10/20 Powell’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory live review: Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan for the Impact World Championship, Ken Shamrock vs. Moose, Taya Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood for the Knockouts Championship, The North vs. RVD and Rhino vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack for the Impact Tag Titles

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2019
Aired live October 20, 2019 on pay-per-view and FITE.TV
Villa Park, Illinois at the Odeum Expo Center

The show opened with a video package… Josh Mathews and Don Callis were the broadcast team. Mathews noted that the venue was sold out…

1. Call Your Shot gauntlet match for a future shot at any Impact title. Eddie Edwards was the first entrant. The FITE TV feed cut out and a graphic noted that there was no signal from the building. Once it returned, Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe were in the ring with Edwards. The fourth entrant was Cousin Jake. The fifth entrant was Rohit Raju.

The sixth entrant was Joey Ryan, who came out to a big reaction while sucking on a blow pop. Ryan pointed at his junk. “And Joey Ryan wants somebody to touch it,” Mathews said. Callis encouraged Mathews to touch it. Ryan made Raju touch it, then a train was formed with all the wrestlers touching each other’s dicks (not making this up). This actually led to Raju and Jake being eliminated due to the power of Ryan’s dick.

The seventh entrant was Jessicka Havoc, who chokeslammed Ryan. The eighth entrant was Rosemary, who squared off with Havoc. Ryan stood by them and posed, then they turned and clotheslined him. The ninth entrant was Madman Fulton. Havoc and Rosemary were both clotheslined over the top rope and eliminated by Fulton. The crowd booed  Thornstowe was eliminated by Fulton. The rampage continued. Joey Ryan was eliminated by Fulton.

The tenth entrant was Cody Deaner. It was a brief run. Deaner was eliminated by Fulton. The 11th entrant was Johnny Swinger, who stayed at ringside. The 12th entrant was Jordynne Grace, who used power moves on some of the men, which led to the fans chanting her name. The 13th entrant was Swoggle, who emerged from underneath the ring. Swoggle chased Swinger into the ring and bit his ass. Swinger slapped Grace’s ass, she slapped his face. Swinger took a German suplex from Swoggle. Swinger was eliminated by Swoggle.

The 14th entrant was Kiera Hogan. The 15th entrant was Raj Singh. Callis labeled him “the bruiser of the Desi Hit Squad.” Luster the Legend was eliminated. The 16th entrant was Tommy Dreamer. Mathews said that if you announce a battle royal anywhere, Dreamer will show up and as an entrant. The 17th entrant was Kylie Rae, who came out to a nice reaction. Mathews noted that she appeared the night before on an Impact event.

Raj Singh was eliminated by Dreamer. As Dreamer posed, Madman Fulton approached him from behind. Dreamer was eliminated by Fulton. The 18th entrant was Fallah Bahh. Fulton leapt at Bahh, who caught him and performed a nice Samoan Drop. The 19th entrant was Sabu, who was accompanied by Super Genie. Sabu threw a chair at the face of Fulton, then worked over Bahh and Edwards with it.

The 20th entrant was Mahabali Shera, who won the spot by winning a battle royal on Impact (Edwards was the runner up and that put him in the No. 1 spot in this match). Gama Singh came out with Shera. The fans booed when Grace and Rae were eliminated by Shera. Moments later, Sabu was eliminated by Shera.

The final four entrants were Edwards, Bahh, Fulton, and Shera. Bahh was eliminated by Shera. Fulton and Shera fought. Fulton ran the ropes and Edwards followed. Fulton was clotheslined over the top rope and eliminated by Edwards. Fulton pulled Edwards to ringside and roughed him up.

Edwards and Shera were the final two entrants. Mathews noted that typical match rules were in place for the final two entrants. Edwards hit a quick Boston Knee Party and then pinned Shera to win the match…

Eddie Edwards won the Call Your Shot gauntlet match in roughly 30:00.

Powell’s POV: There were some fun moments and good surprises, but Edwards going the distance didn’t feel like a major surprise. They wasted no time once it came down to Edwards and Shera. I’m not sure if they were running long or if they were trying to limit how much they had Shera do, but it felt rather uneventful.

The broadcast team spoke at ringside. Footage aired of Brian Cage and his wife Melissa Santos arriving earlier in the day. Mathews said Cage went to Impact management and demanded that the Impact World Championship match be made a No DQ match… A video package set up the Knockouts Championship match…

2. Taya Valkyrie (w/John E Bravo) vs. Tenille Dashwood for the Knockouts Championship. Bravo came to the ring with a stuffed animal toy dog on a leash. Mathews noted that Valkyrie entered the match on a 287-day reign as Knockouts Champion. Valkyrie attacked Dashwood while the referee was holding up the title belt and that started the match.

