WWE Survivor Series results: Powell’s live review of Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match for the WWE Championship,  “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship, Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Bayley in a non-title match


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Survivor Series
Aired live November 24, 2019 live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Chicago, Illinois at Allstate Arena

The main show opened with a video package… Pyro shot off on the stage and a CGI graphic floated above the ring while Michael Cole announced that the venue was sold out. Ring announcer Greg Hamilton introduced the teams for the women’s elimination match. The Smackdown team all came out to the AC/DC “Are You Ready” Smackdown theme song. The Spanish and German broadcast teams checked in. Team Raw came out to the Raw theme as a group, then the NXT squad entered together to their theme…

1. “Team Smackdown” Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, and Nikki Cross vs. “Team Raw” Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Asuka, Kairi Sane, and Sarah Logan vs. “Team NXT” Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, and Toni Storm in a Survivor Series Triple Threat tag team elimination match. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Beth Phoenix called the match and Cole and Lawler wished Phoenix a happy birthday.

There were floating CGI graphics above the ring that signified each brand’s corner. One woman per team was legal in the match. Shirai and Sane had an early exchange while the broadcast team noted they have history without going into much detail. Brooke just sat back and watched until Sane went for a pin and then she rushed to break it up (and was late). Brooke performed her handspring elbow on Shirai and followed up with a top rope senton for a near fall.

Asuka put Ripley in an armbar, but Belair quickly broke it up. There were a bunch of illegal entrants and they performed rapid fire spots. Banks hit a Backstabber on Logan and then stood tall in the ring by herself while everyone else regrouped for a moment. While a group of women were down on the floor, a referee motioned for trainers to check on Shirai and LeRae. Meanwhile, the match just sort of went into pause mode in the ring for a moment. LeRae and Shirai were helped to the back, leaving NXT with Ripley, Belair, and Storm as their remaining entrants. LeRae and Shirai were apparently eliminated (nope, they returned).

Powell’s POV: Everything happened so quickly that it was hard to get a feel for what happened. My guess (and hope) is that they are both women are fine and this was just a way to eliminate two people without having them pinned or submitted.

Ripley picked up Cross on her shoulders from ringside and placed her on the apron. Cross kicked Ripley, but Belair rolled her up. Cross was pinned and eliminated by Belair. A short time later, Belair hit a 450 Splash on Logan. Logan was pinned and eliminated by Belair. Carmella performed a huracanrana from the ropes that sent Flair onto Belair. Carmella went for pins on both. Flair came back and hit the Natural Selection. Carmella was pinned and eliminated by Flair.

Sane performed an Insane Elbow on Storm and had the pin, but Banks broke it up with a Meteora. Sane was eliminated by Banks. Asuka checked in while Cole noted that each team had three members reamining. Asuka threw a spin kick at Brooke. Brooke was pinned and eliminated by Asuka. 

Flair worked over Evans and then strutted. Asuka entered the ring and spun Flair around and sprayed mist into the eyes of her own teammate. Asuka left the ring to apparently eliminate herself. Evans hit Flair with a Woman’s Right punch. Evans pinned and eliminated Flair.

Natalya entered the match and quickly got the better of Evans. Evans was rolled up, pinned, and eliminated by Natalya. A short time later, Natalya put Storm in the Sharpshooter, then Banks applied a Bank Statement. Storm was eliminated via submission by Natalya and Banks. Banks and Natalya teamed up for a Hart Attack clothesline on Belair. Belair was pinned and eliminated by Banks.

The remaining entrants were Ripley, Banks, and Natalya, so it was one woman remaining from each brand. Banks and Natalya indicated that they were going to work together to eliminate Ripley, but Banks didn’t live up to her word. Natalya was pinned and eliminated by Banks.

The match came down to Ripley and Banks. Sasha performed a meteora from the middle ropes and went for a pin, but Ripley kicked out at two. Banks went up top and leapt into a kick from Ripley, who covered her for a two count. Ripley applied her finisher, but Banks escaped and applied the Bank Statement.

