12/4 AEW Dynamite TV results: Barnett’s live review of Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela, Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks vs. Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara, Pentagon Jr. vs. Christopher Daniels, Trent vs. Rey Fenix, Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander

By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

AEW Dynamite on TNT (Episode 10)
Aired live on December 4, 2019 from Champaign, Illinois at State Farm Center

The show opened and JR opened the show by welcoming everyone to the show. The Young Bucks made their entrance to start the show for a six man tag. They were joined by Dustin Rhodes. Excalibur and Tony Shiavone joined in on commentary as the Inner Circle Team of Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz made their entrances. 

2. The Inner Circle vs. Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks: Dustin started with Sammy Guevara, and hit a hip toss before tagging in Nick Jackson. Soon everybody was in the ring as the Bucks and Dustin hit some triple team dropkicks and double superkicks on the heels. All three heels were sent to ringside, where Matt Jackson hit a splash on them from the top rope. Dustin then hit a somersault senton, and Nick hit a springboard dive from the top. Dustin wore Young Bucks themed gear. Audio issues continue to plague the show, with blips in the sound happening occasionally. 

Matt Jackson showed off some power by hitting chain Northern Lights Suplexes on Santana and Ortiz. When he tried with all three men, they blocked it and turned the tables on the offense. Matt Jackson was isolated in the ring by the heel team, with Guevara hitting a somersault senton from the top and covering for a two count. Dustin and Nick were knocked off the apron. Proud and Powerful traded Matt Jackson around in a delayed vertical suplex, but when Guevara tried Matt escaped and hit a superkick. 

Dustin Rhodes tagged in for the hot tag and cleaned house on the heels. He paused to catch his breath while trying to keep up with the younger wrestlers in a comedic spot. Dustin then hit a top rope crossbody, followed by a destroyer on Santana. Ortiz had to break up the pin, but was quickly sent back to the floor. Ortiz grabbed the slapjack and hit Dustin and the Bucks with it. Sammy hit a 630 on Dustin, but he kicked out very late in a near fall. 

The crowd was very hot down the stretch, and Nick Jackson made a tag to keep the momentum. He hit a bulldog on Guevara, and then Matt entered to hit Sammy with a blindside spear. The then hit tandem splashes and covered, but Ortiz broke it up again. We got a wild sequence of splashes on the outside, and Sammy Guevara ended up back in control in the ring with Matt Jackson. 

Proud and Powerful entered and we saw a triple team double powerbomb and top rope stomp combination. Dustin entered to break up the pin. Sammy grabbed his phone and went back up to the top rope. He then went for a Shooting Star on no one, and dove into a double superkick. They then set him up in the corner, and hit a shattered dreams and double superkick combo. We then saw another wild combination, as Santana and Ortiz were grabbed by Dustin and Matt Jackson into a tombstone position. Nick then came off the top with a double dropkick. Dustin and Matt dropped the tombstones, and Nick fell backward onto Sammy Guevara. 

Matt then covered Sammy Guevara for the win. 

The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes defeated The Inner Circle at 11:36

After the match, the announce team said we’d hear from Chris Jericho, Brandi Rhodes, and Nyla Rose later in the show. We then got Trent’s ring entrance. He was joined by Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Rey Fenix followed. 

My Take: A wild first match. They emptied the bag of tricks when it comes to rapid fire insane spots in this one, and the crowd was mental by the end of it. This is very much a match that is tailor made to appeal to the AEW core audience. It might have been a little bewildering to more casual fans. I did enjoy it, even though it got a bit comical with the inconsistency in the selling as things went on.

2. Trent vs. Rey Fenix: Fenix nearly hit a spinning muscle buster early, and Trent nearly hit the Dudebuster. They were both able to avoid each others offense early on. Fenix took control after knocking Trent off the turnbuckle, and his head collided with it. Fenix then hit a seated dropkick…[c]

Fenix controlled the action during the break, and took to the turnbuckle as the show returned to TV. Fenix attempted a Tornillo from the top rope, but Trent landed a dropkick, followed by a half and half suplex that sent Fenix to the floor. Trent followed, but Fenix quickly sent him into the barricade. Trent shook it off and immediately replied with a spear. Trent landed a DDT and the ref checked on Fenix as he had a bit of an awkward landing. Trent then attempted a flying head scissors, but Fenix countered into a powerbomb for a two count. 

