WWE Extreme Rules Polls – Vote for the best match and grade the overall show

WWE Extreme Rules Poll: Grade the overall show

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WWE Extreme Rules Poll: Vote for the best match

pollcode.com free polls

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  1. Firstly I want to suggest wwe that it must be saved from stupid and useless decisions of VKM and I want to suggest him ur time is over and give ur throne to triple h or else wwe will remain as garbage Rest in Hell VKM and Brock lesnar. Brock lesnar is coward and timid he don’t want any challenges he want to hide from challenges e is one of the worst wwe universal champion ever I suggest him to take s leap because he is in his 40’s triple h could only survive wwe Brock lesnar has money power so wwe gives him a lot of chance lastly I want to say jai AEW wwe universe and fans wants and eager to see death of VKM goodbye wwe

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