At 6:20, Valkyrie had Dashwood down in the corner and hitting her with running knees. Valkyrie placed Dashwood on the top rope and went for a superplex. Dashwood fought her off and performed a sit-out powerbomb out of the corner for a two count. A short time later, the women fought for position on the apron. Valkyrie performed a clunky looking package piledriver. Dashwood beat the referee’s count. Valkyrie covered Dashwood for a two count at 10:00.

Valkyrie stood on the ropes and spoke to the crowd only for Dashwood to pull her down into the ropes. Dashwood hit a series of moves and had Valkyrie beat, but Bravo pulled Valkyrie’s legs under the ropes. The referee ejected Bravo, who threw a steel chain to Valkyrie. Dashwood ducked the steel chain punch attempt and rolled up Valkyrie for a two count. Dashwood ended up with the chain and opted to throw it aside. Valkyrie went right at Dashwood and hit her with her Road to Valhalla finisher and scored the pin…

Taya Valkyrie defeated Tenille Dashwood in 11:50 to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Powell’s POV: I guess the message is that playing by the rules is stupid? Anyway, I’m happy they kept the title on the talented Valkyrie. Dashwood was rushed into a title shot and hasn’t really clicked in Impact thus far. Dashwood may eventually be the right person to take the title from Valkyrie, but she’s not that person right now.

A brief Rob Van Dam and Rhino promo aired… A video package set up the tag title match…

3. “The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page vs. Rob Van Dam and Rhino vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack in a Triple Threat for the Impact Tag Titles. Two men were legal in the match at one time. Alexander and Mack started the match. The North isolated Swann for a few minutes and hit him with a nice combo move at 8:00, but apparently the idea was that Swann blocked it, as he popped right up and performed a move on Alexander before tagging in Mack. Mack performed a standing moonsault on Page for a two count.

At 9:40, Van Dam set up for his finisher on the ropes, but Alexander grabbed his legs. Mack climbed the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and hit the five star frogsplash on Page for a two count. RVD didn’t look pleased and ended up leaping off the top rope and hitting Swann with a kick. A short time later, Mack dropkicked Rhino to ringside and performed a flip dive onto Rhino, RVD, and Alexander on the floor at 11:10.

At 11:55, Alexander pressed Swann over his head while standing on the middle rope and slammed him into the ring. The North got a near fall off of some double team work. Mack returned to the ring and hoisted up Alexander, then Swann came off the middle rope with a neckbreaker. RVD and Rhino returned to the ring. Rhino set up for a Gore, but Rob Van Dam kicked Rhino in the head. The fans booed Van Dam. RVD took out Swann and Mack with kicks. Van Dam went to ringside and looked down at Rhino, then took out his ponytail holder and threw it at him. In the ring, The North hit their finisher on Swann and got the pin…

The North defeated Rob Van Dam & Rhino and Rich Swann & Willie Mack in 14:20.

Powell’s POV: I didn’t see the turn coming, but I’m cool with it. RVD has felt flat lately and this could breathe some new life into him. It just wasn’t a very memorable turn in its execution with the kick and RVD throw his ponytail holder at Rhino. Anyway, I like the idea of keeping the tag titles on the talented team of Page and Alexander.

Alisha Edwards was shown texting on her phone when Ace Austin entered the room wearing only a towel. She told him that he didn’t belong there. Austin said the next time she saw him he would be X Division Champion and they would celebrate…

A video package set up the Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji match…

4. Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji. Marufuji received some light applause during his entrance. Marufuji performed a nice flip dive at 4:45. Callis spoke about the jet lag that comes from traveling from Japan to the U.S. He said for every hour in the air a person needs a day to recover. At 7:30, Elgin performed a German suplex and followed up with a combination of moves that concluded with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Marufuji knocked Elgin down with a kick in the corner, and both men were down briefly at 9:00.

Marufuji tagged Elgin with a superkick. Elgin came back with a nice dragon suplex. Elgin fired away with elbows and knocked Marufuji down with a lariat. Elgin followed up with a second lariat and a crucifix sit-out powerbomb for a near fall at 13:10. Elgin acted shocked. There was a small “fight forever” chant. Elgin performed a buckle bomb, but Marufuji shot out of the corner and hit Elgin with a series of strikes for a near fall. Marufuji performed Sliced Bread No. 2 for another near fall.

At 15:00, the wrestlers traded chops in the middle of the ring. Elgin ended up getting the better of the exchange. Elgin threw a lariat at Marufuji and covered him. Mathews let everyone know that it wasn’t the finish by saying that Elgin would be victorious. Elgin picked up another near fall off a powerbomb and then expressed disbelief when Marufuji kicked out. Elgin blasted Marufuji and then put him in torture rack position and slammed him down before pinning him…

Michael Elgin defeated Naomichi Marufuji in 18:05.

