Jim Ross on WWE talent cuts, what those wrestlers should do next, the death of Howard Finkel and his favorite moments working with the late legend

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On WWE releases and his role as Head of Talent Relations during in his WWE days: Yeah, there’s no there’s no fun in it whatsoever. The worst thing you can do in that role was to tell somebody that just worked all their lives to get to the WWE and they grew up watching it, that they wouldn’t be a star. They want to be a superstar like their predecessors. The dream part now is over and and that’s a really tough situation for these talents.

What should the talents do next: The option now is to reset. This is not the end of the world. This is not the worst thing that’s going to happen to them. It’s not the worst thing they’re going to be dealt in their lifetime. They’ve got to regroup, they’ve got to stay positive, don’t burn any bridges, be smart and try to create. You know if I were them and I’m unemployed, I would be coming up with ideas so that existing companies might use me down the road. I would be trying to give them some ideas on how I could best be utilized. But it was a sad day for those guys and gals.

On the death of Howard Finkel: It’s very sad that we have to talk about the death Howard Finkel, the first ever employee of the WWE. Howard was a great friend and nobody loved pro wrestling more than him. He was a fixture there in my run, my 26 years there. Howard was very very prominent there, always accommodating, a generally nice guy and some one might say that he loved wrestling too much, I don’t know, but I can be accused that myself. Howard’s loss is felt by all of us.

JR’s favorite moments working with Howard Finkel: Howard, before the social media craze, before podcasting, before all the Twitter, and social media stuff, he would read a lot of information on the newsletters. So if something would come up and it would be newsworthy, Howard would be on top of it. The other thing I remember was conversations with Howard and he would love to give me the bad news as well. Getting a knock on my door and I was right in the middle of something; my door opens, and I’m usually working on payroll stuff, the tedious stuff and I need to be really paying attention to this information. So, he knocked on my door and I said ‘it’s alright Howard who died?’ (laughs) Well you know he loved breaking the news to me. He was always keeping up with the business…. Howard was a real student of the game. He lived his dream working for WWE.

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