Shirai and LeRae ran out and pulled Ripley to ringside while Cole noted that neither woman had been eliminated. Banks kicked Shirai and LeRae. Ripley drove Banks into the barricade.LeRae distracted the referee while Shairi performed a springboard dropkick on Banks. Ripley hit her Riptide finisher and scored the pin to win the match…

Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai, and Candice LeRae won the women’s Survivor Series elimination match for Team NXT in 28:00 to give NXT a 2-1-1 lead in the brand supremacy battle.

Powell’s POV: Well, at least we know Shirai and LeRae are fine. This was chaos and I really don’t understand the idea of making heel Banks look sympathetic once Shirai and LeRae returned. Ripley even taunted Banks afterward and Lawler called it poor sportsmanship. Meanwhile, WWE finally gave up having the wrestlers wear brand t-shirts. Oddly, they did so the one year when it’s harder than ever to keep up on which wrestler belongs on which team, but I’m still not complaining.

The broadcast team recapped the men’s WarGames match and the involvement of Kevin Owens…

Backstage, Seth Rollins approached Owens and said the whole world saw what he did at Takeover. Rollins asked if he was on Team Raw or Team NXT. Owens said Takeover was about getting revenge on Undisputed Era for what they did to him on Raw. He said he loves NXT, but NXT doesn’t need him, whereas Raw does. Owens said he’s Team Raw tonight. Owens took issue with Rollins questioning his loyalty and brought up Seth’s own past and then taunted him by making a Shield fist…

2. U.S. Champion AJ Styles vs. NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong vs. Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Sami Zayn) in a non-title match. The match was called by Cole, Lawler, and Nigel McGuinness. The international broadcast teams checked in before the opening bell. Nakamura wore a cool looking blue version of his usual gear (the wrestlers are wearing colors and armbands for their brands rather than the bad t-shirts).

There was a cool spot with Strong launching Styles into a kick from Nakamura, who covered Styles for a two count. Nakamura followed up with a knee to the head of Strong and then covered him, but Styles broke it up. A short time later, Styles went for a Styles Clash on Nakamura, but Strong broke it up with a kick to the head of Styles. Zayn pulled Nakamura to ringside.

At 11:20, Strong went for a superplex, but Styles slipped under him and hoisted him onto his shoulders, then Nakamura leapt off the top rope with a kick to the head of Strong. Nakamura set up for his finisher in the corner, but Styles grabbed his leg. Zayn ran Styles into the post. Strong hit a high knee on Nakamura that led to a two count. Nakamura performed a GTS on Strong, which led to a small CM Punk chant. Nakamura set up for his finisher on Strong, but Styles cut him off.

Nakamura performed a Backstabber on Styles. Nakamura followed up by dumping Strong onto Styles, who came up holding his face. Nakamura hit the Kinshasa on Strong and had the pin, but Styles rushed in to break it up. Strong ended up at ringside and then Styles and Nakamura had a moment before going at it. Styles hit a Pele Kick, then got caught with a kick when he charged Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura performed a sit-out pump-handle slam. Styles came back and connected with the Phenomenal Forearm, but Strong returned and tossed Styles to ringside, then stole the pin on Nakamura…

Roderick Strong defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles in 16:45 a non-title match to give NXT a 3-1-1 lead over Raw and Smackdown in the brand supremacy battle.

Powell’s POV: A good match. No matter what happens from here, they’ve already taken care of NXT more than I expected them to on this show.

Backstage, The Miz told Daniel Bryan that they both know they don’t like one another. Miz spoke about The Fiend being pure evil and said he knows Bryan feels it too. Miz said that for everybody’s sake, Bryan needs to put a stop to The Fiend. Bryan told Miz to get out of his face and went back to shadowboxing…

After some advertising, ring entrances took place for the NXT Championship match. Cole noted that Mauro Ranallo was so emotional and passionate at NXT Takeover that he blew his voice out. Cole said Ranallo would be back for NXT on Wednesday night…

Powell’s POV: I wonder if this tweet made by Corey Graves regarding NXT Takeover: WarGames has anything to do with Ranallo’s absence? Ranallo can’t comment, at least on Twitter, because he deleted his Twitter account.

3. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne for the NXT Championship. Alisha Taylor delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Cole, McGuinness, and Phoenix were on commentary. Cole had his ribs wrapped, and Dunne had his knee wrapped. Dunne had a nice flurry that included a kick to the head, a German suplex, another kick, and a powerbomb for a near fall.

A short time later, Dunne went for a moonsault, but Cole put his knees up. Cole hit Dunne with a Last Shot knee and covered him for a good near fall. Cole performed a brainbuster onto his leg and got another near fall. Cole went for another Last Shot, but Dunne avoided it and then went for an armbar. Cole rolled onto him for a two count, causing Dunne to give up the hold. Dunne hit his Bitter End finisher, but Cole kicked out at two.

Cole caught Dunne with a high kick, then Dunne came right back with an enziguiri. Dunne ran the ropes and went for a moonsault, but Cole caught him with another kick and covered him for a good near fall. Cole went to the ropes and jumped into a punch from Dunne, who followed up with a slam that led to a two count. Cole rolled to the floor while McGuinness plugged this type of action from NXT on Wednesday nights while adding it’s better than Smackdown and Raw.

Cole hit a Panama Sunrise on the ring apron and then both men tumbled to the floor while the crowd chanted “holy shit” briefly. Cole returned to the ring, then Dunne barely beat the ref’s count and took an immediate superkick to the face. Cole covered him for another good near fall. Dunne lost his mouthguard and went to pick it up, but Cole stepped on his arm. Dunne grabbed Cole’s hand and snapped his fingers, then went for his finisher, but Cole countered into a Panama Sunrise and then hit the Last Shot and scored the pin.

Adam Cole defeated Pete Dunne in 14:10 to retain the NXT Championship.

After the match, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong came out and celebrated with Cole. The Undisputed Era members struck their pose on the stage…

Powell’s POV: The match of the night thus far. It was nice to get a break from the elimination matches and Triple Threats. I hope WWE is taking care of Cole, who worked a ladder match, a WarGames match, and now this title match since Wednesday and did so while working through a fractured wrist, not to mention what other ailments he may have picked up along the way.

A charity spot aired and some kids who were featured in the video were shown in the crowd…

The men’s Team Smackdown was shown backstage with King Corbin trying to act like a big shot while Roman Reigns apparently reminded him who the captain is… A video package set up the WWE Universal Championship match…

Powell’s POV: Given the oddball segment with The Miz earlier, I assume he’ll be playing a part in this match and we’re looking at an eventual Triple Threat between him, Bryan, and Wyatt at TLC.

4. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship. Cole and Graves were on commentary. A pro Wyatt chant broke out. Bryan looked at the crowd and shook his head in disgust, then The Fiend made his entrance with his head lantern. The red lighting was used during the match. Bryan performed two running dropkicks to start, then The Fiend cut him off with a clothesline when he went for a third. The Fiend took Bryan to ringside and ran him into the ring post and then performed a senton on him. “Remember me?” Wyatt yelled a few times before rolling Bryan back inside the ring.

Wyatt wrenched Bryan’s neck in the middle of the ring while staring into the camera. Wyatt dumped Bryan to ringside and then charged at him, but Bryan moved and Wyatt flew over the ring steps. Bryan returned to the ring and performed a suicide dive. Wyatt caught him and went for Sister Abigail, but Bryan escaped it and ran him into the ring post. Bryan hit a flying knee off the apron, then went to the top rope and dove onto Wyatt. Back inside the ring, Bryan performed three missile dropkicks. Bryan kipped up and yelled yes. The live crowd responded with a yes chant.

Bryan threw a series of kicks at Wyatt and connected with the grand finale. The Fiend got right back to his knees. Graves wondered if Wyatt was laughing. Bryan threw more kicks at Wyatt and connected with the grand finale again. The Fiend stayed down. Bryan grabbed The Fiend’s arms and kicked his head repeatedly. Bryan led the crowd in yes chants and then performed a running knee and covered Wyatt for a two count at 8:20.