Powell’s POV: Marufuji just wasn’t a big deal to the majority of the fans in attendance based on their initial reaction to him. The hard work of the wrestlers seemed to win some fans over as the match went on and the fans were appreciative afterward. This was easily the best match of the night thus far and will be hard to top.

Ken Shamrock was shown shadowboxing backstage… A video package focused on the X Division Championship match…

5. Jake Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Ace Austin vs. Acey Romero in a five-way ladder match for the X Division Championship. The broadcast team noted that Romero signed a contract with Impact the night before, and added that Joey Ryan has signed with the company. They also compared Crist to a young Pat Patterson. Romero went for an early corkscrew tope only to have Blanchard and Daga throw a ladder at him, which drew a holy shit chant.

At 5:35, Austin performed a back suplex on Crist from halfway up the ladder. Daga cut off Austin from climbing the ladder, but Austin performed a huracanrana that sent Daga to ringside. Blanchard performed a Codebreaker on Austin and then dropkicked him to ringside. Blanchard set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and went for the belt, but Romero pulled her down and hit her with a Samoan Drop at 7:25.

Romero grabbed a ladder and tried to pull it inside the ring. Austin grabbed it. Romero shoved the ladder into Austin. Daga was a bit late getting up top and then leaping off to knock the ladder into Romero. Daga set up a table at ringside. Crist dropkicked Daga through the ropes and then went up top, but Austin cut him off and placed a ladder over the middle turnbuckle. Blanchard joined them in the corner. The crowd chanted “please don’t die” as Daga joined them. Romero moved the ladder from the middle of the ring and then was underneath for a tower of doom spot. Austin remained on the ropes.

Austin leapt at Romero, who caught him and powerbombed him onto a ladder that was leaning in a corner of the ring at 10:40. Romero set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and was hesitant to climb it. Romero went to ringside and brought a second ladder into the ring and set it up next to the first ladder. Romero climbed the two ladders. Crist followed up behind him and gave him a cutter from the middle of the ladder. Blanchard and Daga returned and climbed opposite ladders and met at the top and then shared a ladder, which Austin pushed over.

Austin leaned a ladder in the corner of the ring. Daga performed a lighting quick Death Valley Driver on Austin, then performed an insane Canadian Destroyer on Crist that drove him through a ladder that was leaning over the ring and barricade. Austin ran up a ladder and dove onto someone at ringside. Romero set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and climbed it. Blanchard pushed the ladder over and Romero crashed through the table at ringside and then the ladder tumbled from the ring next to him on the floor.

Blanchard set up another ladder in the middle of the ring. Blanchard hit a suicide dive on Dave Crist, who showed up at ringside. Madman Fulton entered the ring and attacked Blanchard. Fulton slid a table inside the ring. Blanchard leapt from the ropes onto Fulton, who caught her, but she performed a huracanrana that sent him face first into the ladder. Blanchard climbed the ladder, then Jake followed up the other side. Blanchard flipped Jake off the ladder and through a table below. Austin climbed up the ladder and hit Blanchard with a baton and pulled down the belt for the win…

Ace Austin defeated Jake Crist, Tessa Blanchard, Acey Romero, and Daga in a ladder match in 17:40 to win the X Division Championship.

Powell’s POV: An insane ladder match and one can only hope that everyone involved is able to walk away without any significant damage. I’m happy they didn’t pull the trigger on Blanchard winning the title in this match. I would have been fine if she had beaten Jake Crist in a singles match to win the title, but the ladder match approach made it less about their storyline. Austin has really shined as a personality in addition to his in-ring work, so he’s a good choice. Here’s hoping the title reign wasn’t the peak for Crist’s Golden Draw character.

A video package recapped the Ken Shamrock and Moose storyline…

A clean shaven Moose was interviewed backstage with Frank Trigg standing by. Moose was asked if he’s ready for the fight with Shamrock. Moose mentioned several big name NFL defensive lineman and Bobby Lashley and said they are men he has defeated. Moose also said he was trained by the best. Trigg said he was 100 percent sure that Moose would win the bout. Moose said he would prove to the world why he’s a five star athlete and the best multi sport athlete to grace pro wrestling…

6. Ken Shamrock vs. Moose (w/Frank Trigg). A rapper performed in the ring for Moose’s entrance. Shamrock took Moose down and applied a hold, but Moose reached the ropes. Moose got up and elbowed Shamrock in the face. Shamrock sent Moose to ringside. Shamrock performed a wild no touch dive over the top rope and onto Moose at ringside. Callis noted that Shamrock is 55 years-old. Damn.

Moose chopped Shamrock, who no-sold it. Moose gouged the eyes of Shamrock, who came right back with a backdrop that sent Moose crashing onto the entrance ramp. A short time later, Trigg grabbed the leg of Shamrock, allowing Moose to regain control. Trigg also removed a turnbuckle pad. Shamrock and Moose both avoided the exposed turnbuckle. Shamrock performed a huracanrana and then slammed Moose to the mat before applying an ankle lock. Moose grabbed the referee and kinda pulled him into Shamrock. REF BUMP!!!!