Fenix showed some impressive agility and ran the top rope to hit a soccer kick on Trent. Both men ended up on the apron, and traded chops. Trent then set up for a piledriver, but Fenix escaped. He then took to the ropes and hit a double stomp that sent Trent face first into the apron. Fenix went to the top back in the ring, and jumped directly onto Trent’s knees. Trent quickly hit a piledriver and covered for a near fall. 

Trent fired up for a running knee, but Fenix countered with a cutter. He then hit his Black Fire Driver for the win.

Rey Fenix defeated Trent at 11:15

Fenix celebrated after the match as Trent licked his wounds. The announce team said Tony was heading to the ring for an interview next…[c]

My Take: Despite enjoying this match, it would be hard to call it anything but uneven. There were moments of incredible agility and athleticism, and then there were moments with poor timing and miscues. It was still very fun, regardless. Both guys have incredible singles potential if AEW if they choose that direction.  

Cody Rhodes made his entrance as the show returned. Schiavone said it was great to see him back in the ring last week, and brought up MJF. Cody called his scar a reminder of failure, and mentioned that he can never challenge for it again. He said last week he got another beat down, and when he reached out for the people who normally help him out, everyone was a little preoccupied. His brother is in a blood feud with Santana and Ortiz, Brandi is cutting people’s hair, and his best friend kicked him in the balls at Full Gear. 

He then addressed Butcher and The Blade, and said he would have given them a match if they asked for one, but he understands the need for pomp and circumstance. He said they would have their match, and when they do Butcher and The Blade could pick his partner. He then went back at MJF, and said he took him in when others didn’t want him. People call him too short, or that he does the worst CrossRhodes in wrestling, or that he was hood rich, or a bush league NWO version of Chris Jericho. 

Cody then said if MJF wouldn’t wrestle him, he would sweeten the pot. He offered him his Black Ops Truck, his expensive watch courtesy of Tony Khan, his Luis Vuitton Shoes, and a briefcase full of cash. Cody broke off $100 for a young fan in the front row. Cody said he still thinks MJF is the future, but he would be the man to educate him. He demanded MJF name his price, and then walked off without his shoes. 

In the back, Alex Marvez asked Joey Janela why he accepted Jon Moxley’s challenge. He said he wanted to prove himself. He said he was of the first men to sign with AEW, and he felt put on a backburner. Janela told Moxley that this time it would count, and the lights would be on, and this time he’d have to kill him. Moxley walked up and just said “kids” in an exasperated way and walked off…[c]

My Take: Cody flexed on us all by showing us that he’s rich. The crowd ate it up. Cody’s promos continue to be really good, and this one was perhaps his most indulgent one yet. In a lot of circumstances you could have interpreted him as the heel in this scenario, but MJF is just that much more of an asshole.

We got another Dark Order ad that showed someone sending off an angry fanboy e-mail, and then he was shown joining the dark order in some kind of induction ceremony. The new recruits were asked to abandon their family. One of the men teared up and said his motivation for joining was wanting some friends. The rest of the members beat on him mercilessly. 

In the arena, Nyla Rose made her entrance. She was shown assaulting Shanna backstage last week, which was never shown on TV. Leva Bates was in the ring. 

2. Leva Bates vs. Nyla Rose: Nyla hit a big boot, and then draped Leva on the top turnbuckle. She then went up top and hit a driving knee to the head. Nyla then set up for the beast bomb, but Peter Avalon got involved. Leva tried to hit her with a book, but it had no effect. Avalon jumped at her from the top rope, but she caught him and hit a double chokeslam. She then hit the Beast Bomb on Bates for the win. 

Nyla Rose defeated Leva Bates at 1:38

After the match, Rose hit another beast bomb. She set up for a third, but Shanna made the save with a flying cross body. Shanna landed some strikes, but they had no effect. Nyla then hit a big powerslam…[c]

My Take: A decent squash. It was a good use of Leva Bates, who has struggled in previous appearances. 

During the break, Nyla Rose powerbombed referee Rick Knox through a table. She then powerbombed Shanna on top of him. When the show returned, Chris Jericho made his entrance with Jake Hager. Jericho said Le Champion is in Champaign. He then made fun of the town and called them all a bunch of losers, and nobody from that town has ever been as successful as him. The crowd chanted for Tony, and Jericho asked who the hell they were talking about. 

