11/19 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch, The Question Mark vs. Ricky Starks, Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 7)
Taped September 30 and October 1, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Aired November 19, 2019 on the NWA Youtube and NWA Facebook Page

A recap video opened the show and then the “Into The Fire” opening aired… The broadcast team of Joe Galli and Jim Cornette checked in from their desk…

Dave Marquez interviewed NWA Champion Nick Aldis on the interview set. Marquez noted that Kamille was absent and said the internet has been buzzing about the dynamic between the two. Aldis downplayed any potential issue between the two and shifted the focus to how they settling things in the ring in the NWA. Aldis said that while the No. 1 contender situation is sorted out, he decided to step into the ring to do what he does best.

Aldis said he would face Trevor Murdoch. He noted they met at Harley Race’s camp over a decade ago. Aldis noted that it was not a title match and would be an exhibition. The crowd wasn’t pleased. Aldis said it wasn’t a tuneup, but Murdoch was coming off a long sabbatical and wasn’t among the top contenders yet. Aldis made a comment about how Murdoch may not come any closer to the NWA Title, but he was giving him a chance to move closer…

1. NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match. Aldis and Murdoch shook hands before locking up. Murdoch kicked the middle rope into the groin of Aldis early on. Murdoch went on an offensive run with a clothesline and a couple of bodyslams. Murdoch went up top and performed a bulldog and had the pin, but Aldis put his foot on the bottom rope.

Murdoch went to the ropes and was cut off by Aldis. Murdoch headbutted Aldis to knock him off the ropes, then went for a move and slipped off the top rope. Aldis applied his King’s Lynn Cloverleaf submission hold and got the pin.

Nick Aldis defeated Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match.

After the match, Aldis told Murdoch that he’s a crafty bastard, but added that he respects him. They shook hands…

Powell’s POV: A fun throwback style television match with the champion giving up a lot of offense for someone lower on the card before pulling out the win. The Murdoch slip appeared to be intentional and gave him an out for losing. The Aldis promo that preceded the match was really fun with Aldis getting a rise out of the crowd with his jabs at Murdoch.

An ad aired for the NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view on December 14…

“The Rock & Roll Express” Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were interviewed by Marquez on the interview set. Morton spoke about becoming nine time NWA Tag Team Champions. After Morton and Gibson left, “The Wild Cards” Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer headed to the interview set and delivered a heel promo about Morton and Gibson. Marquez asked Latimer about Kamille. “We’re just friends,” Latimer said before walking away…

An ad aired for High Spots… A recap aired of The Question Mark’s debut from last week…

2. The Question Mark vs. Ricky Starks. Colt Cabana sat in on commentary. The live crowd chanted “Question Mark” loudly. Stevens went on the offensive and was getting the better of things at ringside when Aron Stevens came out and attacked him for the DQ. Stevens and Question Mark worked over Starks together until Cabana made the save.

Ricky Starks fought The Question Mark to a no-contest.

Cornette said he thought Question Mark should have been disqualified. Stevens played to the crowd and was booed, then Question Mark played to the crowd and was cheered. When Question Mark raised his hand, Stevens pulled it down…

Powell’s POV: The dynamic between Stevens and Question Mark is a fun twist on the dynamic between The Miz and Damien Sandow in WWE. It’s crazy how much this crowd has taken to the Question Mark.

Coming out of a brief break, Cornette announced Stevens and Question Mark vs. Cabana and Starks as the main event…

Eli Drake joined Galli and Cornette at the desk. Drake said Ken Anderson has been around the world and done it all. He said Anderson walked into the NWA maybe just a little beyond his “sell by date.” Anderson came out and said he really has done it all by working small venues and working on the biggest stage of them all.

Anderson said he’s sick of Drake running his mouth and challenged him to a match on the spot. Drake looked to the crowd and then started taking his jacket off. Anderson headed to the ring only to have Drake attack him from behind. Drake hit Anderson with a turnbuckle and left him lying. Two referees and Anthony “Crimson” Mayweather (dressed in street clothes) came out to check on Anderson. Drake came back out, but Mayweather intervened took him backstage…

Powell’s POV: A good angle to set up a match between the two. Drake drew good heat while Anderson got sympathy from the crowd. It appears Crimson is working as a producer, as there was no indication that they are writing him into the show based on this angle.