Moose nailed Shamrock with a low blow. Trigg slid a chair inside the ring. Moose jawed at Shamrock, who told him to bring it. Moose swung the chair and Shamrock avoided it. Shamrock sent Moose into the exposed turnbuckle and then applied an ankle lock. Trigg entered the ring. Shamrock released the hold and punched Trigg, who rolled to ringside. Moose kicked Shamrock, then sold the ankle lock by limping around the ring. Moose ran up the ropes and went for a moonsault, but Shamrock simply moved aside. Shamrock applied an ankle lock. Moose somersaulted into the corner, which sent Shamrock crashing into the exposed turnbuckle. Moose speared Shamrock and covered him for the win…

Moose defeated Ken Shamrock in 10:35.

Powell’s POV: For anyone who missed it, Impact did a hell of a job of setting up this match on their television show over the last month or so. The actual match had a little bit of everything both good and bad. Shamrock had some impressive moments, particularly that no touch dive over the top rope. He was definitely game. But the match was also comically overbooked with interference, a ref bump, and Moose inexplicably going for a moonsault even though Shamrock wasn’t in position. It was a lot sillier than it needed to be and yet I was entertained by it, sometimes for the right reasons and sometime for the wrong reasons.

Mathews set up a Hard To Kill pay-per-view video. The show was simply listed for January 2020…

Powell’s POV: This is the most appropriate name for a pro wrestling pay-per-view in the history of pro wrestling pay-per-views. The only things that will survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Impact Wrestling.

The Sami Callihan promo from Friday’s Impact aired along with a video package that set up the main event…

Callihan made his entrance first. Cage came out wearing Wolverine blades and other costuming. The ring announcer was in the ring to deliver in-ring introductions, but the wrestlers went at one another before he could do so…

Powell’s POV: If someone hit my lady with a champagne bottle and then gave her a piledriver, I don’t think I’d waste my time putting on a Wolverine costume before I went to fight that person, but maybe that’s just me.

7. Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan in a No DQ match for the Impact World Championship. It was all Cage early. Callihan bladed, and Cage used one of the Wolverine cosplay blades on Callihan’s head. Callis noted a short time later that Cage’s lip was also busted open. Cage powerbombed Callihan into the ring post. Callihan came back and fired a chair at Cage, who then dropped Callihan onto the timekeeper’s table.

Cage set up a pice of the ringside barricade over the ring steps and two chairs. Callihan performed what was described as a crotch claw and ended up dumping Cage onto the barricade piece, which drew a “that was murder” chant. A short time later, Cage deadlifted Callihan from the apron into a superplex. Cage went for an F5, but Callihan avoided it. Cage blasted him with a jumping knee and then performed a pump-handle slam that led to a near fall at 11:00. Callis said Callihan is demented, twisted, and an asshole, but he’s one tough kid.

Callihan caught Cage between the ropes and pulled him into a piledriver for a two count. Callihan charged at Cage, who hit him with an F5. Mathews once again let the world know that it wasn’t the finish by telling viewers that Cage was going to retain his title, so any real fan knew Callihan was kicking out. Cage had Callihan on the ropes and set up for a move, but Callihan bit his ear. Callihan low-blowed Cage, kicked him, and then powerbombed him onto a piece of the barricade that was set up in the opposite corner, which led to a good near fall around 15:00.

Callihan pulled out a bag and poured tacks into the middle of the ring. Callihan gave the thumbs up/ thumbs down sign, then performed a piledriver onto the thumbtacks and went for a cover, but Cage kicked out at one. Cage powerbombed Callihan onto the tacks, then followed up with a Drill Claw onto the tacks and scored the pin.

Brian Cage defeated Sami Callihan in a No DQ match in 16:50 to retain the Impact World Championship.

After the match, Cage’s wife Melissa Santos walked to ringside and was helped into the ring by Cage, who kissed her. Cage hoisted Santos onto his shoulder and they posed for the crowd. Cage and Santos posed on the apron while Mathews closed the show…

Powell’s POV: A solid main event that lacked drama. Both guys worked hard and put their bodies on the line, but they never sold me on Callihan’s near falls for some reason. The overall show featured strong effort and some insane moments. Here’s hoping that the company moving into its run on AXS TV means next year’s BFG will feel bigger. I will be back later tonight with an audio review of this event for Dot Net Members. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of the show by grading it and voting for the best match in our post show polls in a separate post on the main page.


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  1. The Signal from Fite.TV went out for 3-4 mintues after Edwards’ entrance. TNA/Impact can never catch a break.

  2. “The only things that will survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Impact Wrestling.”

    QFT, Jason. You got a laugh out of me FWIW for that one.

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