AEW Dynamite viewership for the second episode

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite television show produced 1.140 million combined viewers for Wednesday’s episode on TNT and Tru TV, according to TNT delivered 1.018 million viewers, while Tru TV added 122,000 viewers. The combined number was down from the 1.409 million viewers who watched last week’s premiere edition on TNT.

Powell’s POV: AEW finished eighth in the cable ratings in the 18-49 demographic. The combined AEW number was higher than 790,000 viewers drawn by the NXT on USA Network television show. AEW won the second week battle by 350,000 viewers.

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  1. 300k drop. It won’t be the last.

  2. So basically AEW aired on 2 cable networks and still lost almost 300k viewers(400k if you don’t count them basically trying to sucker extra people into watching by being on 2 networks).

    That doesn’t make any sense because according to certain people here with how bad Kofi losing and the HIAC ending was that was supposed to drive people to AEW in droves.

  3. I give you credit. At least you didn’t use baseball playoffs as an excuse for the drop in viewership like other sites are doing. It dropped almost 300K this week to 1.1 million. Next week is interesting as to whether it will fall below 1 million. We shall see.

  4. Funny how no one’s going to mention that NXT was also down in these comments, but I suppose only those NXT viewers flipped over to the baseball playoffs? Or won’t NXT last, either?

    It can’t be one way for WWE, and the other way for AEW. Something either pulled viewers from both, or you’ve got to be in the camp that viewers were letdown by both. Either way, AEW won the ratings again.

    Personally, I think both were good shows. I watched AEW, and read the reviews for NXT. I think baseball just stole some viewership. Just my take, though.

    • You’ve been an AEW flippy floppy indie gimmick fan from day 1. It’s a decent show with too much idiotic crap like early TNA.

      • I get not everyone enjoys “indie” wrestling; but I don’t get the narrative that AEW is the “indie” promotion, or whatever. It has different styles, same as any other promotion. For the record, people I like there: Jon Moxley, Bea Priestley, Pac, Janela and Penelope Ford. I don’t see where any of them are “flippy floppy”, really. If that makes me an “indie gimmick” fan though, so be it.

        I almost guarantee you though, whichever promotion you like has someone in it who came up through the indies. I can assure you whatever promotion you like has something in it other fans might consider “idiotic crap” or whatever. If you think it’s similar to early TNA- well hey, early TNA had legs. Things really didn’t go off the rails there until Hogan and company came in, and Dixie took over. Billy Corgan’s group started to pull that back around though, and the current group has done some good things.

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