Powell’s MLW Fusion TV Review: Killer Kross, Marshall Von Erich, Ross Von Erich, and Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Team Filthy in an eight-man tag match, Zenshi vs. El Lindaman, Richard Holliday vs. Mance Warner’s mystery man


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Major League Wrestling Fusion (Episode 102)
Taped February 1, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 2300 Arena
Aired March 21, 2020 on beIN Sports and MLW’s YouTube Page

Fusion opened with a recap of last week’s Killer Kross vs. Tom Lawlor main event that resulted in Team Filthy interfering for the disqualification and set up this week’s eight-man tag main event… The Fusion opening aired… The broadcast team was Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch…

Powell’s POV: For what it’s worth, MJF is still featured in the Dynasty image as part of the Fusion opening. I’m still holding out hope for more MJF in MLW despite his deal expiring, as the other members spoke to “Max” by telephone recently.

1. El Lindaman vs. Zenshi. Lindaman targeted the right arm and shoulder of Zenshi that was wrapped coming into the match. Zenshi fought back, but Lindaman ended up applying a cross arm breaker. Zenshi was able to reach the ropes with his legs to break the hold.

Lindaman followed up with a northern lights suplex into the corner and a German suplex that led to a near fall. Zenshi came back with a Pele kick. Zenshi rallied and went for an Ace Crusher, but Lindaman countered into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall, then followed up with a tiger suplex and scored the clean pin…

El Lindaman defeated Zenshi.

Powell’s POV: A well worked match. The crowd was quiet because they haven’t been given a reason to care about either wrestler. Lindaman makes occasional appearances in MLW and AEW. Zenshi has talent, but MLW hasn’t done anything to make him stand out from the other masked wrestlers thus far. Hopefully that will change.

The broadcast team hyped upcoming matches and LA Park in the kitchen(?)…

A backstage promo featuring the Von Erichs, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Killer Kross aired. The Von Erics said their father told them to choose their friends wisely and that’s what they did. Smith said he’s been in the ring with Kross and they’ve both spilled blood and now have each other’s backs. Kross said Team Filthy is in big trouble because they picked a fight with people they can’t defeat. Kross said Tom Lawlor needs to learn the lesson that you never cross a killer. “Everybody pays the toll,” Kross closed…

Kirsch recapped Mance Warner pinning Gino Medina, then said Warner was attacked by MJF at the pay window. Kirsch said MJF is banned from the building, while Warner will be the corner of his mystery man. Warner checked in and said he would pick up his mystery man in his truck, then the mystery man would whoop some ass. Warner said he has something special for MJF…

Richard Holliday was interviewed by Alicia Atout about facing the mystery man. Holliday said the mystery man could be a bartender, a truck driver, Kwang, or the ghost of Carlos Colon. Atout said she’s pretty sure Colon is still alive. Holliday said whoever it is will be breathing rarified air. He also noted that his Caribbean Title belt was at the cleaners…

Josef Samael was featured in a Contra video. He said there have been rumors of their next attack. He said they may be in various places around the world, his soldiers remain behind hidden among you… A Pagano teaser aired…

Holliday checked in and noted that his lawyer/father said he should not be be subject to face an opponent selected by a drunken person. Holliday said The Dynasty always wins one way or another…

Bocchini hyped King Mo vs. Low Ki, and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver for next week…

Footage aired of the Injustice trio of Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, and Kotto Brazil attacking Brian Pillman Jr. at an undisclosed location before being quickly run off by Davey Boy Smith Jr…

Richard Holliday made his entrance wearing the Caribbean Championship belt (that polishing shop provides quick service!). Backstage, Mance Warner was shown keeping doors closed while telling his mystery man to hold on. Warner made his entrance carrying a 12-pack of beer, which he set on the timekeeper’s table. Warner took the mic and touted that his mystery man has a history of being extreme. The BWO graphic appeared on the screen and then Blue Meanie made his entrance…

2. Richard Holliday vs. Blue Meanie. Warner sat in on commentary. There was a “let’s go, Meanie” chant to start. Holliday did his own version of Meanie’s dance. Meanie responded with a strut and then did his dance. Holliday said it was a big moment for him and asked Meanie if they could do the dance together. Meanie offered to teach him.

During the lesson, Holliday hit Meanie from behind and then went on the offensive. Meanie came back with some punches and got a two count. Holliday avoided a charging Meanie in the corner, then dropped him with an elbow for a two count of his own. Holliday worked over Meanie. Warner stood up and jawed at Holiday, who then walked over Meanie. Holliday went to ringside and mocked Warner for choosing Meanie. Holliday asked Warner if he could have a beer, then took a can and teased a toast before pouring some onto the ground. Holliday tried to return to the ring, but Warner stopped him and sprayed beer in Holliday’s face. The referee counted out Holliday…

Blue Meanie beat Richard Holliday via count-out.

