ROH Wrestling TV results: Powell’s review of the Final Battle go-home show with Shane Taylor vs. Danhausen for the ROH TV Title, PJ Black vs. Bateman


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Ring of Honor Wrestling TV (Episode 429)
Taped November 2, 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Stage AE
Aired in syndication on December 8, 2019, Fridays on SBG regional sports networks, Mondays on FITE.TV

The ROH opening aired and then a video package recapped PCO defeating Marty Scurll in the finals of a tournament to earn a shot at the ROH Championship at Final Battle…

Show host Ian Riccaboni (where’s Quinn McKay?) checked in while standing in front an ROH backdrop and hyped the pay-per-view… A video package recapped Vincent (Vinny Marseglia) turning on Matt Taven to set up their Final Battle match… [C]

A video package showcased the Bully Ray and Mark Haskins feud and included comments from both men. Bully said he doesn’t know what Haskins was on when he said “I do” at his wedding. Bully said he saw more fire in the eyes of Vicky Haskins than he ever saw in Mark’s eyes. Mark said Bully has no idea who he is, but he’s about to find out…

Mark Haskins stood in the ring where a table was set up. He said there may be some confusion between his character and who he is as a person. He said if you have a problem with him then come say something to his face or do something about it. Haskins said anyone who has a problem with him can face him in the ring or go out back. Haskins took issue with Bully Ray attacking him in front of his “very gorgeous, beautiful, and somewhat psychotic wife.” Funny.

Haskins called out Bully Ray, who walked onto the stage and told Haskins to say what he had to say. Haskins told Bully to stop being a little bitch and join him in the ring. Ray grabbed a chair and stood on the apron. Haskins said maybe Ray didn’t recognize him because he wasn’t laid out. Haskins laid down and said maybe Ray would recognize him. Ray tried to enter the ring, but Haskins shot right up.

Flip Gordon entered the ring and hit Haskins from behind with the weapon he carries around. Ray pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to Gordon, then picked up Haskins and powerbombed him through the table. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise handed Ray a mic. “Your wife is trash,” Ray said to Haskins. “Your children are the offspring of trash. You are trash. You want me, you got me at Final Battle”…

A graphic listed Haskins vs. Ray in a street fight for Final Battle… [C]

Powell’s POV: A very good angle. I still have no idea why ROH creative felt the need to turn Flip Gordon heel, but I liked everything else about this angle. Ray is always good on the mic and Haskins more than held up his end.

Dalton Castle joined Joe Hendry inside a backstage room. Hendry tried to sell Castle on the idea of teaming together. Castle wondered if they would both have superpowers. Castle went off to practice shooting things with his eyes…

Powell’s POV: 2019 has been a disaster for Castle. 2020 can only be better.

1. Bateman vs. PJ Black. Riccaboni stated on commentary that Bateman has been tearing up the California independent scene. Black performed a dive onto Bateman at ringside head into a break. [C] Black performed a nice moonsault and counted along with the referee only to have Bateman kick out at two. Black followed up with a Bad Habit for another two count. Black went up top and then Bateman went to the opposite corner. Black followed and Bateman ended up giving him a tombstone piledriver and scoring the pin…

Bateman defeated PJ Black.

Powell’s POV: A solid introduction for Bateman, who is under an exclusive deal with ROH.

Backstage, Josh Woods told Silas Young that the holidays were coming up and he knew they were going to miss each other. Young asked why Woods had to say things like that. ROH COO Joe Koff entered the picture and told Young that his paperwork is okay. Koff asked Woods about the terms he wanted to discuss such as adjoining rooms and flying in a day early so that he and Young could bond. Koff said there was nothing to discuss and that’s not what he does. Once Koff left, Young took issue with Woods making those demands and said he had a lot left to learn… [C]

Powell’s POV: I want to like Young and Woods, but I have no idea what they are going for from week to week. There are times when Woods seems bothered by Young’s heelish antics, other times when he takes part in heelish behavior, and now he’s making strange demands. Pick a direction.

Shane Taylor headed to the ring with the SOS tag team and another member of Shane Taylor Promotions. Taylor boast about his ROH TV Title reign and said he would make his 12th defense. Taylor called for his next victim to come out…

2. Shane Taylor vs. Danhausen for the ROH TV Title. Danhausen wore paint and delivered an in-set promo. Riccaboni said Danhausen worked under his real name in Montreal and something came over him. He also said Danhausen lives in a world of delusion and ends every sentence with the word “hausen.” Taylor powerbombed Danhausen on the apron heading into a break. [C]

Dak Draper stood on the stage and watched the match. Riccaboni noted that Draper won the Top Prospect Tournament and has a contract for an ROH TV Title shot that he can cash in whenever he wants. Danhausen poured a jar filled with teeth into the mouth of Taylor and picked up a near fall a short time later. Taylor came back and hit his finisher for the win…

Shane Taylor defeated Danhausen to retain the ROH TV Title.

Taylor delivered a backstage promo about successfully defending his championship in Ohio. He said he has no idea who his challenger will be at Final Battle, but he will hold onto the championship by any means necessary…

Powell’s POV: Why air a promo on the go-home show that was so dated that Taylor didn’t even know who he would be facing at the pay-per-view?

Riccaboni hyped Taylor vs. Dragon Lee for the ROH TV Title. Riccaboni also set up a video package on The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham for the ROH Tag Titles… [C]

Riccaboni stood in front of the backdrop and hyped the various options for watching Final Battle. Riccaboni ran through some of the Final Battle matches…

A video package showcased Rush and PCO heading into their ROH Title match…

Powell’s POV: It was nice to see some fresh faces on the show, but the timing was very odd. I would argue that they should have been saved for next week in favor of dedicating this show to focussing entirely on the pay-per-view. That said, it’s possible that they needed to get Bateman on this week because he’ll have a role at Final Battle. Overall, it’s the same story, different week – ROH needs to blow up this format and simply produce better television shows. Join me for live coverage of ROH Final Battle on Friday night beginning with the free portion at 6CT/7ET and the main show beginning at 7CT/8ET.


Readers Comments (1)

  1. I like Flip as a heel.
    A “hired gun” mercenary sick of being ignored.
    The new persona goes well with his new look.
    Gordon is one of the only reasons I still watch ROH…which I now call Ring of HORROR.
    Since The Elite left…we get lots of Shitty Shinobi Shadow Squad matches and Shane bucket of lard Taylor getting The TV title..
    To be fair…that’s better than Punishment
    Martinez’s no charisma having ass holding the title…but really…Taylor?
    Koff is an idiot for that….
    And Rush?
    Good in ring…but zero English skills…so no promos…That’s not who you put your Flagship title on. Your champ needs to be able to cut a promo.
    I hope ROH gets their act together…but it just keeps getting worse…smdh…

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