There were dueling chants with the Bryan fans winning out. Bryan nodded along, but Wyatt got back to his feet behind him. Wyatt went for the Mandible Claw in the corner, but Bryan applied an armbar over the ropes and had to release the hold to avoid being disqualified. Bryan leapt off the ropes at Wyatt, who caught him with a punch on the way down. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail, but Bryan countered into a rollup for a two count. Bryan charged at Wyatt, who applied the Mandible Claw and got the three count…

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in 10:10 to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Powell’s POV: I’m still not big on the red moon lighting, but this was better than what we saw from The Fiend and Seth Rollins. The Fiend didn’t completely no-sell big moves as he did with The Stomp. He popped up after taking a lot of punishment, but I didn’t think this was nearly as unrealistic as his interactions with Rollins were. I’m surprised that Miz didn’t get involved and I guess we’ll wait for Smackdown to see how he fits in.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed on the backstage interview set by Sarah Schreiber. Mysterio said it’s been 15 years since he fought Lesnar. He said Lesnar never changes. Mysterio held up his lead pipe and said he would do things to Lesnar that the old him never would have done. Mysterio said he would normally tell his son Dominick to look away, but this time he wants him to watch very closely as he swings at Lesnar’s legs and takes them out. Mysterio said he would massacre Lesnar and take way his championship…

Chicago imagery was shown while Vic Joseph touted the company’s four-day run in the city…

5. “Team Raw” Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Kevin Owens vs. “Team Smackdown” Roman Reigns, King Corbin, Braun Strowman, Shorty G, and Mustafa Ali vs. “Team NXT” Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Walter, and Damian Priest in a Survivor Series Triple Threat tag team elimination match. Joseph, Graves, and McGuinness called the match. Strowman, Rollins, and Ciampa started the match for their respective teams. Strowman dropkicked both men simultaneously.

Ciampa tagged in Walter to a nice pop, and McIntyre also tagged in. Walter and McIntyre went after Strowman and worked him over with kicks in the only empty corner of the ring. McIntyre punched Walter and then the traded strikes. Walter knocked McIntyre down with a big boot. Walter performed a German suplex on McIntyre and tried to do the same to Strowman, who fought it off. Walter kicked Strowman twice and then dropkicked him into the corner. McIntyre hit Walter with a Claymore kick. Walter was eliminated by McIntyre just over three minutes into the match. Fans booed over Walter being eliminated.

After some tags, Shorty G performed a moonsault onto Priest. Ricochet checked in and had a fast paced exchange with G, who performed a rolling German suplex. Ouch. Riddle checked in and applied an ankle lock on G, who rolled out of it and applied his own ankle lock, which Riddle escaped. G went for another rolling German, but Ciampa tagged in and caught him with a kick. Ricochet recovered and performed a handspring into the ropes and then hit both men. Owens tagged in and had the option of splashing Riddle or G. Owens chose G. Shorty G was pinned and eliminated by Owens.

Reigns tagged into the match and was booed. Corbin tabbed himself in. Reigns and Corbin bickered. Corbin punched Reigns, who rolled to the floor. A short time later, Owens performed a cannonball on Reigns against the barricade. Owens hit Corbin with a Stunner on the floor. When Owens tired to return to the ring, Ciampa performed a DDT. Owens was pinned and eliminated by Ciampa. Orton checked in and had a moment with Cimapa where they glanced at and jawed at one another. Orton went for an RKO, but Ciampa shoved him off and clotheslined him to the floor. Ciampa went for a DDT through the ropes, but Orton held on and then pulled Ciampa to ringside and ran him into the barricade.