Powell’s POV: Some lighthearted comedy with Meanie making another return to the old ECW Arena and getting a flukey win thanks to Warner. This was harmless. Holliday wasn’t damaged in any way and it just moves things forward to an eventual match between Warner and Holliday (or MJF?). I’m hoping that we’ll see Holliday start to work with some of the better workers in an attempt to elevate him in the singles division.

Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, and Kotto Brazil were interviewed by Atout, who asked the Injustice trio whether they have a beef with the AAA promotion. They all denied it. Oliver said his beef is with MLW management for bringing in guys from a different country and act like they are superstars when they have superstars. Reed said they are the real superstars. Atout brought up Oliver facing Pillman next week. “Hopefully he’s healthy,” Reed said regarding Pillman…

The PWI top ten rankings for the MLW heavyweight contenders to the title held by Jacob Fatu were listed (no changes from last week).
10. King Mo
9. Low Ki
8. Mance Warner
7. MJF
6. Richard Holliday
5. Brian Pillman Jr.
4. Tom Lawlor
3. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
2. Myron Reed (MLW Middleweight Champion)
1. Alexander Hammerstone (MLW National Openweight Champion)

Low Ki delivered a promo taped prior to the show about facing King Mo on next week’s show. Low Ki listed some of Mo’s big name opponents from MMA, then said said he appears a little punch drunk. “By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be shit kick faced,” Ki closed..

King Mo and Dan Lambert were interviewed by Atout. Mo said he searched for Low Ki on YouTube and all he saw was a midget getting bodyslammed. Lambert said he demanded that Low Ki have a cornerman to throw in the towel and save Low Ki’s life once Mo gets his hands on him…

Los Parks stood backstage and demonstrated how to cool sausage and eggs on a hotplate. LA Park called it a champion’s meal and said he would also explain their strategy for beating their opponents. Graphics on the screen popped up to help with the cooking demonstration. LA Park broke two eggs and spoke about kicking his opponents “in these” as his demonstration for beating them. Park threw a fit about not having the proper tools to cook.

Powell’s POV: My home state of Minnesota really needs to legalize marijuana so that I can properly enjoy this segment.

Ring entrances for the main event took place with Team Filthy coming out first. Lawlor grabbed a mic and heeled on the “smart marks” in the crowd. He said if the fans were looking for the definition of smart marks, they should take a selfie of themselves and throw it off a bridge so they don’t have to look at the image. Two fans were shown mugging for selfie photos. A “shut the f— up” chant broke out. Lawlor told the fans that there were kids in the crowd, then a smiling young girl was shown. “Screw this place,” Lawlor said before handing over the mic to the ring announcer, who then introduced the babyface team…

3. Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Ross Von Erich, and Marshall Von Erich vs. Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, and Kit Osbourne. The babyfaces charged the ring together and brawled with the heels to start the match. Once they settled into match mode, Ross was isolated by the heels. “You’re mine,” Kross yelled at Lawlor from the corner.

Kross eventually tagged in and performed suplexes on multiple opponents. Lawlor tagged in and knocked Kross down with a spinning heel kick. Lawlor gloated, but Kross popped right up and suplexed him. Kross tried to hit Osbourne with a forearm, but Osbourne ducked and Kross took out the referee.

Osbourne hit Smith with a low blow, then went to ringside and brought a chair back to the ring with him. Marshall stopped Osbourne from using the chair by putting the Iron Claw on him. Marshall performed an Iron Claw slam and then performed a top rope moonsault. Kross rolled the referee back into the ring and then the referee made the three count.

Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Ross Von Erich, and Marshall Von Erich defeated Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, and Kit Osbourne.

After the match, Kross took the mic and said the party was just getting started. Kross pulled a door board out from under the ring. Meanwhile, Team Filthy worked over Marshall with kendo sticks at ringside. In the ring, Smith powerbombed Osbourne through a door board in the corner of the ring. Lawlor carried Osbourne to the back.

The broadcast team hyped Pillman vs. Oliver, and Low Ki vs. King Mo for next week’s episode of Fusion. They cut back to the ringside area where the beams were still fighting while the Von Erich’s entrance them played. The fight continued in the backstage area. King Mo got involved and slammed a kendo stick over the back of Kross. Kirsch said King Mo and American Top Team had just joined Team Filthy. “What the hell?” he asked to close the show…

Powell’s POV: You had to know that Osbourne, who did the Rip Von Erich spoof, would take the loss for Team Filthy. There wasn’t much to the match. The entrances and the post match brawl were actually better. I like the idea of King Mo aligning with Tom Lawlor due to the obvious MMA connection and because it can help limit Mo’s in-ring involvement. I assume that alliance will be part of the story next week when Mo faces Low Ki, who has a lot of history with Lawlor. This week’s show was decent and did a nice job of setting the table for what looks like a good show on paper for next week. John Moore will be by with his weekly audio review for Dot Net Members.


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