public persona who must mouth the lies of the day to stay online, where your profit derives. The Million Dollar Man was right: everyone has a price. I value reality

          • Nice response. Very insightful. . . . Wait. Nothing? Big shock. Stay in you lane, scribbler. Political-Economy is not your strength. Neither is coherence.

          • I’m sorry that I didn’t cancel my podcast to respond to you sooner? I didn’t resort to name calling. If you don’t want to people to assume that you’re a right winger, then I told you not to use right wing rhetoric. The advice stands. And then you exposed yourself as a hypocrite by resorting to name calling (scribbler, social injustice warrior, etc.) There is literally no point in continuing the conversation and giving you the attention that you clearly crave beyond this reply. You have all the answers. You even assume that you know about me and my beliefs. All of this was sparked by me asking “seven times?” You can find a lot of people asking that same question today. I’m sure some of them will be happy to engage you. You lost me when you showed your true colors and you’ve continued to do so through further posts.

        • You’ve been called out. Tell me again why a person the police intend to arrest has the right to refuse to submit to that arrest on the street, rather then defend the matter in a court of law?
          The police deadly force response to his active and physical resistance would not have taken place without said resistance. So why are the police in the wrong here exactly-are they required to let him drive off and thumb his nose at their lawful authority to arrest?
          And if that is your position, how are we to enforce any criminal law-or is it just blacks that may ignore any attempt to restrain their behavior? You are a moron if you think it is okay to allow suspects to determine their own detention.
          But you know that-the whole gig is to elect Biden so Harris, who could not get 1% of the vote on her own, can become President when Biden resigns for health reasons in June 2021, then Harris takes over to be the puppet smiling face while the rich continue to drive down wages with open borders and trade deals moving jobs overseas, followed by the robot revolution that eliminates all jobs by 2030. Hope you social injustice warriors enjoy your bondage. It will be deserved

          • So the pontificator cannot take a push back against his point of view. Never saw that coming. Like Twitter censoring one side of the political divide, yet allowing the other side to engage in threats and doxing behavior, meant to signal to its enforcers to hurt the people they disagree with.
            You calling me a right winger was meant to shut down the conversation. You might as well have called me a Nazi or White nationalist. Same difference. And of course even when I explain how I am not wedded to one side of life’s philosophies you do not engage, or admit your own sympathies are just that, emotional attachments, not Truth. There are multiple realities created by humans with multiple perspectives, not one way as the only right way to live.
            You think your side has finally found the keys to the kingdom with the racist slur as ending all discussion, and that with this one word you can achieve everlasting power. You will find out how wrong you and your side is in due time. For now, as always, the Lives That Really Matter are amused, but not worried. Useful idiots are plentiful to the weightier elements of society, the powers that be, the oligarchs, whatever you care to call those who rule by dividing us all.

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