A short time later, Orton hit the RKO on Ciampa, but Priest had tagged in. Orton hit Priest with an RKO. Priest was pinned and eliminated by Orton. Riddle checked in and Orton went for an RKO, but Riddle rolled him into a pin. Orton was pinned and eliminated by Riddle. Orton got up and hit an RKO on Riddle before leaving. Corbin entered the ring and stole the pin. Riddle was pinned and eliminated by Corbin. Lee checked in for NXT, then Strowman tagged in for Smackdown. A “Bask In His Glory” chant broke out for Lee. McIntyre blindsided Lee as the legal man for Raw.

Strowman did his running shoulder block bit at ringside. He tried to do it a second time, but Lee stepped up and both men fell when they collided. McIntyre hit Strowman with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre returned to the ring, but Strowman did not. Strowman was eliminated by count-out. Ricochet checked in for Raw and performed a big dive onto Reigns on the floor. Back inside the ring, Corbin hit Ricochet with End of Days. Ricochet was pinned and eliminated by Corbin.

Ali tagged himself into the match and had his name chanted by his hometown crowd as he worked over various opponents. Ali ran Ciampa into the post and tried to enter the ring, but Corbin stopped him and took issue with Ali tagging himself in at ringside. Ali slapped Corbin and returned to the ring, but Rollins greeted him with a Stomp. Ali was pinned and eliminated by Rollins. Corbin and Reigns bickered at ringside. McIntyre ran Reigns into the barricade and then brought Ciampa inside the ring where he hit an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Reigns returned and speared McIntyre. McIntyre was pinned and eliminated by Reigns.

Rollins rolled up Reigns for a two count. Reigns rolled to the floor. Rollins went for a suicide dive, but Reigns caught him with an uppercut from the floor. Reigns performed a Drive By. Ciampa cut off Reigns and set up for his finisher, but Reigns avoided it and hit Ciampa with a Superman Punch. Corbin was pinned and eliminated by Ciampa. Rollins was left for Raw, Reigns was left for Smackdown, and Ciampa and Lee were left for NXT. Rollins and Reigns got the better of the NXT duo and cleared them both to ringside. Rollins and Reigns went to ringside and cleared Joseph’s broadcast table.

Rollins hoisted up Ciampa to boos, then Reigns grabbed him for the powerbomb, but Lee raced in and bulldozed them before they could hit the move. Ciampa and Rollins returned to the ring. Ciampa hit Rollins with a knee and then hit Project Ciampa for a near fall. Ciampa set up for the Fairytale Ending, but Rollins slipped away and superkicked him. Ciampa avoided The Stomp. Rollins went for a move from the ropes, but Ciampa caught him with a knee. Ciampa went for his finisher again, but Reigns hit him with a Superman Punch. Rollins followed up with a Stomp. Ciampa was pinned and eliminated by Rollins.

The broadcast team noted that each team had one man remaining. Rollins avoided a move from Lee and then superkicked and splashed him for a good near fall. Rollins set up for The Stomp and was booed. Lee caught him running at him and performed a Jackhammer. Rollins was pinned and eliminated by Lee. Lee glared at Reigns, who got to his feet at ringside and returned to the ring for the showdown of the final two. Reigns hit a couple of Superman Punches for a close near fall. Graves demanded a replay (Lee kicked out). Reigns went for a Superman Punch, but Lee caught him and powerbombed him for a great near fall. Lee went for a moonsault, but Reigns avoided it and then speared Lee and pinned him to win the match.

Roman Reigns was the sole survivor in 29:25 in a Survivor Series elimination match. NXT leads the brand supremacy battle 3-2-1 with Smackdown in second and Raw in third.

After the match, Reigns waited for Lee to get to his feet and nodded at him. Reigns offered Lee a fist bump, which Lee accepted…

Powell’s POV: A really fun elimination match, particularly down the stretch with Lee getting the star making pin over Rollins and being competitive with Reigns before being pinned. They clearly put a lot of thought into this one and made sure that NXT came out of this looking strong.

