ROH COO Joe Koff on the relationship with NJPW, Marty Scurll and Matt Taven’s contracts expiring and their importance to the company

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

CBS Sports Local interview with Joe Koff
Host: Chuck Carroll
Full interview available at

On the status status of Ring of Honor’s partnership with New Japan and whether there plans to try to work together again in the future: “The status is just basically that they’re starting to do some shows in the United States with New Japan America… [We] probably have to go out a little bit further to make sure that we can plan to do things that don’t disrupt either one of our promotions. But as far as I know, the relationship’s basically the same. They’re doing more competitively, so it does bear on that.”

On Marty Scurll’s contract expiring soon and what he brings to ROH: “He is definitely a fan favorite. We face this every year. Talent comes, talent goes. I don’t like losing any of my talent. We’ve gone through this list of people that have left Ring of Honor over the course of time, and I think I was sad about every one of them leaving. But Marty’s got a great future with Ring of Honor. He’s important to Ring of Honor, and hopefully, we can conclude that positively, which is always our goal. But, again, I want people who want to be in Ring of Honor and feel what I feel about it in the strength of the company and the strength of its direction. And if all those things are in line, then I think we can expect to see Marty going forward.”

On Matt Taven’s deal expiring soon and if things are things trending in the right direction in that arena: “I think so. First of all, Matt’s has been a tremendous champion for Ring of Honor. He has taken on every single person that’s come at him, and he’s done an amazing job. His matches are just, bar none, some of the best matches I’ve ever watched. And this goes back to his first match back in Brooklyn when he won the tournament to get a title shot at Jay Lethal. I remember it being in Brooklyn, and in the cage was their first match, and the amount of athleticism and artistry and just smart, ring smarts, that Matt Taven has. He’s just been a superb champion. I see an unbelievable future with Ring of Honor. We’re happy to have him, happy to have him as our champion. … So, yeah, I think things are looking up with Matt.”



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