Jericho then referenced his bottles of Champagne, and plugged selling it. Jericho said he was being forced to have one more match this year in a few weeks in Corpus Christi. He said he was able to choose his opponent, and put together a list. The crowd cheered, and he introduced “The Lexicon of Le Champion”. The list was a group of people he refused to wrestle in 2019. Moxley was on the list about 25 times, and it was full of jokes, Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page,  Darby Allin, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and goofy members of the crowd. 

Eventually, Jurassic Express made their entrance. The crowd chanted for Luchasaurus. Marko grabbed a microphone and handed it to Luchasaurus. Jericho said dinosaurs and little children are not on his list. Luchasaurus referenced his masters degree in Medieval History, and said dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65 million years. He said Marko is small for his age, but he’s more man than Jericho will ever be. 

Jericho replied that Marko Stunt is small for any age. He then said if it’s not him or Marko, he can’t mean Jungle Boy. Jericho said Jack Perry hasn’t even won a match, and despite being a Hollywood golden boy, he thinks he’s a piece of shit. Jericho got in his face and said he couldn’t last 10 minutes with him. Jungle Boy said he knows he could last 10 minutes, and that he would kick his ass. He then slapped Jericho. There was a brawl, and Jericho and Hager bailed, and then threw a tantrum on the floor. Jericho then said he would see him on December 18th. They then left up the ramp. 

After the announce team plugged upcoming shows, Kris Statlander made her entrance. She’s doing her indie alien gimmick, and the announce team has no explanation for it. She was followed by Hikaru Shida. It was announced that Nyla Rose was suspended from competition.

My Take: Jericho is doing his best to get over young talent. It is admirable to try and make someone like Jungle Boy, but it was clear he locked up a bit when it was time for him to talk. Jericho and Luchasaurus were both very good. Maybe Luchasaurus would have been a better choice right now?

3. Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander: The match began with a series of counters. Statlander did a series of cartwheels, and then slapped Shida for good measure…[c]

The action spilled to ringside during the break, with Shida taking over on the floor. Back in the ring, Statlander reversed an irish whip and hit a back elbow in the corner. She then hit a running kick, followed by a roll up with a wrist clutch for a near fall. Shida recovered, and both women ended up on the apron. Statlander picked her up for an electric chair, but Shida escaped and hit an enziguri. She then hit a running knee strike from the apron to the floor. 

Things slowed down for a moment until Statlander hit a backbreaker, but Shida twisted out into a fujiwara armbar. Shida landed a suplex from the apron back in to the ring, and then covered for two. Shida went for another running knee, but Statlander avoided it and hit an enziguri. Shida replied with one of her own. Statlander replied with a big lariat, an electric chair drop, and a scissor kick for a close near fall. 

Statlander went for a Michinoku Driver, but Shida reversed and rolled her up for two. Shida then hit a running knee for another near fall. Shida hit another high knee, but Stalander replied with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Stalander then planted Shida with her cradle tombstone called The Big Bang Theory for the win. 

Kris Statlander defeated Hikaru Shida at 8:37

After the match, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong made their entrance. Brandi had a microphone and said people loathe what they can’t understand because it scares them. He said everyone has been clamoring to find out what they’ve been doing, so perhaps she can shed a little light on it. She said they are a part of the nightmare collective….a part of the nightmare family. They do what needs to be done and nobody asks any questions. She then said she had no issue with Kris, but she was up in her business…? She then said the goal of her family is to grow, and they offered her a spot. 

There was a fan at ringside who offered to pledge……and they allowed her through into the ring. She offered a bunch of her hair, and they took it. Kris Statlander never gave an answer…[c]

My Take: Uh….ok. That was perhaps my favorite AEW women’s match. Really strong action and both women looked very good throughout. What happened afterward was a bit of a mess. Brandi wasn’t bad on her delivery, but she stumbled a few times and her lines didn’t make much sense at points. We then got the non answer from Statlander while they pivoted to some kind of fan interaction. It was just kind of odd.

Christopher Daniels made his Dad Humor entrance, followed by Pentagon Jr. Daniels assaulted Pentagon before the match started with a splash from the top onto the ramp area. Daniels then set up for a piledriver, but Pentagon reversed into a back body drop onto the rampway. 

Penta then hit a kick to the back of the head, and the match moved to the ring to start. 