An ad aired for the pay-per-view… Footage recapped the recent drama involving Allysin Kay, Thunder Rosa, and Marty Belle…

3. Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa and Marty Belle. Rosa put Kay down with a running kick to the head and then went to the top rope. Kay recovered and slapped her, then went to the middle rope where they traded punches. Kay got the better of it and performed a superplex.

Melina walked down the steps in the crowd and went to ringside. Kay was distracted by a smirking Melina. Thunder Rosa rolled up Kay and pinned her to win the match.

Thunder Rosa and Marty Belle beat Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox.

Afterward, Kay ran after Rosa, but Belle punched her and then took out Vox. Rosa performed a top rope double stomp onto the back of Kay…

Powell’s POV: The live crowd didn’t seem to recognize Melina, but that’s easy enough to establish. She’s a fun and unexpected addition to the NWA roster.

An Austin Idol ad aired for “Kayfabe Cocktail.” He said the drink is an aphrodisiac just like he is. He said he’d love to tell you what’s in the drink, but that wouldn’t be kayfabe. Funny…

4. Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens and Question Mark. Stevens walked out to boos. Question Mark walked out behind him and the fans cheered. Stevens hilariously acted like the fans were rooting for him. Stevens worked in jeans, a tank top shirt, and a scarf. Stevens ran away from Starks. Stevens tagged in once Question Mark had Starks weary in their corner. Stevens performed the same chop that Question Mark used in hopes of being cheered too, but the fans booed him.

Stevens dropped his jeans to moon the crowd. Starks came back with a sling blade clothesline and then made the hot tag to Cabana, who worked over Stevens. Starks tagged back into the match and performed a Flatliner on Stevens for a near fall. Cabana tagged in again and was launched by Starks into Stevens. Question Mark tagged in again. Starks made a play for his mask, but Stevens ran in while the referee was caught up with Cabana and raked his eyes. Question Mark used his spike move on Starks, then Stevens tagged in to get the pin for his team…

Aron Stevens and Question Mark defeated Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks.

Stevens and Question Mark went to the interview desk. Stevens said they did it with the power of karate. He was booed. Question Mark said karate and was cheered.

Marquez was wrapping up the show when he was interrupted by James Storm, who complained about Nick Aldis not defending the NWA Championship. Kamille walked out and ended up whispering into Storm’s ear. Kamille headed backstage. Storm smiled. “Sorry, about your damn luck,” Storm said before heading backstage…

The closing credits ended the show…

Powell’s POV: The main event was fun. Stevens has been a blast and the popularity of Question Mark with the live crowd seems like one of those things that happened organically. The Storm and Kamille moment at the end of the show furthered the slow developing Kamille storyline. I have no idea where it’s going, but it is interesting. Overall, another good hour that flew by.


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  1. What did Cornette say that was offensive? The (taped) show has been pulled while the show is edited.

    • I missed it live, but he said something to the effect of Trevor Murdoch is such a bad man that he could strap a bucket of fried chicken to his back and drive through Ethiopia on a motor scooter.

      • I don’t understand the connotation. I’m not trying to be a wise guy or anything but why is what Cornette said was offensive?

        • Fried chicken and watermelon are commonly used in racist caricatures and depictions of black men as something they are crazy about. So Cornette talking about how a guy is so tough he could strap a bucket of friend chicken on his back and drive through Ethiopia(a primarily black nation) could be considered a questionable statement. Now, Ethiopia is a poor nation with a major hunger issues, and you COULD argue that Cornette was saying people are so desperate for food only a tough guy could ride through there with a bucket of food on his back and make it through. But using fried chicken specifically as the food mentioned(he could just have easily said “prime rib” or “cheeseburgers” or “pork chops”), especially since there’s also a recording out there of Corny calling some guy a “n*gger”, makes it seem a little less likely to be just an accident on Jim’s part.

          • It’s almost like he intentionally said Ethiopia to ignore mentioning a stereotypically African American section of the country and didn’t think through the fact that Ethiopian people are mostly black.

            Either way, it’s a comment he’s got to know isn’t going to fly these days and he’s funny enough without going there.

  2. The strangest thing about Cornette’s comment is that he is one of the biggest marks for liberals and liberal causes on the entire Internet. Hard to believe someone as “woke” as he seems to be would even say such a thing. The smart play is to apologize and in a few days everyone will have moved on to the next outrage and this will be forgotten, which if you’ll remember is how the Governor of Virginia handled his situation some months back.

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