Becky Lynch delivered a promo from an undisclosed location about the Triple Threat match. She said she’d have to be destroyed in order to be kept down. Lynch said Bayley has pushed her over and over again by attacking her from behind. Lynch said she didn’t come looking for her debt because she saw herself in Bayley and didn’t want to fight her. She said everyone has a line. She said she didn’t want to hurt Bayley, but tonight she will…

After some advertising, Joseph and Lawler set up a video package on the WWE Championship match…

6. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match for the WWE Championship. Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Heyman took the mic and delivered the introduction for Lesnar. Joseph and Lawler were on the call. Mysterio wore Joker themed gear (you know, because if someone beat up your son you’d be worried about picking out themed gear when it was time to face that person). The bell rang and Mysterio went to ringside and pulled his lead pipe out from under the ring. Lesnar cut him off before he could use it and hit him with three clotheslines.

Lesnar took Mysterio to ringside and tossed him over the Spanish broadcast table, then performed a German suplex that sent Mysterio onto the top piece of the table that was leaning against the table. Lesnar picked up Mysterio and drove him back first into the ring post. Lesnar stopped and tied his boot laces. Mysterio shoved Lesnar face first into the post.

Mysterio went back to the ring to get the pipe, but Lesnar returned and stood on it before he could get his hand on it. Lesnar performed a German suplex onto the pipe. Lesnar followed up with another German suplex while the broadcast team said it was quickly becoming a massacre even though they were hoping for a miracle.

Dominick Mysterio ran out with a white towel in hand and entered the ring. Dominick begged Lesnar, who smirked, took the towel, and tossed it to ringside. Lesnar grabbed Dominick by the throat. Mysterio low blowed Lesnar, who stumbled toward Dominick, who also gave him a low blow before leaving the ring. Mysterio got the pipe and hit Lesnar with it a few times.

Dominick returned with a chair and hit Lesnar with it. Rey and Dominick teamed up for a double 619. Dom performed a top rope frogsplash, then Rey performed the same move and they both covered Lesnar, who kicked out at two. Lesnar caught Dominick on the ropes and gave him a German suplex. Mysterio tried to dive at Lesnar, who caught him, F5’d him, and pinned him…

Brock Lesnar defeated Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match in 7:00 to retain the WWE Championship.

Powell’s POV: It didn’t live up to the claim that it would be a miracle or a massacre, nor did it go very long. Heyman said it would be more than a five second match and technically it was, but it still felt underwhelming in that regard. If nothing else, the match was fun while it lasted.

A video package set up the women’s Triple Threat…

7. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley in a non-title match. Cole, Graves, and Phoenix were on commentary (my lord, who will represent Raw on commentary?!?). Cole mentioned that Lynch is the only person to beat Ronda Rousey in WWE. He also said that Bayley had to win the match in order for Smackdown to force a tie with NXT in the overall brand supremacy count, while Raw was already eliminated.

Baszler caught Lynch with a punch, then Bayley clotheslined her. Baszler and Bayley fought and rolled to ringside. Lynch flew off the apron with a dropkick and took out both opponents. Lynch rolled Bayley back inside the ring and worked her over. Bayley came back and went for a sunset bomb into the corner on Lynch, but she overshot it and her own legs and feet hit the corner. Baszler went after Lynch, then got upset when Bayley ran interference. Bayley was apologetic, then briefly got the better of Baszler and picked up a two count. Baszler got up and went to work on Baley’s left arm.

A short time later, Bayley knocked Baszler to ringside and went to work on Lynch. There was a faint Becky chant. Bayley cupped her ear and yelled “What” to taunt the crowd, which didn’t lead to much heat. Bayley went for a cover and was pulled off by Baszler. Lynch went on an offensive flurry and performed a DDT and reverse DDT simultaneously on her opponents. Lynch went up top and performed a legdrop on Bayley and went for a pin, but Baszler broke it up. Lynch dumped Baszler to ringside. Bayley tried to roll her up, but Lynch caught her in the Disarmer. Baszler quickly returned and kicked Lynch to break it up.