4. Pentagon Jr. vs. Christopher Daniels: The ring mic was a bit turned up for this match. Penta remained in control early on, hitting a stomp from the top and then playing to the crowd…[c]

Daniels continued to take punishment during the break. He escaped a piledriver attempt, but got caught with a superkick. Penta landed some forearms and a series of leg kicks. He then hit a running enziguri. Penta bounced off the ropes, and Daniels managed to create some space with an STO. He started his comeback with some kicks and an overhead suplex. He then hit a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. 

Pentagon shut him down with a backstabber for a near fall. Pentagon went for a superkick, but Daniels avoided it and hit a falling lariat. He then attempted a suplex inside out to the ramp, but Penta avoided it. He then attempted a Destroyer on Daniels, but he avoided it. Daniels then attempted an Arabian Moonsault, but he slipped and landed on the back of his neck. 

In the ring, Daniels hit angels wings. Fenix ran down and threw in Daniels mic stand. Daniels was tempted to use it, but he tossed it aside. When the ref went to grab it, Pentagon kicked Daniels in the balls and hit the package piledriver for the win. 

Pentagon Jr defeated Daniels at 8:35

We then cut immediately to a Butcher and The Blade video package. They told Cody they were sick of seeing his face everywhere. They said they were in his house to cause him pain. She introduced Butcher and Blade and called herself The Bunny. She said they were going to cut the head off the snake…[c]

My Take: Daniels and Pentagon are both very competent veterans, and so you got a very slick match from them here. It wasn’t a breakneck pace, but it was hard hitting and finished telling the story of The Lucha Bros asserting themselves after a few down weeks. The Butcher and The Blade promo was more about Cody than them, but it succeeded in giving them a basic motivation. 

Joey Janela made his entrance, followed by Jon Moxley, who was shown entering through the concourse. . 

5. Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela: Moxley used some wrestling techniques in the early going, showing Janela that he’s not just a brawler. Janela used his speed to hit the ropes and knock Moxley down with a body block. They then traded Chops, with Moxley getting the better of it with a headbutt at the end. The action spilled out to the ramp, with Janela hitting a diving forearm. Moxley then replied with a huge lariat on the ramp. Janela bounced off the ropes on the ramp and took a flip bump on a lariat…[c]

Moxley controlled the match during the break with a hold, which Janela broke free of by biting Moxley’s hand. Janela followed Moxley outside, and they threw each other into the ring and the barricade on the outside. Back in the ring, Moxley tossed Janela into the air with what looked like a release vertical suplex. Back on the ramp, Moxley set up for the Paradigm Shift, but Janela escaped and hit a tornado DDT onto the ramp. 

Janela climbed up top and jumped at Moxley, but he escaped to the outside. Janela hit a suicide dive on the outside. Both men then climbed to the top, and Janela hit a crucifix bomb and covered for a close near fall. Janela hit a discus forearm and a superkick, but Moxley shook it off and hit a big lariat. Janela avoided another paradigm shift and dumped Moxley’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Moxley retreated, and Moxley jumped to ringside and they both went through the timekeeper’s table. 

Janela hit a big elbow from the top for a close near fall. Both men climbed up top, and Moxley hit a paradigm shift on to the top turnbuckle. Moxley then hit another one in the ring for the win. 

John Moxley defeated Joey Janela at 11:54

After the match, Chris Jericho’s music hit and he was shown coming down from the concourse likeMoxley did last week. He was joined by the entire inner circle. They had another staredown as the show came to a close.

My Take: A fine show closing match, and another great performance from Jon Moxley. He walked to the ring like he was going to have a fight, and he and Janela worked well together to produce another main event level effort. The announce team did a great job of putting over Janela’s toughness throughout, and at various points said he was on his way to breaking out with one big victory. Coming out of this, Moxley needs more promo time, as we’ve heard lengthy promos from Jericho on live TV and not enough from Jon. Overall, this was another up and down effort from AEW, but more positive than negative.

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  1. Just for the record, the website they show current the dark order vignette, JoinDarkOrder.com, actually exists

  2. I assume that it’s Jungle Boy and not Luchasaurus is that they (rightly) don’t want to give Luchasaurus a loss yet.

  3. “…it got a bit comical with the inconsistency in the selling as things went on…..”

    There was selling? In an AEW match? I don’t believe you

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