Gutteridge’s WWE Statistics Series 2019: Matches Per Month (Part 6 of 7)

By Darren Gutteridge, Dot Net Contributor (originally published on

Welcome to the 2019 WWE Statistics Series! Over the past 12 months, I’ve compiled stats on every single show WWE produced. I did this last year, and basically carried it on this year because I had lots of ideas about how to make it better. I think I’ve made a lot of improvements, so hopefully these stats will be even more insightful than last year!

So far, we’ve looked at Wins and Losses, Overall Records, Non-Contract Performers, Vs. Records and part one of our breakdown of the months of the year. Today, we have part one of our breakdown of the months of the year, exploring individuals before looking at matches tomorrow.

I’ll explain some of the nuances of the stats as we go (you can explore the entire spreadsheet on Google Docs), but I’d first like to thank for their exhaustive record keeping that helped me start, maintain and double check this mammoth undertaking. Also everyone on ProWrestling.Net for the easy to skim TV reports, which I used in place of watching the shows when my free time was short.

And now, the breakdown.

The following stats are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate. They were taken from every televised WWE show between episode 1011 of Smackdown on January 1st and episode 1388 of Raw on December 30th. Matches were only counted if they aired on TV or the WWE network, and only if they aired during 2019 (this discounts any events taped in 2019 that won’t air until 2020). Also, any wins or losses that occurred whilst a wrestler wasn’t under WWE contract were not counted. They had to appear on the roster pages of either the WWE website or Wikipedia (or both) to be counted.

Matches Per Month

The average amount of matches per month was surprisingly low, rounding out to just 1 per month (1.47 to be exact). Here are those that went above and beyond to buck that trend, with the highest marches per month average.

Wrestler Matches Per Month Average
Ricochet 6 matches per month (5.75)
Seth Rollins 5 matches per month (4.50)
Kofi Kingston 4 matches per month (4.42)
Scott Dawson 4 matches per month (4.25)
Bayley / Dash Wilder 4 matches per month (4.17)

As you may expect, Ricochet also comes out on top when looking at the wrestlers with the highest number of matches in one month. I had to cut 5th place as 12 wrestlers tied on 7 matches in one month.

Wrestler Matches Per Month Average
Ricochet 11 matches (March)
Aleister Black 10 matches (March)
Kofi Kingston / Ricohet / Xavier Woods 9 matches (June / April / June)
Bayley / Kevin Owens / The Miz 8 matches (April / June / June)

Months of the Year

On average, each month of 2019 saw 120 matches, which is truly insane if you think about it. That averages out to 28 a week!

As for the peaks and troughs, July saw the highest amount of matches, with 146. This was helped by the WWE not only airing Extreme Rules, but also the Evolve 10th Anniversary show and the Smackville Network special.

March, conversely, saw the least matches, with only 97. With the build to WrestleMania cutting down on matches in favour of promos and skits, the match average dropped, and the company only ran Fastlane in this month.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow we’ll be wrapping things up with a look at titles. Who had the longest reign? Which title changed hands the most? And how much did the 24/7 Title mess everything up? Find out tomorrow, or look for yourself by checking out the comprehensive set of spreadsheets for yourself. You can also follow me on Twitter – @TheGutteridge

Network Specials include: Network Specials include: All Kickoff shows, All NXT/NXT UK Takeovers, All World’s Collide specials, All YouTube 24/7 Title changes, Halftime Heat, The Shield’s Final Chapter, Evolve 10th Anniversary, Smackville and Starrcade.

PPVs include: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, WrestleMania 35, Money in the Bank, Super Showdown, Stomping Grounds, Extreme Rules, SummerSlam, Clash of Champions, Hell in a Cell, Crown Jewel, Survivor Series and TLC.

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