A short time later, Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly on Baszler (that’s a lot of B’s) for a near fall while Lynch was down at ringside. Bayley worked over Baszler and hit her with a knee in the corner while Cole pointed out that Bayley had actually dominated the bulk of the match. Baszler tackled Bayley and threw punches at her, then clubbed her back when she rolled over. Baszler suplexed Bayley. They traded punches moments later. Baszler put Bayley on her shoulders, then Lynch returned with a missile dropkick, which led to Baszler performing a Samoan drop on Bayley. Lynch and Baszler squared off and traded forearms and punches. Bayley returned with a cross body block on both opponents.

At 13:45, Bayley set up for a dropkick off the apron on Lynch, but Baszler caught her in a Kirifuda Clutch. Lynch broke it up and powerbombed Baszler for a two count. Baszler applied the hold on Lynch, who rushed to the ropes, causing Baszler to knock Bayley off the apron. Lynch applied the Disarmer. Baszler rolled out to escape the hold and applied the Kiriduda Clutch. Bayley ran in and Baszler released the hold to backdrop Bayley onto the apron. The broadcast team said that Bayley landed hard on the apron and was having a hard time standing. Baszler ended up running Lynch into the ring post and then the ring steps. Baszler ran Lynch into one of the broadcast tables, then hoisted her onto her shoulder and threw her onto and over Cole’s broadcast table.

Bayley returned and clotheslined Baszler, then rolled her back inside the ring. Baszler applied her finisher, but Bayley rolled into a pin for a two count. Baszler held on, but Bayley hit her finisher. Bayley went up top and went for an elbow drop, but Baszler moved and then applied the Kirifuda Clutch and got the submission win.

Shayna Baszler defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch in 18:10 in a non-title match to give NXT 4 wins, Smackdown 2 wins, and Raw 1 win.

After the match, Baszler went to ringside and celebrated on one of the broadcast tables. Lynch recovered and attacked her. Lynch placed Baszler onto the German broadcast table, then went to the barricade and leg-dropped Baszler to put her through the table. Graves pointed out that Baszler didn’t beat Lynch. Cole said Lynch was reminding everyone that she’s still The Man around here. Cole noted that it was a night that NXT would never forget, but Lynch was standing tall. Cole noted the NXT win and closed the show…

Powell’s POV: The live crowd was really flat for this match. It’s a shame because WWE did a great job of hooking me on night one with the Lynch and Baszler verbal exchange on Raw. Unfortunately, it’s Survivor Series and thus they had to have Bayley in the match and she always felt like the third wheel. It was a questionable move to close the show with this match because Baszler is fairly new to the main roster fans and Bayley hasn’t clicked in a big way since turning heel. I was actually wondering if we were going to see Ronda Rousey show up or perhaps even a Smackdown win followed by some type of tiebreaker between Smackdown and NXT. Instead, they closed the night with a match that just never clicked with the live crowd.

Overall, the show was well paced and I’m shocked that it went short rather than long. I will have more to say about this show when Jake Barnett and I get together for the Survivor Series audio review, and in my Survivor Series Hit List on Monday. Let me know what you thought of the show by giving it a letter grade and voting for the match match in our post show polls that can be found on the main page.


Readers Comments (21)

  1. actually you are complaining about the brand T-shirts you’ve been moaning about it for weeks LOL

  2. Corey Graves is trash. He acts like a rebel but behaves like the worst corporate shill.

    • He’s also not wrong. Mauro is definitely a bit much at times and it’s not like Nigel and Beth are terrible and he has to pick up the slack.

      • Are there times where Mauro could stand to lay out for a second? Sure. But you’re telling me that Corey Graves is gonna sit here pissing and moaning about a lead announcer not shutting up? My god. The lack of self awareness is staggering.

  3. I hope Graves gets a slap. Mauro is both amazing and fighting his demons. Kayfabe or not, CG can do one.

  4. Unless they turn him heel there’s just no excuse for putting Reigns over in situations like this. Go all the way with Lee or don’t even let him get that far.

  5. I have been recording and just tuned in during women’s championship match. Has the crowd been this dead all night?

  6. It wasn’t a spectacular night, but it was good for the limits the Survivor Series has.

    I do like that they booked three title matches rather than Lesnar/Fiend/Cole. Adam Cole deserves Thanksgiving Week off. Film a backstage segment and tell him to go home.

    The women’s elimination match was good but I agree that the ending was weird. Shirai and LaRae, hooked up in a feud that includes beating the heck out of each other in WarGames, suddenly come out to help babyface Ripley vs. heel Sasha? I get the story that neither was really eliminated but at least have Shirai do something dastardly to LaRae. Or protect Ripley by having Shirai cost her the match and raising Banks’ hand.

    All this said, I can’t wait until Wednesday when NXT can get back to their storylines.

  7. “No matter what happens from here, they’ve already taken care of NXT more than I expected them to on this show.”

    Really? NXT, the show that WWE has going against actual competition, is clearly priority number one for WWE right now. Vince needs to try to put his competition out of business as quickly as possible so he can go back to force-feeding us the same complacent, self-indulgent crap that we’ve had for the last decade. Would NXT be on TV, let alone on Survivor Series, if AEW didn’t exist?

    • NXT is on TV because Smackdown went to Fox and USA wanted to get back to more WWE content on air. But, you’re a flippy midget cuck so you’ll just ignore reality since it doesn’t fit your basement dweller hot take approach to everything.

      Oh, and WWE would be doing the world a favor by putting AEW out of business. It’s complete and utter shit outside 5-6 who can actually work.

      • Yep, keep up the juvenile name-calling to everyone who disagrees with you, and keep watching and endlessly commenting on the show you profess to hate. What a pathetic keyboard warrior.

        • Though AEW does thank em’ for their continued support. Name calling seems to be all they have to resort to, since it seemed the helpful advise that was given was ignored.

          “Pathetic Keyboard Warrior”…I’m trying to figure out if that should be an insult or a promotion in this person’s life.

      • So name them. You keep saying there’s only 5-6 who’re worth watching(now “can actually work”), so let’s see them.
        You also ignored my question from the other day: what do you like in wrestling, besides apparently Bam Bam.

        • Current AEW roster than can work:

          SCU (all three guys)
          Moxley (when he’s not being a garbage match idiot)

          A few could be really good soon:
          Adam Page (could be a star)
          MJF (good enough in ring and best heel talker in the biz)
          Private Party (Quen could be a superstar and Kassidy has upper midcard potential)

          The rest of that roster is complete and utter trash.

      • Then why didn’t they just replace SmackDown with NXT on Tuesdays where people are used to watching WWE? I’m sure Full Sail would accommodate their biggest partner.

        • Because NXT was already on Wednesday? Who knows? The real world, non AEW flippy midget cuck view, is that this wasn’t some random spite attempt at AEW since it’s clear AEW is absolutely nothing to worry about.

          • Then if it has nothing to do with AEW, I GUARAWNTEEE that NXT would have higher ratings on Tuesday because all the AEW flippy midget cucks like me wouldn’t be watching the non-competition instead. And if I can figure that out, surely they know it too.

  8. I thought, overall, it was a solid PPV…but they missed out big-time on a couple moments that woulda really popped the crowd. Why couldn’t they let Rey win when he and Dom were both pinning Brock? The crowd would’ve exploded. That feud went way too long…so without giving Rey and Dom their revenge win…what was the point of it all? He doesn’t have to be champ for long…I’d be fine if he dropped the belt tonight on RAW…but give the storyline a good conclusion and let Rey win. I also loved DB doing the YES chant again, but hate that he lost to the mandible claw, which is the most boring finishing move ever. I don’t think The Fiend is as over as WWE thinks he is. And although the men’s match was good…some of the eliminations completely sucked the air out of the building (Kevin Owens and Braun). Overall…it’s probably the best PPV in a while…but the continued push of certain stars (Roman & Becky) got old a long time ago…to the point that fans are soon gonna hate them for real. Not just heel heat…like actually hate seeing them.

    • The Fiend was more over than WWE thinks he is right now, but they killed it by burying him at HIAC and then put the belt on him after chopping off his legs and probably permanently damaging his heat.

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